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Chapter 398: Daoist Heaven Calculating

The person that appeared out of nowhere was a young man around the age of twenty.

He wore a daoist robe while holding a fan with the word “Calculate” on it.

He was adorned with a daoist crown and showed an experienced demeanor.

Moreover, his face wore a mysterious smile as if he was hiding many secrets.

This man suddenly coming around with a very familiar expression caused Lu Baiqiu to look at Li Qiye.

She thought that this young man was his friend.

“I am Daoist Heaven Calculating, my words of steel can end life and predict the future!”

This young daoist smiled to greet Li Qiye and Lu Baiqiu, then he continued on with a seasoned look: “I am here because of fate and meeting Fellow Daoists is its working.

Do you two want to have your fortune read”

Although Daoist Heaven Calculating assumed a veteran and proper appearance, his age betrayed him.

Especially when he asked if Li Qiye and Lu Baiqiu wanted their fortune read, he gave off the air of a charlatan.

“We don’t need any divination.” Lu Baiqiu shook her head and said: “A cultivator aims to defy the heavens and change their own fate, so why the need for divination”

Lu Baiqiu’s words were already quite polite.

For others, upon seeing a trickster like this, they would have chased him away much earlier.

“Miss is a bit mistaken.

I can see through the past, present, and the future.

If you can see your future fate, then all the dangers in your future cultivation path will become harmless.” Daoist Heaven Calculating quickly solicited his business: “I can calculate the heavens above and the gods below, see through the past across the ages…”

In order to drum up his business, this daoist spewed out a deluge of heavenly flowers as if he could actually back up his words. 1

Lu Baiqiu didn’t say anything and ignored the daoist.

Only Li Qiye smiled at him and said: “Are you really so amazing Someone capable of calculating even the heavens and the gods”

“If you don’t believe me, then let me read your fortune.

If you think it is not accurate, then I won’t take any payment.” Daoist Heaven Calculating quickly answered.

Li Qiye put on a very interested appearance which confused Lu Baiqiu.

A glance was sufficient to tell that this Daoist Heaven Calculating was a charlatan, so why would Li Qiye suddenly believe him

“Okay, then go ahead and read my fortune.” Li Qiye spread out his palm with a wide smile while looking at Daoist Heaven Calculating.

“Very well!” The daoist was ecstatic to see a customer and immediately looked at Li Qiye’s palm.

At the start, the daoist was pretty relaxed, but as time went on, he became more serious as he stared at Li Qiye’s palm lines with a focused glimmer in his eyes as if he wanted to see through everything.

“Oh mother!” Right when he utilized his magical technique, he suddenly turned pale as if he was bitten by a poisonous serpent and had to take several steps back!

After retreating, the pale daoist stared at Li Qiye as if he was seeing a ghost.

Lu Baiqiu did not expect his reaction; it was only palm reading, must he exaggerate so much

“Gods, ancestors, please protect me!” The frightened daoist regained his sanity and quickly turned around to escape.

However, he only managed several steps before Li Qiye grabbed him by his collar and pulled him back.

“Big Boss, I am only a little nobody trying to survive in this world.” The daoist quickly begged: “Big Boss is a great and benevolent character, so you shouldn’t bother with a little guy like me.”

The daoist suddenly begging for mercy caught Lu Baiqiu off guard.

She was good-hearted so she appealed in a low tone: “He didn’t mean much harm, just let him go.”

In her eyes, Daoist Heaven Calculating was only a common charlatan that fooled common folks.

Even though these swindlers were annoying, she was too lazy to make it difficult for such characters.

Li Qiye shook his head and cheerfully spoke to Daoist Heaven Calculating: “What are you in a rush for I won’t eat you.

Look at your panicked appearance, do I look like a beast to you or something”

However, Li Qiye was even scarier than a beast in the eyes of Daoist Heaven Calculating.

With a blanched expression, he shook his head as if he was beating a drum and quickly begged for mercy: “This insignificant me displayed my slight skill before an expert; I’m only trying to get by and did not know the immensity of the heaven and earth.

Please be benevolent and forgive this pitiful one.”

“Well, stop talking!” Li Qiye let the daoist go and laughed: “I actually have something for you to calculate.”

Li Qiye’s demand left the daoist aghast as he quickly dodged: “Boss, I am a nobody without any skills.

I only eat and sleep, so how could I calculate Boss’ great matters”

“Is that so” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes to gaze at the daoist before saying: “If you can’t calculate it, then I shall destroy your bones.

What do you think about that”

Having heard this, the daoist became despondent like a deflated ball as he patted his head and helplessly said: “I will try my best if Boss wishes so.”

Lu Baiqiu found the whole thing quite strange with Li Qiye wanting to make it difficult for a trickster.

Li Qiye drew something down on a piece of paper and handed it to Daoist Heaven Calculating as he cheerfully said: “Divine this and tell me the answer.

And don’t even think about running or I’ll destroy your nest!”

The daoist looked at the item on the paper and had a bitter look on his face.

His appearance was even more bitter than eating yellow lotuses as he dejectedly hung his head downward.

“Well, Boss, since you believe in this little one so much, then I will calculate and tell you once I have some results!” The daoist then put the piece of paper away and quickly answered Li Qiye.

“Go.” Li Qiye gently waved his hand.

This word was like the sound of salvation to the daoist as he quickly escaped, not daring to linger for a half second longer.

It was as if Li Qiye was a plague.

After the daoist left, Lu Baiqiu couldn’t help but look strangely at Li Qiye.

“He is not a charlatan.” Li Qiye leisurely answered her curiosity: “He is a natural diviner from the Heart-ghost Tribe.”

“Heart-ghost Tribe!” Lu Baiqiu murmured in shock: “A fabled ghost diviner from the legends!”

It was said that the Heart-ghost Tribe was a very mysterious tribe.

They were born with a heart mirror that could read the mind; they were capable of calculating disasters and the future, so countless great characters in the Sacred Nether World searched for them.

“Why does he not have a heart mirror” After regaining her wits, Lu Baiqiu asked.

Li Qiye replied with a smile: “Not all Heart-ghosts have a heart mirror from the moment they were born.

And having one doesn’t necessarily mean that they can predict the future.”

She also wanted to ask why the daoist ran away in fear as if he had seen a ghost after reading Li Qiye’s palm.

“Oooo!” At this time, a dragon’s roar radiated throughout the vast sea.

A golden dragon soared above the mythical island and disappeared in its deepest location.

“Is that the mythical Golden Dragon” Even though it was just a passing scene, this shocked many people in this part of the ocean.

A real mythical beast had always been part of legends — no one had actually seen them.

Today, all of them saw a Golden Dragon flying in the sky, and this was too astonishing.

“Could there really be immortal medicines It is said that immortal medicines are naturally guarded by mythical beasts!” At this time, even a few great characters waiting right outside the mist became quite impatient.

In just a short moment, there was an upheaval above the ocean as many people wished that they could reach the island in order to find these mythical immortal medicines.

“Open!” Finally, a great character standing right outside of the mist became impatient and exuded a divine light.

He roared with a vigor capable of destroying a star.

“Boom!” After his attack, a clear pathway penetrated the fog, revealing a visible vacuum.

This great character was indeed amazing and was absolutely of the ancestor level.

He could easily pluck the stars and moon in the sky.

At this moment, unrivalled treasures emerged all around this ancestor’s body.

He then turned into a Flood Dragon and used an incalculable speed to rush into the vacuum space he created in order to reach the lost island.

Many held their breath while watching this ancestor.

Earlier, an ancestor had already died in the mist, so everyone wanted to see someone capable of creating a miracle right now.

“Pfuff!” However, the moment the ancestor stepped into the vacuous space in the mist, no matter how many treasures were protecting his body or how strong his own power was, he was instantly annihilated as his body turned into a bloody mist without being given even a chance to scream.

Such a terrible scene sent terror through all the spectators and stopped all of those who wanted to reach the island on the spot!

Lu Baiqiu lost her mind from fear as cold sweat drenched her palms.

She also wanted to rush into the island during the initial discovery, but fortunately, Li Qiye stopped her.

Otherwise, her result would have been the same as this ancestor just now.

Even a powerful ancestor like this was instantly turned into a bloody mist, so her fate would be needless to say.

The bloody mist that was once the ancestor slowly integrated itself into the mist, causing the whole entity to become even more crimson.

The current crimson mist in the sea became even more demonic, causing people’s hair to stand on end.

“We shall go back now, the time is not yet ripe.” Li Qiye gently shook his head and turned around.

He must wait even longer before crossing this mist!


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