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He was nothing more than a lamb right now.

They could do whatever they wanted to him.

Even the ancestors that promised to keep him safe forgot about their words.

The golden egg became the only thing on their mind.

It was perfectly fine to torture Li Qiye right now.

“Young Noble Li, time waits for no one.” One expert urged the quiet Li Qiye.

Li Qiye glanced at them and saw the greed in their eyes, no exception.

He smiled and repeated: “The egg is bloodthirsty and evil…”

“You dont need to repeat this again and again, we know.

Please go talk to that world draconic king.” They had no patience to listen to his annoying warning again.

However, he ignored them and continued: “The egg wishes to devour.

If anything happens to you all, dont blame me for not saying it ahead of time.

Its not too late to leave now if you want to live.”

“Leave The egg is right there, theres no way well leave.

Just shut up and stop annoying us.” One expert loudly said.

“Be obediently and get that creature away or I wont guarantee what will happen next.” Sir Shangs grip tightened on Li Qiyes shoulder.

His eyes flashed with murderous intent.

He would be the first to break Li Qiyes shoulder and move on with crueler methods in order to obtain the egg.

“Fine, whatever happens next has nothing to do with me then.” Li Qiye chuckled and walked towards the draconic king.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crowd readied their weapons for a sudden attack from the king.

Fortunately, Li Qiye chatted a bit with the king.

It actually didnt attack and only glared at them.

Nonetheless, the glare had an icy touch and made them feel as if blades were flying near their faces.

It moved far away from the stone platform.

Li Qiye followed right behind.

“Okay, my mission is complete.

The egg is right there.” Li Qiye smiled at the experts.

The threat was gone now and the group was ready to lunge forward.

They only cared about the egg at this moment.

Nothing else was on their mind.

“Rumble!” The senior defender and the other top dogs channeled their energy.

Chaos true energy billowed like the tides.

Ancestors took out their best artifacts - floating mirrors, pagodas, banners…

These big shots immediately rushed forward and landed on the platform, inches away from the egg.

The weaker combatants didnt push forward right away.

Nonetheless, they also assumed their strongest state in preparation for battle.

Battle spirit and bloodthirst surged across the valley.

They looked around since anyone could become an enemy right now, even their current allies.

The senior defender and the ancestors took it extremely seriously.

They exercise the highest caution; their eyes shifted continuously.

They thought about who would be the first to attack them and who they should attack first.

This stopped them from making the first move.

The one to grab the egg first would immediately become the main target.

Other members of their faction waited patiently behind for an order from the seniors.

The atmosphere became extremely tense like a bowstring drawn to the limit, on the verge of tearing.

“The battle is starting.” The spectators noticed the bloodlust in the air.

Inside the valley, an elder said: “Were not kids anymore.

Lets test our energy.

Whoever lasts the longest will get the egg, how about it”

The others exchanged glances.

Sir Shang nodded in agreement: “I agree.”

“Same.” The other ancestors and high elders also nodded.

This was a better idea than a battle royale.

They then put their hands on the platform.

Those waiting behind them watched nervously.

Whoever pulled their hands back would lose the chance at grabbing the golden egg.

“Start!” They shouted in unison and channeled their vitality and energy into the platform.

“Rumble!” The entire valley quaked as a result after loud detonations.

These big shots were quite powerful so this total release was quite frightening.

However, the quakes only lasted for a moment and tranquility returned to the valley.

The spectators saw the competitors firmly placing their hands on the stone platform.

Their face became red; no one wanted to give up.

Everyone was cheering for their own seniors.

As time went on, their red complexion turned to white and their body started trembling.

The competition was lasting a while so their energy was depleting.

“Lets help!” One disciple shouted in support of their sect master.

“Yes!” His fellow disciples agreed.

They lined up and placed their palm on the back of the person in front.

The strongest disciple stood at the front and also placed his hand on the sect master.

“Boom!” They channeled their energy and vitality through the line, eventually ending at the sect master.

“Cheaters!” A member of the crowd protested.


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