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Qing Shi patiently waited outside, aware that the old man wasnt a restaurant owner at all but rather a hidden master.

He knew Ancestral City like the palm of his hand yet he had no info on this master.

He was certain that this old man was extremely powerful, just not entirely sure on the ceiling.

Perhaps the ancestors he met in his sect werent as strong.

This confused him even more.

How could his sect not know anything about this master when he was located in this city

He became awfully curious about the old mans background.

Why did he choose Ancestral City as his base He racked his brains and couldnt come up with a particular character.

He looked up at the plaque again to carefully look at the words while pondering.

He then memorized the location of this restaurant.

At the same time, he also cared about the ongoing conversation between those two.

However, he obediently stayed outside.

During his previous listen, he didnt understand the majority of the content.

Nonetheless, he still memorized each word.

Eventually, Li Qiye and the old man came out of the place.

The latter looked rather subservient just like a servant.

“Lets go.” Li Qiye ordered casually and moved on.

“Serve the young master well.

It is your responsibility, do not make a mistake.” The old man said sternly as Qing Shi was leaving.

Qing Shi was caught off guard.

After all, he had no relationship with the old man but the latter gave an order as if he was a senior.

This was truly strange.

“Okay.” Qing Shi still responded as if he couldnt resist the old mans command.

Once he regained his wits, Li Qiye was already far away.

He hurriedly caught up then looked back at the restaurant.

He only saw the long alley.

The old man and the restaurant were no longer there.

He rubbed his eyes in disbelief and looked again. 

The somber alley was still there, just not the restaurant.

It felt as if he had just met a ghost.

“Young Master, that place isnt there anymore.” Qing Shi told Li Qiye, startled.

Li Qiye only smiled and continued forward.

“Where are we going now” Qing Shi dropped the issue.

“The stone park.” Li Qiye said.

Qing Shi became interested right away after hearing this.

In recent days, Ancestral City became very lively with more visitors.

Of course, as the largest city in the plateau, the place was always packed with people from all over the world - merchants, travelers, dao seekers…

However, many big shots have arrived recently including the slumbering ancestors and high elders.

They appeared all of a sudden without warning.

The natives started feeling that something was amiss.

Next, people from Divine Stone Ridge, Firmaments Gate, Skylight Country, and Ying Yang Gate started showing up. 

The top geniuses also came one after another.

Among them was the first prince of Skylight.

He immediately went to the Shi right after.

This caused quite a stir.

Some said that he was asking for a longevity pill because his countrys heaven-defying ancestor wanted to come out.

This ancestor has been sealed for many years so he required a powerful pill in order to return.

Another said that the prince came for personal reasons - that he wanted the right pill to break through to the next realm.

This would make him one of the strongest geniuses in the northern region.

The godchild of Firmaments was present as well.

Everyone knew about his arrival because visual phenomena filled the sky.

The myriad dao became resplendent and served as a golden passage in a magnificent manner.

Initially, people thought that it was a big shot from Firmaments.

They later found out that it was the godchild of that sect.

People became surprised after finding out due to the type of phenomena.

One commented: “He has successfully trained the arts of Firmaments”

The person from Divine Stone Ridge garnered a similar level of attention. 

“The ridge is normally reclusive so why is a big shot from there here Something big must be happening.” Discussions sprung up.

“I heard a treasury is emerging.” They asked around and eventually found some useful clues.

“Really” Excitement naturally came next.

“All the old geezers from the big sects are here, how can it be fake” One cultivator uttered coldly.

The skeptics nearby became emotional.

Yes, a treasury would indeed make these big shots come out.

“Where in Ancestral City” One of their eyes lit up.

Unfortunately, he didnt get a response.

Even those aware of this answer kept their mouth shut.

Nonetheless, most decided to follow the big shots when the time was right.

These big shots certainly knew the location of the treasury.

“Did you guys know that Dragon-phoenix Maiden is coming too” Another shocking news reverberated across the area.

“Shes coming, really” The younger ones were ecstatic.

They immediately asked around for more information.

“Youre late, shes already here.” One cultivator revealed.

“One of the three beauties of the northern West King…” This news traveled across Ancestral.

She was famous for having perfect features on top of an impeccably noble bloodline.

This made it hard for people to chase after her.

“Both Skylight Princess and Pearlstone Saintess are engaged, the only one available is the maiden.”

“Yes, maybe theres a chance.” Some started fantasizing.

“In your dream.” One guy shook his head and sneered: “Dragon-phoenix Valley refused a marriage pact with Yin Yang Gate back then.

You have no chance in hell.” 

All in all, the younger ones looked forward to actually seeing the maiden.


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