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Shock and awe took over Divine Black, resulting in silence.

“Is he still alive” Eventually, a disciple whispered.

Iron Whip Demon King was thrown around and destroyed the area.

Everyone stared at the bloodied peaks in horror.

Some disciples thought that this terrible result could have happened to them since they antagonized Li Qiye in the past.

They were nothing since even someone as strong as the demon king got dominated by Li Qiye.

All the young ones stared at Li Qiye with admiration in their eyes.

Some didnt even dare to look straight at him.

Just one glance from him could scare the soul out of them.

They started thinking about the king potentially being dead.

In that case, who in Divine Black would be able to fight him Perhaps not even their sect master.

The other peak lords had a cautious expression right now.

They have been fellow sect members with Iron Whip for so long and naturally knew his power.

They wouldnt fare any better being on stage against Li Qiye, unable to resist in the slightest.

The bodhi king was emotional since he also cultivated the Nine Primeval Laws.

He knew how profound and powerful this art was.

However, Li Qiyes mastery seemed to surpass all those before him and anyone after.

In fact, he had a bold thought - that Li Qiye could use this art better than their progenitor.

Most would consider this impossible.

Their patriarch, a Black Tortoise, was gifted with great fortunes.

According to the tales, even the great emperors of the old epoch praised its art.

Thus, one could imagine how wondrous it was when used by their patriarch. 

How could Li Qiye be better at it than the patriarch That would be too illogical and impossible.

A future descendant besting the originator

However, the bodhi king actually felt this way.

Maybe he wouldnt be better than the patriarch but definitely not weaker.

After all, the king had spent more than a thousand years learning it.

He definitely knew enough to comment on this.

“A transformation of the nine supremes, I see.” Li Qiye smiled and said, not surprised at its power like the rest.

No one really understood his point, not even the bodhi king.

In reality, he was correct.

The nine supremes was the heavenly annihilation for the Divine Beast Zither left behind by Immortal Emperor Bi Shi of Alchemy Kingdom.

Li Qiye had copied this heavenly annihilation previously.

The Black Tortoise saw him use it and became amazed.

Thus, it had a bold thought of replicating it.

After reaching a certain level of attainment with the dao, he came to see the zither itself in Alchemy Kingdom and began learning the profundity of the “nine supremes”.

It then started its own sect and created the Nine Primeval Laws. 

The descendants of Divine Black didnt have a clue but Li Qiye figured it out right away.

Remember, he was the one who perfectly copied this annihilation.

Who else understood this move and its mysteries more than him

Even if the Black Tortoise was still around, its understanding of the nine supremes would still be inferior to Li Qiyes.

Thats why he could easily exert the move to its fullest potential without putting in any effort.

The disciples were speechless to see his nonchalant appearance, the same for the seniors.

The nine Primeval Laws was one of their top merit laws.

Not to mention actually being able to learn it, very few were qualified to have access to it.

Only the bodhi king could do so right now because it was just too profound.

Thus, Li Qiyes nonchalant attitude was infuriating.

People had the urge to beat him up but who would dare to do so now

“Boom!” Debris went flying as a figure leaped out from within.

“The demon king!” Many shouted.

He had returned to his original form, no longer a gigantic tiger.

“Hes fine!” Numerous demons cheered and had a smile on their face.

They had nothing against Li Qiye nor did they want to oppose him.

However, the death of the demon king would be a great blow to their race.

Divine Black was definitely a demon sect.

More than half of its members were demons.

As a peak lord and the clan master of the tiger clan, Iron Whip Demon King was definitely one of their leaders.

Thats why it was tough for them to accept his defeat and death.

Their race would weaken as a result and no longer be in charge.

Thats why some celebrated after seeing him alive.

Alas, the demon king looked quite tattered with wounds and blood from top to bottom.

The repeated smashes have done a number on him.

Everyone watched with bated breath, waiting for the end of this duel.

“Incredible, I see…” The demon king glared at Li Qiye.

He was still filled with anger but now, also completely convinced by Li Qiyes abilities: “Looks like I have underestimated you, such frightening abilities despite your cultivation.

Looks like my sons death was unavoidable.” 

“Now you know.” Li Qiye casually said.

“But my son cannot die in vain! I will avenge him no matter what!” The demon king shouted.

He knew that he had no chance of winning but still wanted to die trying.

The spectators exchanged glances.

Zhan Hu was truly lucky to have a father like this - the blessing of three lifetimes.

“Come.” Li Qiye said.

“Cauldron, come!” Runes appeared around the demon king as he shouted towards the direction of his clan.

“Boom!” A bright beam crossed through the sky from the west of Divine Black.

A massive power swept through and intimidated the crowd.


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