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“Boom!” The stone tablet flew out of the ground.

Everyone felt as if the city itself was being pulled upward.

The tablet seemed to be connected to a grand vein beneath.

The city inhabitants had no idea what was going on or why the tablet left its home.

Numerous ancestors were alarmed, even the ones in their slumbering state.

Some pseudo-atavistic golems woke up as well, opening their eyes.

“Boom!” The tablet headed straight for the park and loomed above the army of Yin Yang Gate.

“Defend!” The commander shouted in horror.

Everything turned dark above them as if the sky itself was collapsing.

There was no place to hide.

The soldiers roared and released their chaos true energy.

It pooled up into an ocean of majestic power eventually taking the form of a divine shield.

It encompassed the entire army and looked immensely sturdy.

Unfortunately, its toughness wasnt enough to stop the tablet.

The first impact reduced it to nothingness.

“Ah!” All ten thousand soldiers were smashed by the tablet.

No one was lucky enough to escape during this shocking spectacle.

A storm of blood splattered outward then rained down.

When the tablet lifted up, the flattened corpses of the soldiers were revealed.

“No!!” Feathersword bellowed but it was too late.

Astonishment struck the crowd once more.

This group from Yin Yang might not be unbeatable but was still strong enough to uphold a region.

Alas, they seemed like ants before that tablet, unable to resist in the slightest.

But most importantly, this tablet hasnt moved for millions of years.

Why did it come here and coincidentally fall on this group

“Who is it!” The ancestors from the city couldnt believe it since they knew the significance of the tablet.

It was erected by Stone Monarch Dao Lord.

Who actually had enough power to control it

Qing Shis mouth was wide open.

The tablet has been there since his earliest memories and way before that.

He heard of legends regarding it before. 

Today, he saw Li Qiye using it with just one wave.

In fact, the strongest ancestor of the city right now wouldnt be able to move it.

Thus, Li Qiyes feat seemed like magic.

The only calm person present was Ye Lingyao.

She considered miracles to be normal occurrences when Li Qiye was around.

He was an existence superior to Heavenly Sovereigns and dao lords.

“Boom!” The tablet suddenly flew back to the field again and returned to the same spot as if it hadn\'t moved in the first place.

It took a while before people regained their sanity.

The young ones stared at each other, unable to express their current feelings.

Words werent sufficient in this case.

The only proof of the past were the meat pastes left behind where the army used to be, also the blood flowing down the tablet.

“Ugh…” A few started puking after realizing what had transpired.

They have seen blood before but these meat pastes were new for them.

The thick stench of blood was truly nauseating.

Some stared at Li Qiye, bewildered.

They saw him waving his hand but this had to be a coincidence.

The golems, in particular, understood the tablets origin.

Thus, they refused to believe that he could actually control it.

“This is a coincidence, right The army from Yin Yang was ill-fated.” One said.

“No, someone else must have taken action.” A golem disagreed.

“Another from the shadow” People thought that this was a possibility.

“Maybe the strongest ancestor.” The golem went on: “This is Ancestral City so they probably didnt like Yin Yang moving an army here.”

“Thats true.” Another clapped and fully agreed: “After all, no sect would accept this, right Not even allies with marriage pacts.”

“I think this is a reasonable explanation.” Another genius said: “This tablet was created by the citys dao lord.

Thus, this is definitely a warning from Ancestral to Yin Yang.”

“Yes, Yin Yang has been on the rise recently.

Perhaps Ancestral is dissatisfied with this.” All types of speculations and gossip emerged.

“I even heard that there is a disagreement among the upper echelon about this marriage pact.

They fought all the time about it.” Someone with a good information network added.

“See, your army cant help you.” Li Qiye finally spoke.

Featherswords complexion kept on changing color from being shocked, unable to accept this grim reality.

He thought that everything was within his control with the help of those elites.

Now, he was the only survivor.

“I will kill you!” He roared with crazed red eyes. 

“Clank!” He unsheathed his sword, one as resplendent as a rainbow.

He thrust it straight towards Li Qiyes chest, a fatal and tough blow.

It contained all of his power and energy.

Many young cultivators gasped in awe as a result.

The slash had both speed and lightning-fast speed, appearing before Li Qiye in the blink of an eye.

“Crack!” Unfortunately, it didnt pierce through his chest.

A jade hand grabbed the blade and broke it in half.

“Bam!” This assailant then threw the broken section and pinned Feathersword into the ground, fully immobilizing him.


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