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A little ugly…

The elders didnt know how to respond.

This peerless seal allowed one to control the divine sword without facing any restriction and encumbrance. 

So many seniors yearned for something like this.

Even their sect master has been wanting to control the divine sword.

Thus, this seal was a priceless treasure only obtainable through fortune.

Now, Li Qiye seemed hesitant in taking it in.

The elders didnt know whether to be jealous of him or otherwise.

“Clank.” After Li Qiye grabbed the seal, a sword flash rushed to the sky and split open the firmament and the myriad realms.

This flash could suppress the ages and all the gods and devils.

The myriad dao returned to the source - a testament to its invincibility.


It shocked everyone in Divine Black, from the ordinary disciples to Ping Suoweng himself.

Ping Suowengs eyes became resplendent because the divine sword in front of him was the source of this power.

It finally unleashed a slash upward to show its supremacy.

Suoweng staggered backward and took a deep breath.

“Who is it” He gazed over at the ancestral peak, realizing the reason for the harmonization.

He didnt expect that someone in this generation would be able to do it.

He focused his gaze and saw everything there.

“Its him…” He found the answer astounding.

“The sword has finally awakened after so many years, so hard to believe.” Thousand Hands Bodhi Kings dao was in full bloom.

His eyes focused on the ancestral peak and saw the event.

“Is this a blessing or a disaster Impossible to know.” He murmured after turning towards South Conch Peak.

“Impossible!” Iron Whip Demon King jumped out of his tiger-leather chair and gazed at South Conch in disbelief: “The sect master is able to control the sword now No, thats not it.”

He turned his attention towards the rampaging sword energy at the ancestral peak and gasped: “This makes no sense!”

“Where the hell did this monster come from A move from the old man” He eventually figured it out and put on a serious expression, falling into deep rumination.

“Another miracle from the brat, this is insane.” On Eight Zhang, Mountainbearer Kings expression changed.

He also started contemplating.

He thought very highly of Li Qiye all this time but for some reason, his heart became heavy.

“If its a disaster, theres no avoiding it anyway.

What will come shall come.” He eventually concluded.


Meanwhile, everyone below the steps stared at Li Qiye in awe.

The seal has fused with Li Qiye so he started shining.

There seemed to be thousands of divine swords flashing within him.

The strands pierced through his body, seemingly wanting to make it explode.

This heaven-suppressing power robbed the breath away from the disciples.

Some dropped to their knees.

This commotion alarmed everyone in Divine Black.

The experts here started staring at the scene and saw the radiant Li Qiye, becoming envious in the process.

“South Conch Sword Art.” A protector recognized the move and said: “He got it!”

“There is no justice in this world, he already got the Nine Primeval Laws after joining, now he got this sword art too What about us!” One jealous disciple blurted out.

This sword art was naturally created by the titular dao lord.

It was the strongest sword technique in Divine Black.

The only current user was their sect master.

Very few members were qualified to even take a look at the manual.

Now, Li Qiye has gotten it.

Zhan Hu and Huang Ning had amazing backgrounds and talents.

However, putting aside their abilities to learn it in the first place, they werent qualified to read the manual, let alone being able to train with it.

The elder role was the lowest starting point.

Normally, one needed to be a peak lord first.

Now, a third-generation disciple like Li Qiye had gotten it.

Zhan Hu and Huang Ning could only stare at Li Qiye, thinking that the whole thing didnt make sense.

Everyone here accepted how bizarre this was.

As Li Qiye slowly walked down the steps, eyes of various emotions were fixated on him.

“Fools, dont be so sure of yourself next time.” Li Qiye glanced at the vocal commentators earlier and shook his head.

These words slapped them on their face, especially the ones who laughed at him earlier.

They felt their face turning hot while they seethed with rage.

They saw the miracle earlier but still didnt appreciate the direct insult.

They glared at him with fury in their eyes but no one could say a thing since he had actually climbed up all three hundred steps. 

Li Qiye could say whatever he wanted now after accomplishing this feat.

“Youve lost.” Li Qiye glanced at Huang Ning for a brief moment and said.

Huang Ning was stuck in a terrible position.

He has always been proud and thought that he was the number two genius of Divine Black.

Today, he utterly lost to an Iron Skin disciple.

There was no chance of rising again, akin to being stomped down on the ground.

“Youve won, I have nothing to say.” Huang Ning scowled and took out his precious treasure then tossed it towards Li Qiye.

His heart was aching because the thing mattered too much to him.

The spectators knew just how valuable it was.

Moreover, it was extremely suitable for demons.

Obtaining it was the same as a tiger growing wings.

Alas, Li Qiye didnt bother to look at it and said: “Its cumbersome carrying this crap around, its yours.” He then casually tossed it to Lu Daowei.

“You!” This infuriated Huang Ning because of this extra humiliation.

“This is too much.” A good friend of his became outraged.

However, more stood there in a daze.

They could work for a lifetime and might not be able to get an item of this level.

Now, Li Qiye simply gave it away without a second thought.

Lu Daowei himself was frozen while holding the treasure.


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