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Numerous leaders stated their price one after another.

The value escalated until it became quite tempting.

The listeners salivated and wanted to be in Li Qiyes shoes.

8,000 miles of land, 80,000 beauties, numerous pills Their heart skipped a beat while listening to the offers.

“Just agree already.” One couldnt help urging Li Qiye as if wanting to live vicariously through him.

They fantasized about having their own territory and picking any of the beauties.

This was the peak of life.

Li Qiye waved his hand and said: “Tempting offers but I wont do something like taking the egg out.”

“What does it take Just let us know and well satisfy your demands.” One sect master didnt give up.

Many sects and kingdoms were willing to pay any price for this golden egg.

“I dont want anything, especially not selling this egg to you bunch.

Nonetheless, I appreciate the sentiment but the only thing I want to do right now is to be a free woodchopper.”

He directly refused all of their offers.

Silence naturally ensued as people stared at him as if he was a fool.

“Are you ill” One youth chastised him: “Theres a chance to become a king right now yet you insist on staying a woodchopper.

If you dont want it, let me take your place, you can stay a woodchopper.” He was spilling out the thoughts of the crowd.

“My illness is a love of being a woodchopper.” Li Qiye smirked.

The crowd had a hard time being angry since Li Qiye was consistent from start to finish.

Nonetheless, they thought that being this wasteful of an opportunity might cause lightning bolts to strike him.

At this point, a few leaders exchanged glances and reached an implicit agreement.

“You might not have anything you want but more power will grant you safety.” Sir Shang spoke seriously with a glint in his eyes.

Those nearby had the same thought - if persuasion didnt work, it was time for force.

This was the most direct and effective method to solve this problem.

The guy was only a Violet Marquis.

Anyone here could easily subdue him.

“Im very safe right now.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Is that so Havent you heard of this phrase, a man\'s wealth is his own ruin” Sir Shang said insidiously.

No one here was willing to give up on the egg and Li Qiye was the only potential route.

Thus, they would do anything for it.

Many powers werent on Vajra Dynastys side a while ago.

This was no longer the case since they had reached an agreement to resort to force and potentially torture.

Moreover, Sir Shang was ready to play the part of a bad guy before them.

They didnt mind this at all.

“Never heard of it before.” Li Qiye said.

“Young friend, the situation is unfavorable for you.” The marquis said: “You just need to bring the egg out and dont worry about who gets it in the end.

You can continue to live your life in peace by doing so and do your own things, such as being a woodchopper.

No one will trouble you anymore.”

“And if I dont” Li Qiye smiled.

“Im afraid itll be hard for you to stay alive.” A sect master was no longer joking around.

His words were filled with murderous intent.

“As an official of Vajra, I care for the people and want you to be safe.

Unfortunately, the will of the crowd is hard to change so Im powerless.

The only thing I can do is make sure that youll be fine after you bring out the egg.” Sir Shang said.

“Such hypocrisy.” Teacher Du snorted: “A cat crying for a mouse.

Youre the one who wants the egg the most so dont act so virtuous.

Everyone can see through your plan.”

Sir Shang didnt bother responding to Teacher Du, the same with the other masters and lords.

A while ago, they were actually on the side of Duality to go against Vajra.

Now, they chose the side of the senior defender and kept quiet for their own benefits.

“Sir Shang is right, well make sure that youll stay safe if you bring the egg out.” A royal lord said.

“Dont be afraid, Young Noble Li.

Come to our camp and well escort you.” Teacher Du declared.

Unfriendly gazes fixated on the teacher the moment he finished.

“Teacher Du, do you wish to oppose everyone here Can your academy handle it” The previous royal lord said.

“Have to try to know, its a good chance to see what other sects can do.” Teacher Du heartily laughed.

“I advise you to worry about your own business.

Your academy isnt the only great power in the holy ground.” A clan master snorted.

Sir Shang and a few top leaders exchanged glances at this point.

He suddenly shouted: “Switch the location!”

“Poof!” A bright flash took everyone by surprise.

When they regained their wits, Sir Shang and a dozen of sect masters and royal lords were nowhere to be found.

“Li Qiye is gone!” Those left behind panicked since they needed him for the golden egg.

“They took him away.” An old experts expression soured.

“Flash teleportation.” The oldest teacher of Duality scowled: “Looks like they have strategized beforehand, lets see where youre going.” He swung his hand and began deriving the grand dao.

“Poof!” The scene before Li Qiye changed.

They were now standing on top of a peak still in Myriad Beast Mountains.

Sir Shang and other leaders were present.

For example, the sect master of Shifting Cloud and the royal lord of Night Court.

This was a temporary alliance forged for obtaining the golden egg.

“Its just you and us now.” Sir Shang glared at him: “Lets talk.”

“About what” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Young Noble Li, were not evil or anything, just cooperate and we wont mistreat you.

Dont make it difficult for us.” Shifting Cloud Sect Master said.

“I hope you will pick the right choice.

Dont force our hands, itll be too late then.” Another royal lord threatened.


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