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“Rumble!” The catastrophic result of the explosions frightened the disciples.

“Look, somethings going up!” One of them shouted.

They saw the demon kings massive tail being lifted up, inch by inch.

The power below was pushing it up.

The tail had immense weight on top of wielding the demon kings power.

Nonetheless, it was still being lifted.

“What is it” Everyone became curious about the thing below.

“Break!” The demon king shouted and became resplendent.

A torrential power poured through his tail, allowing it to stop the power beneath.

This only lasted for a moment.

More detonations came and the lifting process resumed.

“Break!!!” The demon king didnt give up and poured all of his vitality and power into the tail, mercilessly pushing it into the crater.

His all-out effort was futile.

“Aaa!” His face turned red from channeling power all over.

Everyone knew that he was strong enough to change the terrains of an area.

How could it not be enough

“That thing is so powerful.” This became extremely obvious.

“Boom!” The tail was finally lifted up the ground and a monster came out of the crater.

It was an ant-like creature with two large teeth, looking like a pincer.

The teeth were gripping the demon kings tail and pushing it up.

Li Qiye was standing on top of this colossal creature.

“What is that thing!” Many became astounded since they have never seen it before.

Where did it come from

“Heaventooth!” The bodhi king couldnt believe it.

“Heaventooth” No one had a clue after hearing this.

“We have a monster like that beneath our sect” One disciple shuddered.

It was quite scary because this thing could have come out before and eaten people.

“Its not a monster.” The chief elder elaborated: “This is one of the nine Primeval Laws, Heaventooth.”

This reminder woke some of the disciples up.

They naturally knew about these nine laws - a very powerful technique in their sect.

They have heard of the name Heaventooth as well.

Li Qiye obtained this law when he first got here during an examination.

Previously, they thought that he wouldnt be able to train it due to his weak cultivation.

Thats why they started forgetting about this.

Now, he had proved all of them wrong.

“So it looks like this” A disciple found this unbelievable.

His peers felt the same way.

How could a merit law take the shape of a gigantic monster

“Borrowing the power of heaven and earth to control the sect.

The nine laws are all external entities.

This is another miracle.” The bodhi king uttered.

He was the only one in Divine Black currently training this technique.

Thus, he was the highest authority available.

“So this is not a monster, just an entity named Heaventooth created by the power of the sect.” A powerful disciple got it.

The disciples took a careful look and found that the creature wasnt made from flesh and blood, only by pure power.

Their sect naturally had a powerful foundation created by many generations of wise sages.

This accumulated power has turned into this creature.

The sheer amount made it look so real.

Thats why everyone thought that it was a monster at first.

“Go.” Li Qiye commanded.

Heaventooth immediately lifted the heavy tail, causing the demon king to fly upward.

“Stabilize!” The shocked king shouted.

Waves of light and visual phenomena appeared around him, resulting in a powerful suppression for the sake of stability.

Alas, his merit law wasnt enough and he was still lifted up high by Heaventooth.

“Rumble!” Heaventooth then slammed the demon king onto the ground without showing any mercy. 

The crowd didnt expect this at all.

The kings gigantic frame smashed repeatedly on the ground, creating huge cracks and dust.

He had a defensive merit law active but this seems ineffective.

He had wounds all over while vomiting blood.

The spectators could only watch with their mouth wide open, unable to calm down.

This scene was too much to take.

Their peak lord was being dominated right now.

Meanwhile, the demon king couldnt handle the humiliation and helplessness.

The wounds were one thing but the shame did the real damage.

Heaventooth eventually threw the bloodied king away.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” He flew through several peaks before slamming into a bigger one and stopping.

His blood stained the peak, truly a stirring sight to behold.

At this point, everyone became afraid of Li Qiye including the peak lords.

His peers were speechless, shellshocked.

Iron Whip Demon King didnt stand a chance at all.

The entity named Heaventooth was immensely mighty.

The bodhi king was the one who understood the power of the nine Primeval Laws the most.

This wasnt its limit.

Ping Suoweng, on the other hand, remained calm.

He had expected this domineering showing from Li Qiye.

“That, that thing is too strong.” One elder trembled; his palms drenched with cold sweat.

The demon king was among the top four experts of their sect.

How could he lose in this manner

A Bronze Tendon cultivator versus a myriad-form expert - the result was the latter being utterly oppressed.

Another miracle of the ages had occurred.


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