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“Impudent beast!” Celestial King Li stepped forward and roared.

Master Zhang followed him before speaking: “Saints, leave these two animals to us.

We will stop them.”

“Very well.” The saints nodded and stopped paying attention to the stygian king and earthsplitter Bian.

“Raa!” The two beasts released their energy like a tsunami, wanting to stop the saints.

Alas, two other foes stood in their way.

Celestial King Li chose Lil Black then said: “Brother Zhang, Ill leave the other to you.”

“Good.” Master Zhang appeared in front of Lil Yellow and waved his daoist whisk.

These two werent pushovers and fiercely attacked right away. 

“Come get it, beast!” Celestial King Li sent his pagoda into the air.

“Boom!” It released chaos energy along with dao laws, becoming big enough to blot out the sky and loomed over the stygian king.

It then descended with the intention of crushing the beast.

Lil Black was no slouch either.

It had experienced plenty of life-or-death battles and showed no fear against the incoming pagoda.

“Raa!” Its roar shook heaven and earth.

“Clank!” It used its fangs like two swords.

The slashes left behind long shadows and scars in the air.

They seemed like a judgment from heaven against the pagoda.

“Boom!” The fangs struggled against the descending pagoda, resulting in a deafening blast.

On the other side, the bian took the initiative before Master Zhang.

“Whoosh!” It shot out millions of hair strands as if they were arrows.

Each strand could pierce through the earth or kill a regular ancestor right away.

Master Zhang wasnt afraid to see the sky turning dark because of the arrows.

He let out a battle cry: “Dont be conceited now, beast!”

He swung his whisk and the strings became longer and larger.

One could hear numerous gusts of wind coming from it.

Stars appeared all around the bian, wanting to penetrate and turn it into a sieve.

“Rumble!” They were evenly matched during this exchange.

“Thats a top historical cultivator for you.” An expert said: “Hes doing just fine against such a powerful primal chaos beast.”

The spectators saw how the two beasts annihilated two armies in no time at all.

However, they didnt have an upper hand against Master Zhang and Celestial King Li.

“They have to win!” One member of the holy ground said: “Otherwise, no one else can protect the sacred lord.”

“Well, maybe its time for a new leader.

Sacred Mountain had kept this position for too long.” Someone else from the other side said quietly.

Among the neutral spectators, there were quite a few anti-Li Qiye members left.

However, they still kept their mouth shut since the battle wasnt over.

Since the two beasts were busy, the two saints have made it to Myriad Cauldron Peak with a solemn expression.

They knew that Li Qiye was terrifying but this was their only chance.

In the case of victory, all of the holy ground would be theirs.

Most importantly, they would also gain the immortal weapon.

This would be enough for them to take over West King, then all of Eight Desolaces as well.

They would no longer be afraid of the Ancient Empress.

Hell, they could even kill her then.

On the contrary, losing meant dragging their clan and sect down with them.

Everything would turn to ashes.

They were fully aware of the pros and cons of this serious situation.

Alas, the temptation was too much even for masters like them.

Just one victory and they would be remembered in history forever.

Plus, another opportunity like this wouldnt show itself again.

By now, the neutral spectators from the distance watched this scene with bated breath.

They knew that regardless of the outcome, this battle would change the fate of the holy ground and even the entire southern region.

“One move.” Vajra Saint glanced at his ally and made up his mind.

“Yes.” Black Tides Saint nodded solemnly.

Vajra Saint took deep a breath and raised Vajra Cauldron before speaking: “I will unleash the full power of a dao lord soon, please lend me your assistance.”

“Very well, I will give it everything I got.” Black Tides Saint didnt hesitate.

Listeners shuddered after hearing the two.

“The full power of a dao lord” An ancestor gasped in response.

Dao lords were mighty beings who could unleash untold destruction or control the grand dao with one hand wave.

They were absolutely the top dogs in present times, at least in the eyes of regular cultivators.

A technique of a similar power level would be terrifying.

The crowd didnt dare to imagine it.

Vajra Saint opened the lid of the cauldron and out came a massive force sweeping through the realms.

“A dao lord weapon…” The aura of a dao lord horrified everyone, causing their knees to buckle.

“Go!!!” The three grandmasters and all of Li Qiyes allies started rushing over to block in front of Li Qiye.

On the other hand, their enemies knew how decisive this blow was so they also tried to stop any reinforcement for Li Qiye.

Just like that, the skirmishes turned increasingly bloodied due to the urgency.

Blood and bodies rained down from the sky.

“Boom!” Meanwhile, Vajra Saint began adding his vitality and chaos energy into the cauldron.

His power started crushing the area around him since he wasnt holding back.

“Activate!” Black Tides Saint also did the same, channeling his vitality and chaos energy in a torrential manner.

Their power was as clear as day.

However, keen observers could tell that they didnt have long to live.

This ferocious level of vitality wouldnt persist for long.



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