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A furor broke out at the holy ground with the news of the tidal recession.

The big shots from the various sects and races were shaken.

In fact, these men have received a message from Wei Qianqing before.

She reported that the tides might recede once more.

None of them supported her speculation since the last one was so recent.

There was no historical precedence to support this.

The normal period was normally several generations or even longer.

The current generation has yet to pass so how could another happen now

Since Wei Qianqing found no supporters, she had no choice but to seek out Li Qiye.

Now, it was confirmed.

The ancestor knew that this abnormal activity would have consequences.

“Report this to Sacred Mountain.” The dynasty immediately relayed this information to the highest power in the holy ground.

Other countries and sects didnt have a direct line of communication, only Vajra.

Of course, this was reserved for only the most important issues.

Prior to this, whether deliberate or inadvertently, Vajra rarely sent information to Sacred Mountain.

In the former case, this would be an attempt to isolate Sacred Mountain from the holy ground.

Alas, they wouldnt be able to hide the tidal recession even if they tried.

This was too serious; just one mistake could leave them in ruins.

“Let Righteous Sect know as well.” Vajra also sent messengers to their neighbor.

The holy ground couldnt handle this alone, and since the alliance between Buddha and Righteous Supreme was still in effect, Righteous Sect needed to know as well.

Unfortunately, both Sacred Mountain and Righteous Sect didnt respond back to Vajra.

The dynasty didnt expect this at all.

The big shots from the other divisions found this astonishing as well.

Righteous Sect was one thing because their relationship was worsening.

The scions challenge against the holy ground exacerbated the situation.

Therefore, it was understandable for Righteous Sect to turn a blind eye.

However, this wasnt the case for Sacred Mountain.

It was the true ruling entity of the holy ground.

Its silence left everyone anxious.

The ancestors and big shots speculated the possibilities.

“So the rumor is true Buddha Supreme is gone.” One ancestor said.

This would be a grievous blow to the holy ground, akin to a snake losing its head.

Chaos would be inevitable.

Furthermore, a lack of response from Righteous Sect was still alarming.

This neighbor being neutral wasnt the worst-case scenario.

What if they decided to invade as well The holy ground would be fighting on multiple fronts - a truly calamitous outcome.

“Gather our forces.” The Vajra Dynasty had no other choice.

The other divisions and powers in the holy ground began to make their move as well.

They couldnt sit idly by and wait for death.

In reality, many big shots realized that even a united holy ground wasnt enough to deal with the incoming disaster.

Ultimately, they lacked capable paragons against those monsters.

Unfortunately, they still needed to fight since this was an existential crisis.

Not long ago, Vajra would love to have an unresponsive Sacred Mountain.

The death of Buddha Supreme meant that they had more chance of seizing the holy ground as well.

Now, given the circumstances, his death was terrible news.


“Buzz.” A mighty group came out of the portal in the Guardian Legions camp.

They all had vigorous vitality and incredible skills.

Most importantly, they were bald and wore kasaya.

Thats right, this first group consisted of elite monks from Heavenly Dragon Temple.

Buddha Holy Ground had countless temples and monks.

As the largest division of the holy ground, Heavenly Dragon would always support Sacred Mountain even when the latter was unresponsive.

It instantly mobilized numerous monks and disciples for the sake of defending Black Wood Cliff.

“The Monk of Wisdom is here!” This news began to spread and served as a morale boost.

This monk was one of the four grandmasters.

Though he wasnt the strongest, his personal arrival had a positive effect on the entire holy ground.

“Buzz…” The portal back at the Biandu was activated as well, empowered by numerous chaos primal stones.

The clan allowed other powers to use this portal.

In the past, it was deactivated or required an enormous sum since the clan purposely wanted to isolate Black Wood Cliff from the world.

Now, they had no choice but to spend their own primal stones for traveling purposes.

They knew that they would be the first to go down in the case of failure against the invading monsters.

More light beams shot to the sky back at the army camp.

Numerous mighty legions from Vajra came out with imposing auras.

“War Camp is not holding back.

The Supreme Brother is in charge.” This news spread across Black Wood as well.

The young ones didnt know who he was but the older generations have heard of him before - someone capable of contending against the four grandmasters.

“I wonder if the guardian of Vajra will come as well.” People became excited to see War Camp.

Vajra was second after Heavenly Dragon Temple.

However, there was nothing to criticize since it seemed to be fully mobilizing its legions.

Other powers and experts started arriving as well, following the good example set by these two.

It didnt take long before Black Wood was filled with top experts and soldiers.


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