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No one expected the Li to catch Li Qiye off guard in this manner.

The trapping technique was a resounding success.

Everyone paid full attention to the Grand Chancellors mansion, forgetting about its ally.

This gave the latter a great opportunity to deal with Li Qiye.

“No one can survive the death pit once trapped.” One high elder shuddered.

Though this ambush was unbefitting of the Grand Commanders status, they no longer had a choice.

“Zzz…” Crystal walls materialized around Li Qiye and fully sealed him.

A familiar scene appeared again - he looked to be trapped in ice.

“They did it! No one can survive this detainment, at least according to the rumors.” One spectator became emotional.

“This fatal move seems effective against the armor.” An ancestor got chills.

“Boom!” A terrible storm appeared in a bizarre fashion with Li Qiye at the center.

There were no loud gales, only a twisting of space.

The capital seemed to be pulling into this spatial storm.

“Ah!” One spectator was still too close and got twisted into a bloody mist.

This made the rest run even farther away from Black Robe Alley in order to avoid a similar fate.

“Rumble!” The storm continued twisting around Li Qiye, wanting to tear him to pieces.

“Its over.” Everyone thought that Li Qiye was finished since he couldnt move an inch while being stuck in the center of the storm.

“He still failed in the end.” Another said.

The two clans were just too strong and shouldnt be underestimated because of Li Qiyes prior successes.

“Boom!” During this crucial moment when everyone doubted him, Li Qiyes body shook once.

The armor exuded blue particles and crushed the crystal walls.

The flames then burned away the death pit and incinerated the land.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The plates opened up and resembled bronze scales. 

“Boom!” The terrible storm was sucked in by the opening and disappeared from sight before the crowd could react.

Peace returned once more as if nothing had happened.

“Boom!” The next development took them by surprise because the armor instantly released the storm in the other direction.

It continued to spread and swept through the Grand Chancellors mansion.

“Damn!” The chancellor and the three elders couldnt believe it.

They activated their grand dao in order to protect their home.

Unfortunately, buildings were as fragile as dried branches before the terrible spatial storm.

They were uprooted and turned to little pieces.

The grand mansion turned into ruins in no time at all.

Only a few buildings made it through the disaster.

Even the four were sent flying.

They smashed into the ground and vomited blood.

No one expected this sudden reversal since they thought that Li Qiye was finished.

Their head was empty after seeing the destruction of the mansion.

“Well, that mansion is finished.

He actually did it.” One soul regained his wits after a while and commented.

Everyone seemed to have the word “shocked” written on their forehead. 

“I cant believe were seeing this day.” One ancestor smiled wryly.

The Zhang has been illustrious.

Most believed that as long as Vajra was around, so would the clan and its mansion at the capital.

Opposing this clan was awfully unwise in the present.

Today, Li Qiye alone easily destroyed this area.

“We spoke too soon earlier.

We still underestimated Li Qiye and that armor.” One high elder commented.

“Its a heavy loss in terms of materials and pride.” One official from Vajra quietly said.

This was only their mansion at the capital, not their ancestral ground.

Nonetheless, it was still a grave loss.

The mansion represented their authority in Vajra.

It meant a severing of sorts.

The Zhang might be able to keep the position of the Grand Chancellor in the future but the opposition would be fiercer than ever before.

“Not hard at all.” Li Qiye patted the mud off him before walking towards the Grand Commanders mansion.

“Hes not stopping…” One spectator said.

“Right, theres still one more.” The older experts had nothing to say, aware that Li Qiye was determined to carry out his promise.

The chancellors mansion was finished; one more remained.

Alarms and bells resounded in the commanders mansion.

Chaos and anxiety overwhelmed its members.

This was unprecedented for this great military clan.

“Ordinary disciples, leave right now!” The Grand Commander ordered. 

Regular members of their clan would only be throwing their lives away by directly fighting Li Qiye.


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