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Li Qiye strolled through the air and made it to the platform.

This process had no difficulty to speak of - a stark contrast to those who have lost their lives trying.

Meanwhile, Three Slashes and the wild child touched their saber again to express their stance - being on the same side against Li Qiye.

“Congratulations on making it to the platform, Daoist Li.” Three Slashes spoke while keeping his eyes on Li Qiye.

“Its no big deal.” Li Qiye replied.

The listeners on the other side had different reactions.

As for the two, their expression became frozen right away.

Their success in reaching this place was predicated on untold effort.

Thus, Li Qiyes comment was disparaging and humiliating, to say the least.

“Mmm, no more business here, times running out.” Li Qiye told the two.

“Thats not up to you.” The wild childs eyes became fierce: “Youre not in charge here.”

No one would have a problem with this statement.

There were top geniuses and formidable ancestors in this place.

Why would they listen to Li Qiye

Three Slashes remained calm, unlike the hotheaded wild child.

He asked: “What are you suggesting, Daoist Li”

“Nothing, Im just taking it away.” Li Qiye glanced at the metal.

“Clank!” As Li Qiye walked towards the metal, both the young geniuses grabbed the hilt of their saber.

Saber energy and murderous intent immediately engulfed the area even though the weapons have yet to come out.

The spectators knew that these two wouldnt let Li Qiye get closer.

The two had formed an alliance and Li Qiye was an outsider who didnt deserve a piece of the pie.

“Oh Want to fight” Li Qiye stopped and smiled at the two.

“Lets go if you want to try us on.” The wild child answered directly.

Both considered the metal to be their own and wouldnt share it with others.

“Youre too weak to be my opponent.” Li Qiye flatly said.

The wild childs expression soured and his eyes turned ferocious - sharp enough to flay meat off the bones.

The crowd on the other side clamored, especially those from the east.

“Does the fool not know that the wild child is the number one genius of the east” A youth from the eight kingdoms immediately rebuked: “His tongue will be his downfall.”

“Wild Child, you cant spare this arrogant brat, cut him down!” Others started urging the wild child to attack.

There were neutral spectators who were eager to watch the show as well.

They refrained from commenting.

However, some wanted to see more chaos.

They urged the wild child to kill Li Qiye.

“Wild Child, he isnt only looking down on you but all of the east as well.

Decapitate him with one move.”

“Just watch, there will be an unbelievable ending.” A big shot from the central region had a faint smirk.

In reality, these cultivators didnt overly care about the final outcome.

Its just that in the case of a fight, they would have something interesting to watch.

These three were the only ones who made it to the platform so others naturally became jealous.

They had a shot of learning the mythical grand dao of a dao lord.

Thus, some hoped that these three would fight.

The best-case scenario would be mutual destruction.

If they couldnt get the piece of metal, they didnt want anyone else to get it either.

Plus, the younger geniuses would love to see the top competitors go down.

That would make their future path far easier.

Therefore, those who vocally expressed their support for the wild child might have hidden motives.

The wild child laughed and glared at Li Qiye: “Hahaha, I havent heard this in a long time!”

His pride was justified since he had defeated the young generation in the eight kingdoms.

Given his power, he was confident in fighting against Righteous Scion and Three Slashes as well, let alone a junior like Li Qiye.

“Because your previous opponents have been garbage.” Li Qiye quipped.

This actually offended some members of the crowd since they were from the east.

Some have lost to the wild child before, including members of the previous generation.

This wasnt humiliating since he was the top dog there.

However, to be called “garbage” by Li Qiye was unacceptable and made them livid.

“Brat, come back here!” One older expert roared at Li Qiye.

“If the wild child chooses to spare you, Ill cut off your dog head later!” Another genius shouted.

“We need to teach this idiot a lesson regarding the immensity of heaven and earth.” One more coldly uttered.


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