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Chapter 339: Mysterious Entrance

Li Qiye only gave him a languid glance; he had no interest in replying.

Li Qiye’s arrogant and overbearing attitude caused everyone’s hearts to beat faster as they took in cold breaths.

Someone who dared to reject Mei Suyao in person and didn’t care for Jikong Wudi had appeared.

This was the birth of an existence comparable to Mei Suyao and Jikong Wudi within the younger generation!

After careful thought, many people felt that his arrogance was not unfounded.

Killing all of those geniuses and attacking the divine altar of the eleven old undyings — such a battle record was enough to flaunt to anyone from the younger generation and shock even those from the previous generations!

Deity Jikong Wudi’s eyes narrowed; a glimmer of starlight flashed across them.

Although he didn’t physically retaliate, his invincible aura was still as apparent as ever.

Many geniuses who followed Jikong Wudi were quite annoyed with Li Qiye, especially those who had good a relationship with Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan.

One of them looked at Li Qiye just sitting there on top of the small mountain and couldn’t help but sneer: “Such an arrogant person!”

“What, you want to pick a fight” Li Qiye remained motionless and didn’t speak.

Instead, Bing Yuxia retorted in her free and elegant manner while swaying her fan: “Little Li is protected by this young noble.

If you are not convinced, then step forward!”

Bing Yuxia’s words were arrogant enough to cause this genius to become speechless.

Everyone knew her strength! No matter how great one’s talent was, they couldn’t dare to bluster in front of her.

Nine palaces Ancient Saint — a Supreme Saint!

Having nine palaces was extremely venerable, and having ten palaces would be a perfect circle! Bing Yuxia’s cultivation was enough to trump over everyone since no one had heard of someone with nine Fate Palaces in the younger generation.

The atmosphere suddenly became quiet as Li Qiye proudly sat on top of the mountain.

Even the powerful army before him could not shake him! Goddess Mei Suyao and Deity Jikong Wudi were also unable to do anything, so they had to stand to the side! Even those who didn’t like Li Qiye had to respect his domineering attitude.

Eventually, the people who Li Qiye had been waiting for finally arrived.

With a loud explosion, many young cultivators rapidly approached.

A glance was enough to tell that these were young cultivators from some sect.

These cultivators only had average cultivations, but the two women leading the pack were extraordinary.

One was as cold as ice while the other exuded an unparalleled charm.

In just a blink of an eye, they arrived at the small mountain.

These disciples were extremely excited to see Li Qiye, and one of them even shouted: “First Brother!”

Li Qiye revealed a smile after seeing this group.

The two women went in front of Li Qiye and cupped their fists together: “Young Noble!”

The two women greeted him at the same time; one with a cold and melodious tone while the other used a gentle and alluring tone.

The two beauties’ respectful attitude towards Li Qiye surprised many people.

“Just in time.” Li Qiye nodded his head and gave a smile from the bottom of his heart.

The two then stood right behind Li Qiye; one carried a long sword while the other had a divine saber.

Two supreme beauties; one had an emotionless arrogance while the other was like a blooming peony in spring — very pleasing to the eyes.

Who else could they be besides Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan

With the appearance of the World Tree, how could Li Qiye let his most trusted followers miss out on such a great opportunity

Many were envious of Li Qiye’s domineering air while having two peerless beauties as his maids.

A young cultivator from the Grand Middle Territory recognized these two women and emotionally said: “That’s the descendant of the Nine Saint Demon Gate! She was once one of the most promising heaven’s proud daughters in the Grand Middle Territory.

The other lady is the princess of the Jade Valley Country, someone who could be described as brilliantly amorous.

They were once the focus of many young geniuses’ admiration and love!”

If the young male cultivators were jealous, then the female cultivators would find themselves with a sudden absence of thought, especially the female students from the Heavenly Dao Academy!

Who could compare to Li Qiye’s style by having such supreme maids

Li Qiye looked at the Cleansing Incense and Nine Saint disciples who ran day and night to get here in time.

Once the portal opened, Li Qiye sent a message to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect to bring all of their disciples here.

Of course, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect — with its current strength — was not able to teleport so many disciples to the Eastern Hundred Cities.

They needed help from the academy and the Nine Saint Demon Gate to make this trip possible.

“The chance is right in front of you, but whether or not you can grasp it will depend on your own skills and luck.” Li Qiye looked at these disciples and continued: “In this space, you will be able to find hidden fortunes beyond your imagination.

Do your best.”

When he was finished, all the disciples let out a roar in excitement.

Luo Fenghua and Qu Daoli divided the disciples from both sects into many groups to head for different locations.

At this moment, many people were already exploring this place so time was money; no one was willing to waste even a single second.

Amongst them, only Nan Huairen remained.

He was the only one thick-skinned enough to smile and speak to Li Qiye: “Young Noble, I want to go with you.”

Li Qiye glanced at him and nodded his head in approval.

Li Qiye was quite generous to Nan Huairen since he was the first to join him.

Nan Huairen was also very self-aware of his own capabilities.

He considered himself Li Qiye’s henchman and was willing to do whatever tasks Li Qiye wanted him to do!

As a talkative person, it was not long before he started to chat with Sikong Toutian.

These two were specialized in socializing, so it could be described as birds of the same feather flock together.

Chi Xiaodie was quite surprised due to the arrival of Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan.

She now understood why Li Qiye would only accept her as a maid; even Bing Yuxia was no exception!

Both Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan were extremely brilliant in the current generation.

If women as great as them were willing to stay by Li Qiye’s side as maids, then other people would not even be worth mentioning.

She felt sadness in her heart.

She realized that she was quite conceited in the past, and in this regard, she had completely lost to Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan.

“Oh, both of you Big Sisters are quite beautiful!” Seeing Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan, Bing Yuxia closed her fan and displayed her young master mode once again by smilingly saying: “Your beauty is at the top of this world.

You’re causing my heart to beat faster by just staring…”

“Pop!” Before she could finish, Li Qiye had already smacked her buttocks as he laughed: “Little Tomboy, don’t aim for the women around me or else I will take off your clothes!”

Li Qiye’s obscene and bold action shocked everyone present.

This was the descendant of the Ice Feather Palace, a Supreme Saint! No one dared to tease Bing Yuxia like this in the current times!

“Little Demon, touch me one more time and I will cut off your hands!” While blushing, Bing Yuxia jumped up and glared at him as her chest rose up and down from anger.

Chen Baojiao, who was standing right behind Li Qiye, chuckled and said: “Opposing Young Noble will only result in a miserable end.”

Her beauty was at such a supreme level that it could incite calamities.

When she smiled in such a flirtatious and charming manner, all existences were swayed.

Their souls escaped their bodies as they could only intensely stare at her.

She stopped smiling after she saw so many gazes focused on her.

However, her unique charm did not diminish one bit.

Li Qiye ignored the angry Bing Yuxia.

He stood up and looked towards Goddess Mei Suyao and Deity Jikong Wudi to calmly speak: “Since you two came to this place, do you know what this place is”

“A great opportunity lies here!” Deity Jikong Wudi spoke in a deep tone.

His words were accompanied by the resonance of the grand dao.

It was as if his response was an awe-inspiring decree from the heavens itself.

Goddess Mei Suyao’s pair of pure eyes looked straight at Li Qiye as she said: “My guess is probably the same as Brother Li’s.

If I am not mistaken, then it is the World Tree!”

“The Eternal River School is truly impressive.

Extraordinary.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but praise Mei Suyao.

Very few people knew what the World Tree was, but Deity Jikong Wudi’s eyes narrowed and became more focused when he heard these words.

“Boom!” Suddenly, Li Qiye stomped down and the small mountain instantly shattered.

“Omm—” With a buzzing sound, a huge ball of light abruptly appeared before everyone from the destroyed small mountain.

Everyone could see a huge tree residing inside this ball of light.

This tree stood tall and strong, and stars and other celestials could be found orbiting it.

Although this ball of light was not of an outrageous size, everyone felt that this was the largest tree in this world.

They felt that this tree was capable of blotting out the sun and covering the earth.

“The World Tree!” Mei Suyao emotionally murmured when she saw this tree.

“Legend has it that Immortal Emperor Hao Hai once climbed the World Tree!” Deity Jikong Wudi also exclaimed with a great change in expression.

“Rumble!” Many eyes brightened from excitement after hearing Deity’s words.

At this time, a person suddenly rushed forward and heavily slammed into the ball of light, but they were bounced back.


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