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“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Li Qiye kept on hitting the larger remnant pieces.

With each smash, more liquids flowed out and the pieces gradually became smaller.

Moreover, the teachers saw lightning arcs and fiery sparks after each smack.

This was when the hammer was activated; its runes flashed brightly before dimming subsequently.

“Is there a point to using the waste materials” One teacher started a conversation: “This cauldron is meant for creating supreme weapons.”

This extraordinary event was of utmost importance for the upper echelon.

Not to mention the students, the teachers naturally wanted to refine weapons here as well.

But now, it seemed that Li Qiye was being wasteful by using this flame to refine the remnant pieces.

Of course, these teachers didnt dare to say anything to him.

In their eyes, the melted metals werent valuable and useful any longer.

Their essences have been removed.

Most importantly, they also knew that Li Qiye wasnt a poor student and didnt need to refine the waste materials into something usable.

If he needed materials, he just needed to say one word and all of them would be more than happy to help him.

“Maybe theyre not useful to us, but the miracle creator can change the ordinary to extraordinary.” A different teacher replied.

“Thats one possibility, theres no way hes doing this without a solid reason.” Another agreed.

Ever since Li Qiyes arrival in the south, no group paid more attention to Li Qiye than the teachers of Duality.

They kept a close eye on his movements and actions.

“Only the dao lords and supreme sovereigns managed to lift the divine hammer back then.” The older teacher said: “I hope well be able to see its wondrous potential again now that the flame is back.”

“Whats special about it” A relatively new teacher became curious.

“It can summon worldly lightning and fire.” The old teacher explained: “Extremely powerful.

Not many can handle a fully activated attack.” His eyes brimmed with anticipation after saying this.

He once saw a dao lord activating the hammer in the past - truly a magnificent spectacle.

However, since no one could use it in recent eras, people have forgotten about its magical power.

It became nothing more than an ordinary hammer.

As the teachers were busy with their observation, Xu Cuimei and Righteous Scion arrived on the scene.

“Young Master, please save us!” Xu Cuimei implored.

Li Qiye didnt stop swinging the hammer and merely glanced at her: “How many people here can actually kill you”

“Well, you cant put it that way.

This is your territory and someone has just committed a grave offense in bullying us, shouldnt you uphold justice”

“Justice isnt worth many coins.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“In my mind, your opinion and justice are priceless.” She revealed a coquettish smile, wanting to be doted on.

As for the scion, he was brimming with curiosity while not caring about the pursuer in the slightest.

He wasnt worried for his life and only paid attention to the molten waste in the cauldron.

“As I said, Righteous Sect is lucky to have you.” Li Qiye smiled at Xu Cuimei.

“All of my good points cant amount to one finger of yours.” She tried her best to win his favor, looking quite cute in the process.

He only smiled.

Smart people didnt need to say too many words.

“Young Master, what weapon are you refining” The scion asked: “These materials… are a little strange.”

“Dont try to flaunt your meager knowledge before the young master, youre only making a fool out of yourself.

His actions are beyond your imagination.” Xu Cuimei gently slapped the back of his head and scolded.

Who was Righteous Scion A top genius with a domineering temperament.

No senior would dare to do this to him, let alone someone from the same generation.

Nonetheless, he only smiled wryly and said: “Im just curious about whats going on, not trying to flaunt.”

If spectators were to see this, they would find it shocking.

How could a regular disciple dare to act in this manner towards the prestigious scion Moreover, the scion didnt become angry at her

A while later, some finally made it to the pinnacle.

“The flame is back again after millions of years.” One expert was astonished.

“This is amazing!” The students became excited since they could benefit from this as well.

Perhaps they would have a chance of crafting their weapon here later.

“Its Li Qiye.” Everyone noticed Li Qiye and found it strange.

“The scion is here to ask Li Qiye for protection” One junior became confused.

“No way, why would the powerful genius need help from Li Qiye” An expert disagreed.

“Right, Li Qiye wouldnt help someone from Righteous Sect.” Another added.

Today has been filled with strange events for them.

First, the proud scion suddenly fled instead of fighting.

Now, he chose to run to Duality Academy to find Li Qiye instead of returning to Righteous Sect or another safe location.

“Whenever theres a mystery, Li Qiye is always at the center.” One cultivator who has been paying attention to Li Qiye said.

All in all, confusion permeated the crowd.

They didnt know what the scion was trying to do in this place.


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