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“Why are they still in there despite their weak cultivation” A few talented disciples began protesting, thinking that something was off.

They were pointing at the children from Liu who were average among the third generation.

They were only considered good seeds and still had a way to go before catching up to their seniors.

However, some of the latter have been eliminated after the first movement while the children were still inside.

“I think theres a problem.

Why are we out if that Li Qiye is still in” One of them said.

“Right, deception is afoot.

They have to be employing some schemes for this to work.” Another joined in.

The protector glared at them and said: “I see, got a lot of concerns here.

Go tell the patriarch then since he left the bells behind and personally compiled the musical movements.

Do you think youre stronger than the patriarch”

The unhappy crowd immediately shut their mouth.

Saying anything else could be construed as being disrespectful to the patriarch - a serious offense.

Plus, their patriarch was a divine beast with unreal power.

The emperors of that ancient era used to visit him to show their respect.

The second movement was no longer a scene of hell but rather the world of mortals.

Accomplishments and success, love and feuds along with freedom, beauties and gentlemen… They experienced the various peaks of life.

“Hahaha!” One disciple laughed from all the pleasures and got teleported outside.

Many were sent out at the start of the second movement.

The regular disciples who have joined the sect for a while couldnt withstand the temptation and became lost in the movement.

At the halfway point, the senior brothers and sisters started losing as well.

They sighed and lamented but it was too late.

Nonetheless, this was still far better than being sent out during the first movement.

The children from Liu also lost during the second half of this movement and were sent out.

Only one-third of the young generation of Divine Black still remained nearing the end of the second movement.

“Why!” A few disciples confident in their abilities couldnt accept this result.

Meanwhile, the Liu children were glad to see Li Qiye still inside.

“Young Master can definitely make it through all three.” They idolized him.

“Hmph, just a blind cat coming across a dead mouse.” One disciple coldly uttered: “Its because hes sitting near Senior Sister Qianyue.

Her chaos true energy is protecting him so hes unaffected.”

“Youre right, that makes sense.” The others found this to be the most logical explanation.

Thats the only way for that piece of trash to last so long.

“Hes just taking advantage of Senior Sister Qianyue.

Shameless scoundrel keeps on latching onto the senior sister.

Shes just too nice.

Any other Senior Sisters would have crushed him long ago.”  A demons eyes turned red from jealousy and spat on the ground.

“Hmph, theres a reason why Senior Sister Qianyue sticks around our Young Master instead of you all.

She clearly likes him.” A child from Liu immediately retorted.

They were still innocent and pure with blind confidence in Li Qiye.

They thought that the senior sister was lucky to be with their young master.

The demon turned red and didnt really have a response to the kids.

He eventually grumbled: “Just wait and see, the senior sister wont be able to protect him forever.

The bell will cause qi deviation and hell turn into an abomination.”

Many others shared the same sentiment as they watched Li Qiye and Qianyue being so close.

Jealousy burned their mind.

The second movement finally ended.

Not too many were left, just Li Qiye, Gong Qianyue, Zhan Hu, Huang Ning, and some older disciples near middle-age.

They have joined for the longest, only a little bit later than Liu Fuyou and Zhang Yue.

If they had joined a few years earlier, they would be addressing Fuyou as Senior Brother.

They were the pillars of Divine Black.

Some were the First Brother of their peak and began taking on important duties.

A few were serving as protectors as well.

Thus, Qianyues group of four was the youngest here.

The third movement began.

A majestic and awe-inspiring dao suppressed the disciples.

It felt as if an ancient emperor was here in person.

The seal outside the hall this time couldnt contain its power.

The ones outside felt the pressure and needed to back off.

“Boom!” The remaining disciples couldnt withstand it and finally yielded, resulting in them being teleporting out of the hall.

“So strong!” Those waiting outside gasped after sensing this aura.

The ones that were just sent out became sweaty from top to bottom.

“That Li guy is finished! Hell be reduced to blood without any protection.” A few disciples glared at Li Qiye.

In their opinion, once Gong Qianyue stopped being able to withstand this power, Li Qiye would lose his protection and die.

“Lucky bastard, he aint ** without Senior Sister Qianyues protection.” Her suitors spoke up again, fanning the fire.

“Just wait, it wont be long now.

He will either die or suffer qi deviation and turn into a mad man.

Someone like him cant resist the third movement.” An older senior brother expressed his jealousy.

Leaving the whole Qianyue thing aside, they didnt like that he could just sleep and get twenty points.

They were so much stronger than him but he ended with the better result No one could accept this.

The next development surprised many people.

Huang Ning was the first to come out before Zhan Hu not long after.

The two of them both got twenty points but this meant that Zhan Hus dao heart was superior.

“Youre better than me, Brother Zhan Hu.” Huang Ning reflected while staring at Qianyue.

“No, its because theres something else on your mind.” Zhan Hu shook his head and didnt become complacent.

In reality, the two of them were evenly-matched.

Alas, Huang Ning was infuriated with Li Qiye and this affected his dao heart.

At the end of the third movement, even the First Brother of South Conch was sent out.

The hall became empty with the exception of Qianyue and Li Qiye.

She sat there elegantly and fought against the pressure with plenty to spare.

On the other hand, Li Qiye was deep asleep with his head on her shoulder.

The elder in charge of this trial couldnt believe it.

He stared at Li Qiye and wondered if there was a problem with the musical movement.

However, this shouldnt be the case because all the other ones got eliminated just fine.

This perplexed the examiners.

Gong Qianyue was one thing but how could an Iron Skin like Li Qiye have such a firm dao heart

Was he born with a heart made out of stone

“Is, is this really happening” The spectators outside shared the same confusion.

“There has to be a mistake.” Another answered.


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