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The beam illuminated the mountains and alerted both the cultivators and the beasts.

Numerous experts from the great powers rushed towards the base of the beam.

This was their initial goal in the first place.

It was just that once they got here, the beam was nowhere to be found.

Now, the opportunity has resurfaced. 

The cultivators rode the winds forward including Teacher Dus group and others from the academy.

“Its over there.” Teacher Dus eyes were fixated in that direction.

They looked up and saw numerous beams shooting through the sky.

A flood of cultivators was also heading there.

“Fellow Daoist He, do you know whats ahead” Teacher Du noticed a familiar person crossing through the air and started a conversation.

“Fellow Daoist Du.” The expert stopped and answered: “A supreme treasure of the Buddhist affinity has emerged, Im not too sure.

This is just information from my senior brother.

Im going ahead now.” He then continued onward.

Everyone who heard about this Buddhist treasure competed to be the first there.

“A supreme Buddhist treasure” Teacher Dus eyes slightly shifted.

To be addressed as such meant that this artifact must be quite amazing.

This was because there were plenty of Buddhist treasures in the holy ground.

The students behind him had a look of anticipation after hearing this.

For cultivators of this realm, possessing a treasure like this had significant meaning.

“Teacher, let us hurry and get there” They couldnt wait to take a look at this so-called supreme Buddhist treasure.

Of course, obtaining it would be even better.

The academy was a relatively special existence in the holy ground.

It didnt forbid students from cultivating Buddhism nor did it actively spread this doctrine.

All in all, the academy allowed the students to do as they please.

All arts and dao were accepted.

Thus, the students didnt particularly want Buddhist treasures and merit laws.

Nonetheless, they wouldnt refuse one of this level either.

“You want to give it a shot” Teacher Du glanced at them and said: “Not to mention the experts from all over the world, you cant even outcompete your seniors.”

Excitement turned into wry smiles for the students upon hearing this.

The group was the youngest right now in the academy and also the weakest.

They naturally couldnt compete against the seniors who have trained there for several years or even decades.

“We just want to broaden our horizon, nothing else.” One student awkwardly answered.

They naturally understood their limits.

Thus, their goal here was for sightseeing and increasing their knowledge.

“Follow right behind me and dont cause trouble.

The ferocious beasts are one thing but people are vicious too.

Dont blame me for not warning you first.” Teacher Du said.

He was experienced enough to know the perils of the world, unlike these young birds.

“Yes!!” The students cheered after getting permission from their teacher.

Teach Du sighed and brought the group towards the source of the beam.

During their trip, they saw numerous cultivators soaring above them without hiding anything.

Mighty auras engulfed the air like torrential storms.

Of course, these brazen men were clearly powerful and had strong backgrounds.

Thats why they could travel in this manner.

They also heard loud explosions from cavalries grinding the air.

Murderous intent and battle-hardened presence could be easily sensed.

They felt their scalp tingling as a result.

“The border guards are here too.” One student became startled: “Does that mean His Majesty has ordered the troops to come for the treasure”

The political landscape was complicated at the holy ground.

Though the Vajra Dynasty was in charge, there were many countries and sects not under its jurisdiction.

Thats why some didnt like the dynasty extending their armies throughout the region.

This army guarding the border was one of them.

“Its too complex for you all to understand right now, its best not to comment.” Teacher Du nonchalantly said.

Though this wasnt a warning, the students kept their mouth shut on this topic.

Of course, Duality Academy didnt need to look up to Vajra Dynasty.

However, most students were from Metropolis Division, meaning that they were nobles.

Their seniors and ancestors have worked for Vajra so it was better to refrain from talking about it.

They were aware of the ongoing political competition.

The light had disappeared before they made it there.

This didnt affect much because too many people were heading to that area.

Once they got close, they saw people on the peaks and trees.

Armies also floated in the air…

The place was completely packed like a busy street.

Tens of thousands of cultivators were present.

However, they were greeted by an unpleasant stench of blood as well.

Its thickness made people want to vomit.

The streams nearby no longer had clear water, only blood, flesh, and viscera. 

The group didnt get close and chose to stay on top of a peak to judge the situation.

In reality, many students from Duality got here before them and camped on this peak.

They were older and stronger than Yang Lings group and had teachers with them as well.

“Whats the situation” One student asked after finishing the climb.

An older student shook his head: “No one can get into that valley.”

Yang Ling and the others followed his gaze.

They saw a valley with abandoned temples inside.

Not a single one was intact.

They were as broken as can be; some only had walls left.

This location meant for Buddhists has gone unnoticed in this mountain range for some time.

“How come Ive never seen this place before” Teacher Du was surprised.

“It was sealed by a top Buddhist technique.” Another teacher explained: “I just dont know who broke a hole through the seal.

Take a look.”

Teacher Du saw one peak on top of the valley with a broken hole.

Runes were still floating around there.


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