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The relationship with the beasts was one thing but Teacher Du was equally perplexed regarding Li Qiyes attitude and bearing.

When he faced certain temptations, he chose a different choice from the rest.

He was still a Violet Marquis cultivator and should know the importance of joining a large sect for better merit laws.

Becoming the first disciple of one meant soaring to the sky.

Those from a humble beginning would certainly trade the fruits for this chance.

It would be countless times better compared to staying here as a woodchopper.

Thus, people should have focused on this more than the beasts issue.

In retrospection, his moral character was worthy of admiration - a true man of virtue sticking to his path.

Teacher Du couldnt help admiring the guy and even thought about recruiting him into Duality.

Of course, this had nothing to do with Li Qiyes ability to grab the magical gem fruits nor his friendship with the beasts.

This wasnt for any personal benefit, he simply appreciated the guys choice.

Everyone knew that they lived in a cruel dog-eat-dog world.

It was rare to see someone going against the mold.

“I cant believe Young Noble Li and the beasts here are actually neighbors.” Yang Ling said to one of her friends.

He told them this before but they dismissed it, thinking that he was just exaggerating.

This was no longer the case.

“It has to be his characters.

Anyone else growing up here might not be loved in the same way.” She thought about it and added: “Its extraordinary that he didnt trade the treasures of the beasts for his own gains.”

She wholeheartedly admired him for his choice because she wouldnt have been able to do so.

“Characters More like idiocy.” Zhang Changyu became jealous and snorted: “I think theres something wrong with his brains.

An early death is inevitable for someone like him.” 

“Nonsense!” Yang Ling became infuriated and glared at him: “Dont put someone down because you cant do the same thing.

It paints an unsavory picture of yourself.” 

Zhang Changyu was furious too but didnt dare to argue with Yang Ling.

He shut his mouth and directed this anger towards Li Qiye.

“Im not quite sure, I think it was indeed foolish for him to not join a sect by trading the fruits.” An older student said: “It was a godsend opportunity, its hard to rise without one.

The disparity between a first disciple and a woodchopper is obvious.

Moreover, that would give him more room to become an incredible existence who can perform wondrous tasks.

Thats why, in my opinion, his choice was narrow-minded.”

“Not necessarily.” Teacher Du shook his head: “Missing the chance to join a big sect might not be a loss.

There are fortunes decided by the unknowns.

Perhaps a bigger opportunity awaits him.”

The students exchanged glances.

Some agreed while others didnt feel the same way.

The latter thought that these “fortunes” were too intangible.

Direct benefits such as joining a big sect were far better.

“That may be the case but what he did to Zhui Xueyun was too much.

Thats definitely a looming disaster.” Another student said.

“There is no perfect strategy that covers all bases.

Cultivation is throwing away the fear of death.

If one always thinks about the pros and cons, itll lead to stagnation.

They might as well stay a mortal.” Teacher Du put on a dignified expression and elaborated: “On the other hand, Young Noble Li didnt care about the benefits nor was he afraid of a stronger foe.

This should be the mindset of a cultivator.

Itll allow you to go further.”

The students contemplated after hearing this.

Teacher Du stared at his students and went on: “Numerous sects and cultivators have existed in history, the same with invincible merit laws and peerless geniuses.

However, very few actually reached the apex to illuminate the realms.

Do you think those who became dao lords did it because they had top talents and the best merit laws” His eyes became profound after saying this.

“Then what about your group Duality Academy has numerous top merit laws that you all can access.

Ask yourself, would you be able to surpass those before you and become a dao lord” He asked.

The students didnt answer.

Their talents werent inferior to the others; hence their entry to the academy.

Moreover, the academy was the number one in the south.

In fact, it might be one of the best in all of Eight Desolaces with regards to merit laws and manuals.

Would they be able to reach the apex given the favorable circumstances They didnt dare to answer.

The biggest aspiration of some was to become a heavenly Sovereign.

The realm of invincibility was too far to reach.

“Normally, the most important thing to become a dao lord is actually the dao heart.” Teacher Du finally concluded.

Some students have heard this before from the other teachers or the seniors back in their own clan.

However, they thought that it was too intangible.

“Teacher, what is a dao heart” One female student asked.

He slowly explained: “People have different definitions but in my opinion, Young Noble Li not caring about benefits nor fearing the strong is a type of dao heart.”

He looked at the group and continued: “You might think what he did was truly stupid.

However, could you have done the same thing Your talents and cultivation might be higher but Im afraid theres a chance that hell accomplish more in the future.”

Many students didnt buy this.

They had prestigious backgrounds and incredible talents on top of using high-ranking merit laws.

How could a woodchopper surpass them

“This Li Qiye hasnt cultivated anything worthwhile, hes nothing more than a woodchopper in Myriad Beast Mountains.

How strong can he become” One student objected.

“Supreme merit laws mean nothing.

Dont forget the phrase left by our progenitor - the dao comes naturally.” Teacher Du responded.

The students trembled with pride.

Their progenitor was a renowned figure - Duality Master.

They heard about his exploits and stories at a young age.

He was not a dao lord yet was still greater than one.

No one dared to refute Teacher Du.

In history, Duality had a unique position so his teachings were respected.

In fact, even the dao lords wouldnt dare to question him, let alone these juniors.

“Boom!” A loud explosion destroyed the peace.

The ground shook violently and a beam rushed to the sky.

“Whats that over there” The students stared in that direction.

“Thats the beam we saw the other night, right” One of them said.


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