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Just the mentioning of Black Tides alone instilled fear into the listeners.

Cultivators never dared to venture to this place.

Powerful sovereigns took the risk and never returned.

As for the depths of this region Only top dao lords and invincible supremes bothered trying.

The area certainly became safer during a tidal recession.

Nonetheless, this inner region was still extremely dangerous.

After all, dao lords could meet their end there and most people werent suicidal.

Yang Lings group followed Li Qiye towards this perilous destination.

Once there, they were greeted by relentless heatwaves.

When looking from a distance, the place resembled a marsh.

Its just that instead of being waterlogged, it was lava-logged.

In a sense, the entire place looked like a sunken continent.

If one were to look down from above, a great power must have devastated the area.

Gorges and deep ditches could be found everywhere.

Being careless would mean falling into one of them right away, akin to being swallowed by a monster.

Normally, powerful big shots capable of reaching this area had total freedom in their movement - able to fly and travel underground.

Their body was as light as a feather, allowing them to easily float on anything.

Unfortunately, there was just something about the holes and mud here.

They served as quagmires, always pulling down the uninvited travelers.

Brilliant movement techniques were useless in this place.

This was similar to the phenomenon seen in the abyss.

Some deaths werent accidental either.

Yang Lings group saw an expert just walking by a cave and a gust of wind pulled him inside.

He struggled and roared but it was useless.

“Ah!” Something seemed to be in that cave and sent him to meet his maker.

The flowing lava was special as well, as red as molten metal but lacking the same viscosity.

It flowed quickly just like regular water.

Strangely enough, the heat stemming from the lava was rather pleasant, similar to sitting in a hot spring during the harsh winter.

One would actually think about jumping in there.

Of course, doing so meant certain demise because the lava would turn them into ashes right away.

Along the way, the group saw an adventurer confident in his cultivation.

He thought that since his body could withstand samadhi flames, this lava shouldnt be a problem either. 

“Ahh!” The guy screamed once before being reduced to ashes after jumping into the lava for a shortcut.

Another adventurer saw a bright light in the middle of a gully.

He became excited about this potential treasure and yelled: “A treasure is emerging over here!”

He and his friends ran over, only to hear a buzzing noise.

This light swept through them like a net and turned them into dispersing particles.

Nothing was left of them in the next second.

No one would have a clue that they have died here.

All in all, the reaper was potentially hiding in every nook and cranny here.

Only the supremes and dao lords could avoid the danger.

The mass lacked the ability to return alive. 

Yang Ling and Fan Bai could see that this place was ominous.

There seemed to be eyes in the shadow watching their every step.

Thus, they stuck as close to Li Qiye as possible.

Even the mighty old servant became tense, grabbing the hilt of his saber and always ready to perform a quick draw.

“What a different world, not as moving as when the water is still around though.” The old man commented.

“What is it like before a tidal recession” Yang Ling became curious.

“Words arent sufficient to describe the terror but if I have to put it, imagine millions of devils rampaging and destroying the world.

As for the gods, they howl in grief while being stuck in hell.

The strongest cultivators were still at risk of being torn to pieces…” The old servant smiled wryly.

A glint of anxiety flashed deep in his eyes since he couldnt forget what he had seen here.

The two girls could imagine how terrible the place used to be after listening to him.

Fortunately, Li Qiye led them through this arduous journey without any issue.

Their path was surprisingly uneventful.

The hidden monsters in the caves and abysses didnt dare to bother Li Qiye.

The eyes hidden in the darkness would run away into a darker dimension.

The gaping jaws were no longer open.

All wanted to hide their presence… These hidden entities seemed aware of Li Qiye and didnt want to be exposed to him.

Therefore, the so-called most dangerous region in West King was nothing more than Li Qiyes garden.

He and the group sauntered towards their goal.

Yang Ling and Fan Bai didnt notice the imperceptible changes.

They simply felt safe while walking behind him.

As for the old servant, he clearly sensed these entities running away out of fear.


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