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“141, 142…” A disciple had a hard time keeping up with Li Qiye.

This number made everyone shudder.

Some turned towards Qianyue.

She had a calm expression, unlike Huang Ning who was currently furious.

She didnt find this surprising in the slightest after being surpassed by Li Qiye.

“He got the best record.” Many became emotional after he got the number one spot for this trial.

“156, 157! 157!” The counter said the same thing twice out of shock.

“157, 158, 159, 160…” 

Li Qiye didnt stop at the 157th step at all as if this number was completely insignificant.

However, the crowd didnt feel the same.

The elders also treated it special because the highest historical record belonged to South Conch Dao Lord at 156 steps.

No one has been able to beat this number established by the dao lord during his youth.

He utilized his special gifts and eventually went on to accomplish many great things.

Now, his record has been broken by Li Qiye. 

“A new record.” The elder in charge murmured.

The upper echelon couldnt believe it.

It would make more sense if Li Qiye was talented and powerful.

For example, possessing an inborn true fate, inborn dao physique, inborn fate palace…

However, all three of his talents were at the mortal level.

Furthermore, he wasnt an expert that had cultivated for centuries to reach the yin yang or myriad-form realm.

There were plenty of Iron Skin cultivators like him in Divine Black.

Yet, someone like him managed to break the sects historical record. 

“This brat is impossible to explain.” The knowledgeable elder in charge felt helpless.

“Right, nothing is more bizarre than this.

He has been conquering all obstacles with such ease.” An old elder said.

They have been completely won over by him.

Common sense and reasons were of no use when it came to Li Qiye.

The strangest and most unbelievable thing seemed ordinary around Li Qiye.

“200, 201, 202…” The count still continued.

Those who were in a daze finally recovered only to be stunned again by this number.

No one had gone this far again.

“Hell have no problem reaching three hundred.” Zhang Yue sighed and said.

Qianyue has been watching closely.

In fact, she knew that he could reach the top without any difficulty once she saw him finish the first ninety-nine. 

If this trial had five hundred or even a thousand steps, it still wouldnt trouble him.

This was nothing more than a number.

Most made fun of him for his confident claim prior.

Now, they found that he was simply telling the truth.

“270, 271, 272…” As he drew closer to the top, the scene became as silent as can be.

The spectators watched with bated breath.

Even a drop of a needle could be heard right now.

Oh, also the counting voices.

Zhan Hu and Huang Nings expression couldnt be described with words, especially Huang Nings.

He already felt dejected when Li Qiye made it to one hundred.

But that was only one step more than his record.

It only made him regret doing the bet.

Now, 270 This far surpassed anyone in Divine Black, whether it be in the past, present, or the future.

This disparity changed his feelings completely.

The indignation and unwillingness-to-lose all disappeared.

He could become as strong as can be in the future with great achievements but surpassing Li Qiye in this trial would still be impossible.

He would always be below the guy.

His ninety-ninth step record paled in comparison versus Li Qiyes soon-to-be three-hundred step.

This was his first time experiencing this level of despair.

“300.” Sure enough, Li Qiye made it to the top of this trial among the clouds and mist, looking like an immortal.

“300!” People didnt know how to express their current feeling.

“He really did it.” Even the children from Liu Village didnt applaud.

Right now, being solemn and quiet were far more proper in order to show respect to this achievement.

“Oh, an extra reward” Li Qiye smiled.

“What is it!” The elder in charge shouted since Li Qiye was up high.

The ones below all stretched out their neck, wanting to see the scene above.

“Just a sword seal.” Li Qiye casually answered.

“The legend is true…” The elder in charge said.

“What legend” His peers immediately asked.

He took a deep breath and said with a serious expression: “In this tale, after South Conch Forefather became a dao lord, he climbed all the way up top again and left behind a sword seal.

Whoever can reach that place will earn it.

So it is true, its just that no one has been able to do it before, hence the skepticism.”

“So what does this seal do” One elder raised his eyebrow.

“Its that sword in our sect.” The elder in charge looked towards South Conch Peak.

“That one!” All the elders became startled.

“This seal can control the sword.” The elder in charge added.

The disciples nearby had no clue what they were talking about but Zhang Yue did.

He became startled as a result.

“This seal is a little ugly but I guess I can still take it.” Li Qiyes voice came from above.


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