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The grave of weapons was located by the halfway point of the ancestral peak.

Well, given the actual height, it wasnt quite that close.

However, since the peak was covered in clouds and mist, no one knew how tall it actually was.

The grave was at the highest reachable location.

Any place higher had too much pressure.

The place was not actually a cemetery but rather, a large pit.

At the halfway point, more steps were available leading to the top.

Next to them was a large pit, also covered by fog with no bottom in sight.

It wasnt steep enough and looked like a walkable hillside.

The area beneath the pit became larger and larger as if it was its own separate domain, quite extraordinary.

Entering the pit didnt give a better perspective of its depth either.

This was the fifth trial of Divine Black known as the grave of weapons.

Some addressed it as the sword pit or the cave of myriad weapons.

“Grave of weapons” was the most common name.

The reason why it had this name was due to the artifacts and weapons being buried down there.

For many generations, the experts of the sect ranging from the elders to the sect masters would leave one weapon behind in this place before dying.

As for the ancestors at the ancestral level, their weapons were smart enough to fly all the way back here after their death away from home.

This didnt mean that they were abandoned with no chance to see the sun again.

These artifacts were waiting for those capable enough to take them out so that they could see the battlefields again.

Divine Black wasnt as strong as it used to be but during its golden age, it had plenty of experts at the sacred level and no lack of ancestors who were Heavenly Sovereigns.

After millions and millions of years, this grave had plenty of weapons ranging from the lowest to the highest level.

The examinees looked down below and saw barely visible weapons.

Some were half-buried in the mud; others floated in the air or hid behind the mist. 

The place exuded a mighty presence since it was an ultimate weapon treasury.

Others couldnt help but tremble after sensing the bloodthirst.

Many disciples didnt dare to come close to the edge of the pit.

“So this is the grave of weapons” A first-timer was impressed by this pit while keeping a distance.

In reality, they were already having a tough time standing up due to the pressure in this place.

Some didnt have enough points to join the fifth trial but were still strong enough to get here. 

“So many weapons, all black level and up too.” The first-timers eyes brightened at this sight.

“I must get an earth-level one.” One of them decided.

“Why are there so many Wont they break down eventually” Another became curious.

“I heard theres a great vein down there capable of nourishing them.” An older peer explained.

The existence of the treasury remained a mystery.

For what purpose did weapons come back here

According to the legend, a great vein with the essences of the world existed in this place.

This allowed the weapons to survive the generations.

“I heard even Patriarch Black Tortoise and South Conch Forefather left behind weapons here, more so the latter.” An old disciple excitedly said.

“A dao lord weapon” Numerous were stirred after hearing this.

Their forefather was immensely strong, capable of sweeping through the world.

He created plenty of weapons in his lifetime.

They varied in power but this didnt really matter.

Anything from a dao lord was definitely unstoppable, completely priceless. 

“If I can get one…” One guy started drooling.

“You cant control one even if you get it anyway.” His friend gave him the side-eye.

“Maybe not right now but later on, who knows Plus, I can trade it in.” The first guy immediately retorted.

This was indeed the case so the second guy had no response.

“Alright, this is the grave of weapons.” An elder began: “Anyone with fifty points can go down.

There are no rules here, only the will of the weapons.

If they accept you, they will be yours.”

“Can we get two or more” One disciple asked.

“Not to mention two, even two hundred are okay as long as they want to go with you.

Any amount is fine.” The elder stared at him and answered.

“As for the examination itself, the higher grade, the more points.” He added.

“Can we take them out with force” Another had an idea.

“Any method is fine as long as you can take them out.” The elder answered.

The lack of rules here excited the crowd.

“Here, fate matters a lot outside of cultivation.

If its meant to be, the weapon will follow you.” He continued.

“Yes, Ive heard of this before.” Someone who had joined the sect for a while quietly said: “In the last examination, a junior brother at the marquis realm actually got a heaven-level weapon.

Fate brought them together, or at least thats what people say.”

The excitement among the crowd intensified, especially those who were eligible to enter.

“So we can really get a heaven-level weapon” They became eager to try.

“Ill definitely get an earth one, at least.” The majority was very ambitious.

They tried so hard in the previous trials just to get to this one in order to obtain a good weapon.

“Brother Huang Ning, which one are you thinking about” Zhan Hu asked.

This wasnt Huang Nings first time here.

He had gotten some weapons previously.

“The forefathers sword, Lithe.” Huang Nings eyes flashed.

The older disciples knew about the dao lord weapons here.

Lithe was one of them.

“Its definitely possible.” Many commented.

Huang Ning was strong enough to control earth weapons now, even the highest-grade ones.

Plus, he had some earth weapons at this point.

Only the heaven weapons interested him, especially this sword.

“Very decisive.” Zhan Hu praised: “I dont dare to think about dao lord weapons.

Im more than satisfied if I can get the heavenly demon horn.”

“Thats a horn left behind by a demon king at the Heavenly Sovereign realm.

Its sound can deter demons and take away souls.” A disciple said.

Many stared at Zhan Hu.

This particular horn was very devilish and dangerous.

“Junior Brother Li, what are you aiming for” An older disciple asked Li Qiye.


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