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The geniuses of the holy ground had nothing to say.

They didnt mock or criticize Lin Hao for losing.

In reality, they probably wouldnt have fared better.

Lin Hao was absolutely strong, perhaps only weaker than Dugu Lans group.

A few others could be stronger than him but certainly not by much.

After seeing Xiao Fengyun in action, they realized that defeating him cleanly would have been virtually impossible.

Not losing in a disastrous manner would have been a good outcome.

Prior to this, some prideful geniuses were infuriated with Xiao Fengyuns attitude.

However, it was tough to act out given the guys displayed power.

Xiao Fengyun could definitely be listed among the top geniuses of the holy ground.

This was a terrible start for the holy ground, losing the first round.

Anxiety and nervousness surfaced in the young geniuses mind.

“No need to worry, this is just the nature of fighting and cultivation.” Dugu Lan consoled.

Unfortunately, the atmosphere didnt get any better.

The young ones still wore a heavy heart.

“How about a spar with me now, fellow daoists from Buddha Holy Ground” Cloudwhip Liu Huaishi stepped forward.

This was expected because his side had the morale advantage.

The holy ground would have done the same.

But since Lin Hao had lost, who would want to fight Liu Huaishi now Liu Huaishi and Xiao Fengyun were part of the five prodigies.

This meant that he was likely just as strong.

Huaishi stood facing the members of the holy ground with an indifferent expression, looking like a bamboo tree.

The holy grounds members exchanged glances, feeling the same hesitation as before.

The stake was even higher now.

Losing a second time would be more serious than the first.

The pressure was palpable for any potential challenger.

“I cannot see through your background, Fellow Daoist Liu.

Nonetheless, your power is worthy of admiration.” Dugu Lan gazed at him and concluded.

Her assessment startled the crowd.

Could it be that Liu Huaishi was even stronger than his friend She said it in order to warn the geniuses here.

“Youre too kind, Fairy Dugu.

My defeat is certain if you join the fray.” Liu Huaishi cupped his fist with a serious expression.

“Your vision just keeps on impressing.

His power is indeed mighty, definitely the first or second in our group.” Xiao Fengyun laughed.

Xiao Fengyun currently served as a standard for fighting capabilities.

It seemed that only the four geniuses of the holy ground could defeat him.

Now, he admitted that Liu Huaishi was actually stronger than him.

“Can it be… hes in the Grand Dao Sacred Physique realm” One listener murmured.

“Grand dao realm…” The top geniuses present couldnt help shuddering.

Given the guys age, it meant that he was a dragon among men, a genius among geniuses.

“Should be peak Myriad-form if not already sacred physique.” One older expert said.

The members of the holy ground found the situation deteriorating.

It became harder to breathe for them.

Those on the verge of coming out prior changed their mind.

If Liu Huaishi was only as strong as Xiao Fengyun, some still had a chance of putting up a great fight or winning.

Now, the gap between the two seemed considerable.

This shattered their confidence.

“I can handle a grand-level Myriad-form cultivator.” A formidable genius said: “But the sacred physique realm No way.”

Everyone knew when within one realm, one could rely on peerless merit laws or treasures to make up the cultivation gap.

However, when it was an entire realm, this was the difference between heaven and earth.

“Righteous Sect is using their ace cards for this.” One genius said.

Their four geniuses needed to take action now.

“Are you an actual disciple from Righteous Sect” Phantom stared at him and asked.

“Ive only become one recently after falling into the good graces of the seniors.

I do not dare to represent Righteous Sect due to my lack of abilities.” Liu Huaishi answered.

“A direct disciple of Righteous…” The geniuses from the holy ground became shaken after hearing the confirmation.

Righteous Sect was similar to Buddha Holy Ground in that it governed numerous vassals and tributaries.

Normally, everyone could claim to be a disciple of Righteous; this was the case for the members of Buddha as well.

However, under official events or serious occasions, this no longer applied.

Phantom was asking whether the guy was from the actual sect.

For example, Thunderblade was from a great clan under Righteous banner.

Being in Righteous meant being a part of this sect and learning its merit laws.

The equivalent for the holy ground would be joining Sacred Mountain and learning there.

An actual disciple and a mere member of Righteous were two completely different things.

“Do we have anyone from Sacred Mountain here” This beckoned the question.

No one could answer.

Sacred Mountain actually had many disciples due to its long history.

However, these disciples rarely came out.

The revelation destroyed the hope of the geniuses present.

They had no choice but to stare at Dugu Lan, Phantom, and Hu Ben.

“Does anyone wish to fight” Liu Huaishi repeated with a cold expression.

The members of the holy ground took it as a provocation.

Hu Ben and Phantom exchanged glances.

If others didnt want to fight, they must do something.


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