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The sleeping Li Qiye didnt seem to hear a single thing from the taunters.

Gong Qianyue also sat there with a cold expression, not minding the rest.

This made them quite awkward since she herself didnt seem to have a problem with it.

They were only embarrassing themselves by interfering.

Huang Ning eventually scowled and wanted to kill Li Qiye even more.

The others also sent unfriendly stares at him but none made a move in Qianyues presence.

“Rumble!” The sounds of battle raged below like the drums of war, enough to hurt the listeners ears.

Even the steps quaked a little bit.

Everyone became attracted by a particular fight between two groups.

Both sides had dozens of people but were still relatively weak, consisting of new recruits in Jade Bird.

The children from Liu Village were one group while the others were new recruits without any backing.

They joined together for the first trial.

The Liu children fought in an orderly manner with great teamwork and virtually zero chaos.

They were young yet had the experienced bearing of generals.

Having too many members might make it tough to arrange everything perfectly.

However, they managed to do so with no apparent openings.

This was thanks to the fact that they grew up together and were taught by Fuyou and Li Qiye.

The latter wanted to groom them into a powerful team of cultivators.

Normally, they werent that exceptional, only above average at best.

Now, fighting as a team allowed them to display their true qualities.

The elders and Zhang Yue nodded approvingly, impressed by the childrens teamwork.

Strictly speaking, the kids worked together better than any other group so far.

They realized that with stronger cultivation, this group might become the sects strongest team.

Some elders wanted to recruit all of the children into their peak.

Alas, they asked around and found out that Eight Zhang had taken the initiative. What a shame, they thought.

Zhang Yue thought the same thing.

If he had known that these children would be such amazing teammates with each other, he would have taken the initiative and make them stay in Jade Bird somehow.

Unfortunately, the mountain king was one step ahead of him.

“Rumble!” The children looked like a tortoise as their chaos true energies stacked on each other, forming a defensive shell. 

They let the enemies attack them however while inside.

The opponents were a stark contrast because they only teamed up for this trial.

There was no teamwork to speak of.

The only thing they had was the numbers advantage.

Seventy to eighty members attacked one after another with different weapons.

They smashed and pierced at the shells, mustering all of their strength and turning red in the process.

Alas, this defensive line couldnt be broken.

“This is still Tortoise Fist” The spectators couldnt believe it.

This was their first time witnessing the true power of this technique.

The elders and Zhang Yue shared the same astonishment.

They havent cultivated this technique before because, to be perfectly frank, they looked down on it as well.

They thought that there were too many merit laws available in the sect.

Just any random one was still better than Tortoise Fist.

However, the ones attacking have trained in the different merit laws.

A few even had access to the high-level ones.

This didnt matter at all right now.

The children hiding in the shell didnt need to expend a lot of energy to keep it up.

They couldnt believe it.

They have spurned this merit law only to be amazed at its effectiveness right now.

Keep in mind that when the children were alone, they wouldnt be as effective.

Numerous layers stacked together and amplified their power by more than ten times.

The dozens of attackers became tired after several waves of attack.

Their chaos true energy gradually depleted, the same with their morale.

As a result, their attacks became weaker and careless.

“Now!” The children from Liu suddenly shouted as their opponents were struggling for breath.

They punched at the same time.

Each fist left behind numerous after images and began stacking on top of each other.

This was similar to the creation of the defensive shell.

Once enough stacks and chaos true energy were formed, a tornado emerged.

“Boom!” The flurry of punches in this tornado form rushed forward.

The startled opponents either tried to block or ran away.

Alas, it was too late.

All of them were sent flying.

They fell on the ground and started seeing stars before losing consciousness.

The seniors on top couldnt believe it and got up on their feet.

That power just now far exceeded the children\'s current cultivation level.

This was far beyond the constraint of one realm so they easily defeated their opponents.

“Is this really Tortoise Fist” One elder murmured.

“Yes, theres no mistaking it.” The oldest and most experienced elder nodded with a serious expression.

“This power is far above a high-level yellow merit law.” Another elder found this inexplicable.

“So thats one way to use it, I was the blind one.” Zhang Yue admitted.

He vehemently opposed Li Qiye teaching the children this fist technique in the past, thinking that he was ruining their future.

However, these children managed to defeat so many enemies.

Maybe other merit laws wouldnt have as good as a result.

Meanwhile, the spectators became slack-jawed.

They made fun of Li Qiye and Tortoise Fist.

Now, this development had just slapped them on the face.

In fact, some of the defeated combatants have made fun of the Liu children as well.

They were utterly defeated now and became awfully embarrassed.

The merit laws they were so proud of didnt stand a chance against this fist technique. 


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