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The stand of the trio shocked the world.

Because of this battle, Buddha Supreme was renowned for his heroism and power.

Future descendants would never forget his majestic style.

Nonetheless, though the trio certainly showed their might, some thought that they were lucky.

If the water didnt rise back, the trio might have not been able to defend Black Wood Cliff.

This was mere speculation and also an indicator of the monsters power.

In another repeat, it would be a disaster for the holy ground and the rest of the south because the dao lord was no longer around.

Buddha Supreme has been missing as well. 

Who would be able to stop the monsters in their absence

Thats why Wei Qianqing didnt know how to answer Li Qiye.

Her troops alone stood no chance, hence her attempt to ask Li Qiye for help.

However, these chaos primal beasts wouldnt be enough against a full invasion.

“I can only do my best.

Even if I cant defend Black Wood, Ill buy enough time for the citizens to evacuate.” She said softly.

“Ye, the chaos primal beasts cant save your Black Wood but there is someone capable of this.” Xu Cuimei smiled and winked.

“Who might it be, Miss” Qianqing was surprised.

The first people that came to mind for her were Buddha Supreme or Righteous Supreme.

However, they werent people she could meet whenever she wanted.

Buddha Supremes whereabouts have been unknown.

“Right under your nose.

Who else can it be but the young master” Xu Cuimei smiled.

Qianqing thought that Xu Cuimei was playing around.

She initially wanted the help of the chaos primal beasts but realized that this was futile.

If the beasts couldnt do it, neither could Li Qiye.

She had heard of Li Qiyes tales before but still thought that his cultivation was still too shallow.

Going against those monsters required true strength. 

Nonetheless, Xu Cuimei didnt look like she was joking.

“Please show me the right path, Young Master.” She bowed towards Li Qiye.

She had no other option left and was desperate.

She had reported this matter to Archaic Sun King but the king disagreed along with the other influential officials. 

“Protecting the citizens and your garrison Not difficult at all.” Li Qiye responded: “But if you wish to fight against Black Tides with your legion, thats an egregious overextension of your ability.”

“Young Master, you have a plan! Just protecting the garrison is more than enough!” She became ecstatic.

She naturally knew that protecting the entire cliff was impossible.

It took Buddha Supreme, Righteous Supreme, and Eight Horde Dao Lord to barely do so back then.

Just protecting the garrison was more than enough.

“Indeed.” Li Qiye said.

The excited girl bowed at Li Qiye again: “Young Master, please save the people, this will be a great contribution to humanity.”

“Do you see whats up there” Li Qiye chuckled and pointed at the palace above.

“I see it but Im not quite following.” Qianqing followed his direction and stared at the palace, feeling a bit lost.

“Of course.

Okay, tell me, whats the origin of Black Wood Cliff” Li Qiye smiled.

“It was built by the sages of the holy ground.” She answered without needing to think.

This was indeed the case.

The historical cultivators erected Black Wood in order to defend against the invasion from Black Tides.

Dhyana Dao Lord, in particular, spent considerable time here in order to bless it with top Buddhist laws, increasing its defensive potential.

“There you go.” Li Qiye said: “The cliff is filled with the power of the holy ground.

You just need to bring the statue of Dhyana Dao Lord there, itll help you activate the cliffs true power.

This might not be enough to protect the entire region but your garrison should be fine.”

Qianqing stared at the palace in a daze after hearing this.

The palace had four statues brimming with divinity.

Each represented one dao lord of the holy ground and authority.

Members of the holy ground went on pilgrimage to pay respect to both the palace and the statues.

“Take, take one statue How No one can do so!” She blurted out.

In history, fewer than few could make it to the pinnacle and the palace, let alone taking one statue away.

This should be impossible.

In the present, perhaps only Buddha Supreme would be able to do so.

“The young master can do it.” Xu Cuimei winked at her.

Li Qiye smiled and didnt deny this.

Qianqings confusion grew.

Could Li Qiye really make it up there with his low cultivation Taking the statue away was even harder.


would be sacrilege.” She became worried.

The statues represented the dao lords and authority.

To take one away would be disrespectful to the ancestors and the holy ground.

“Thats up to me to decide.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said, speaking as if he was the current master of Buddha Holy Ground.

She suddenly had the illusion of seeing the master of this land.

A second later, she thought that this was ridiculous.

Li Qiye was only a regular cultivator.

Being the golden messenger of Vajra didnt mean that he could take charge of the holy ground.

Sacred Mountain was still there.

Nonetheless, this feeling was palpable.

“The question is, do you dare to do it or not” Li Qiye added.

Qianqings thoughts ran amok.

Would she do it if it was possible After all, this could be construed as disrespect.

Vajra Dynasty wouldnt be able to protect her.

In fact, it might be the first to execute her as an apology.

She thought about it for a while before gritting her teeth: “Ill do it if its possible.”

This was the only possible option right now.

The dynasty wouldnt send reinforcement due to a lack of trust.

Her legion would die anyway during the invasion.


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