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The news of the fight between Li Qiye and Bai Jianchan spread like wildfires across Ancestral City then to the rest of the north.

Most havent heard about Li Qiye and wondered about his identity.

Because of this, an expert from a slightly big country became curious: “Ive never heard of this guy before.

He dared to challenge Young Lord Bai Too arrogant, no”

A more knowledgeable soul replied: “This person has a phoenix bloodline on top of Immortal Assailant Emperors treasury and a phoenixs legacies.

Ancestral City is supporting him now, going as far as annulling their engagement with Yin Yang Gate.”

“Really This guy might be the luckiest man in this generation.” The listeners started salivating.

People knew about the imperial treasury a while back.

This was enough to drive people crazy and jealous of this unknown junior.

“Not just that, I heard both Pearlstone Saintess and Dragon-phoenix Maiden like him.

Hes pretty much the heavens favorite, the whole thing seems like a legend.” The more information they found out about him, the more jealous they became.

“So two of the three beauties, only Bai Jianchan was like this before.

So lucky.” 

“So what if hes lucky” Some were on Bai Jianchans side and didnt think highly of Li Qiye. 

One person snorted and added: “His luck will end here, only death will come from opposing Young Lord Bai.”

Many agreed with this frightening comment because Bai Jianchan was just too strong.

Even those who havent seen him in person thought that Li Qiye was being suicidal.

“I think his ego grew due to all of his successes recently.” Even the neutral cultivators thought that Li Qiye had zero chance of winning.

“Young Lord Bai is at the sacred level already, how many others are in the north So few among the young generation.

Hes strong enough to fight an ancestor from a big sect, this Li Qiye has only started recently.

Its very unwise.” A high elder analyzed.

“He should have taken a step back and waited for more time, the skys the limit.” Another logical observer added.

In their opinion, Li Qiye had the right bloodline and resources.

In fact, no one else had comparable advantages.

If he could wait long enough and escape, it wouldnt be late in the future to challenge Bai Jianchan.

He could become a strong candidate for the dao lord position too.


Ancestral Citys conversations were actually more heated than the ones in the outer regions.

One could hear about it from one end of the street to the other.

Everyone was talking about the duel three days later.

It was too exciting, a must-watch.

“Young Lord Bai will definitely win!” One female cultivator clenched her fist and confidently declared.

Who knows if she was supporting Bai Jianchan or trying to make herself feel better.

“Theres no doubt about it.

Young Lord Bais victory is assured.” A saintess announced.

“No one can stop Young Lord Bai!” It didnt take long before various chants and lines were spread all over the city.

Bai Jianchan had an irreplaceable position in these girls heart.

They thought that he was an unbeatable god.

“Not necessarily.” A jealous cultivator barked back against the mass: “Its not like Li Qiye is useless.

Have you all forgotten about the treasures he summoned at Sacred Spirit Hall with one hand Thats an unprecedented and magnificent feat, one to be remembered for eras to come.”

The jealous cultivators couldnt compare to Bai Jianchan so they wielded Li Qiye like a sword in order to put Jianchan down.

The atmosphere soured after this was brought up.

The excited girls had nothing to say because they still remembered the humiliation suffered during that event.

“Hmph, maybe he got lucky again.

Just the right time for when the treasury in the hall opens.

The treasures dropped down for all to share.” A golden daughter defended Bai Jianchan.

This group naturally wouldnt accept Jianchans defeat or Li Qiyes achievement.

Thats why they came up with various reasons and excuses.

All in all, they said that it wasnt a real victory from Li Qiye.

It had everything to do with luck.

“I completely agree.” Another girl nodded in agreement: “He wont be as lucky on the stage during a fight to the death battle.

Only skills will matter then.”

“Hes obviously inferior in that regard, Young Lord Bai is already at the sacred level while Li Qiye is only a Silver Carapace.

Just one finger is enough to crush the guy.” A prestigious lady immediately said.

It was the jealous cultivators turn to be speechless.

Jianchans strength was well-documented.

Many felt that Li Qiye didnt have a good chance.

“Dont forget, Li Qiye massacred Yin Yang Gates army back in Fire Domain not long ago.” One youth brought up another matter.

The pretty girls instantly focused on the weak point of this argument.

One of them said: “This isnt Fire Domain.

I was also there, he only relied on his phoenix bloodline to borrow the power of the trueflame found there.”

“Yes, what can he borrow here Hes not a golem nor is he a disciple from a golem sect.

His phoenix bloodline isnt of use in this place.

Moreover, his weak cultivation wont let him activate the bloodline to its limit anyway, he has no chance.” The other girls were sure of this.

Meanwhile, the ancestors from other sects didnt bother arguing.

They were too busy celebrating after learning about this fight.

“Looks like there is no salvaging this relationship.” One ancestor said: “Ancestral City considers Li Qiye their jeel right now.

Well, it doesnt matter who dies, one side will be furious.”

These powers were eager to see a conflict between the top dogs.

They might be able to take advantage of the situation.

“Bai Jianchan had no choice but to fight.” A high elder there knew about the tough situation.

Li Qiye declared his murderous intent in public.

Not to mention a top genius like Bai Jianchan, no other youths could stay calm after this humiliation.

His reputation would be ruined if he were to refuse.

People would question his number one rank that has already been damaged by Li Qies showing at the hall.

He needed to use his power to protect his prestige. 

“I wonder if Li Qiye has anything else up his sleeve.” A big shot became excited since he has been watching Li Qiye the entire time: “Something conventional wont do.

Hell really be killed then.”

“Who knows Li Qiye is inscrutable.

He might repeat the same devilishness during the battle.” An old man said.

“Its worth watching for sure.” This was the consensus.


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