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“Just here for fun, dont worry about it.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“I see…” Ye Mingshi forced a smile.

He thought that there was no way a ring bearer would be so willy nilly.

There must be a goal.

But in the case of Li Qiye telling the truth, someone of his power and authority right now would still cause quite a storm wherever he went.

“Do you want to go to Minor Sacred Mountain” Ye Mingshi asked again.

“Climb up there” Li Qiye looked over at the mountain in the distance.

“The kings in each generation go up there to offer their respect to heaven and earth.

You naturally dont need to do this, Young Master, but the ring requires an additional seal before reaching its true potential.” Ye Mingshi glanced at the ring that was more than just a status symbol.

It had unbelievable power, a reason why it was able to pass down for millions of years.

“That doesnt matter, this cheap ring is fine the way it is right now.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

Others would think that Li Qiye was crazy for his assessment of the ring.

On the other hand, Ye Mingshi knew that Li Qiye had a full understanding of the ring.

That made it even more terrifying.

He thought that Li Qiye was quite frightening and decisive.

“Youre unfathomable, Young Master.” Mingshi hesitated before speaking: “But, Young Master, if you want to pass it down, itll still need the seal to exert its true power.

Not everyone can be as carefree as you.” 

Ye Mingshi shouldnt be the one to say this but he chose to do it due to his connection with the paragon.

“Pass it down” Li Qiye rubbed his chin and smirked: “It can be a raffle, whoever wins gets the ring.

Or, I can just throw it on the street.

Hows that for picking a successor” 

“Absolutely not!” Ye Mingshi started sweating and waved his hands: “Young Master, you mustnt.

The ring pertains to the prosperity of the land and its people.

Just one mistake and wails of lament will come.

Please reconsider.”

“Its fine, even if I throw it away, the fake monk will come and pick it up.” Li Qiye shrugged.

Ye Mingshi took a deep breath and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

This guy seemed like he would actually do something like this on a whim.

“Young Master, youre a virtuous person.” Ye Mingshi said: “Im sure youll pick another person whos just as virtuous as you for the sake of the land…”

“Stop, dont flatter me, I dont care about Buddha Holy Grounds survival and it wouldnt be my turn anyway.” Li Qiye interrupted him.

Ye Mingshi remained silent.

The entire thing was just too ridiculous to him.

“You appear to care about the holy ground a lot.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Yes, Young Master, a toppled nest cant have whole eggs.

If the holy ground goes down, so will Fallen Leaf and Vajra.”

“Then what do you think about becoming the successor” Li Qiyes smile grew wider.

“No, I cant, I am weak and cant shoulder the responsibility.

Youre joking, Young Master.” Ye Mingshi panicked and refused.

“You havent thought about this at all” Li Qiye stared at him.

Ye Mingshi realized that Li Qiye was being serious.

He solemnly responded: “Young Master, I wont lie to you.

Everyone desires an item with so much power but, I cant take it.

Itll bring a personal calamity on top of chaos across the holy ground.

Ill become a sinner then.”

This response came from the heart.

He didnt come up with excuses.

To others, he was certainly powerful and on the same level as the four grandmasters.

He himself knew that he was far from sufficient.

His cultivation path stopped here.

If he were to have the ring, it would end with his death and the holy grounds destruction.

“Your mindset is rare.” Li Qiye nodded: “So many others want the ring.”

Ye Mingshi didnt say anything.

His position at Vajra made it a sensitive topic.

Since he had more information at his disposal, he knew better than to comment carelessly.

“What happens when the ring has a new successor” Li Qiye asked.

“Not you, Young Master” Ye Mingshi knew that this was an unnecessary question but he asked anyway.

“Right, but I can pick the next successor, right” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Yes.” Ye Mingshi nodded: “That makes the sealing process essential because just the ring alone isnt enough to deter others.

Its empowered form will make things smoother.” 

“That depends on who has the ring.

For me, empowered or otherwise, doesnt matter at all.” Li Qiye answered.

“I dont quite understand.” Ye Mingshi said.

“Its nothing, a few people are courting death so Ill do them a favor.” Li Qiyes eyes brimmed with amusement.

Ye Mingshi shuddered after hearing this, already imagining the potential carnage and massacre.

Li Qiye was saying that even without the empowerment, the next successor would still have no problem. 

The reason was simple - Li Qiye would massacre whoever tried to stop them.

Ye Mingshi knew that Li Qiye would be able to keep his words regardless of the powerful foes.

This would definitely change the holy ground.

Blood would flow like rivers.

The stench of blood would be unbearable.

“Young Master, you dont have to do this.

The sealing process isnt a bad choice.” Ye Mingshi smiled wryly.

He didnt wish for brutality to overwhelm the holy ground.

The loss would be immense.

“How many people do you think will accept in a peaceful manner” Li Qiye replied.

Ye Mingshi thought that supreme authority was too tempting.

No person or sect would be able to resist.

It was only a matter of who would start first.

“What about you” Li Qiye interrupted the silence.

“I am a disciple of Buddha Holy Ground and will listen and obey without any ulterior motive.” Yingshi prostrated without any hesitation.

He was smart enough to understand Li Qiyes implication.

“Rise, I was just asking.” Li Qiye smiled.

“I will do my very best.” Mingshi respectfully expressed his allegiance.

Li Qiye might not need his help but he could be very useful during the next successor appointment.

“Smart people like you are rare nowadays.

Those who know propriety and their place are even rarer.” Li Qiye said.

Ye Mingshi stood with a respectful pose and didnt respond.

“Fine, Ill take a look when theres time.” Li Qiye eventually concluded.

“This is a blessing for the citizens, thank you for your mercy, Young Master.” Ye Mingshi heaved a sigh of relief.


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