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Chapter 323: Jingwei’s Azure Sun

Something appeared to be moving inside Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan’s Life Wheel as everyone witnessed it turn into a boundless azure fog.

At this time, the initially majestic Life Wheel that towered like a mountain had turned into a small azure sun.

It had the sensation of being the most oppressive sun in this world as it spewed out an endless amount of azure energy!

After a loud chirp, an azure bird started to fly around it as if it was nibbling on the Life Wheel.

There was a sun in the sky along with the celestials, but all was shadowed under this supreme azure fog.

Inside Zu Huangwu’s Life Wheel was a giant mountain.

The moment the Life Wheel opened, it was as if a new world was established as an endless, blinding light illuminated the back of his neck.

At this time, his Life Wheel had turned into something mystical, and everyone could see the giant mountain inside.

The giant mountain was as black as iron with immense weight.

It was as if it was suppressing countless gods and devils inside the Life Wheel.

His Longevity Blood flowed around the mountain while his blood energy was stained with an indescribable evil presence.

In just a second, this sky-flooding blood energy turned heavy; it was capable of piercing the heavens and crushing the earth as each strand of blood became incomparably powerful.

An older cultivator from the Grand Middle Territory looked at the Longevity Treasure inside the Heavenly Prince’s Life Wheel and exclaimed in astonishment: “Jingwei’s Azure Sun!” 1

Meanwhile, the Lion’s Roar Royal Lord saw Zu Huangwu’s Life Wheel and murmured: “Could it be that this is the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom’s Evil Subduing Mountain that had always been passed down”

Jingwei’s Azure Sun and Evil Subduing Mountain — all who knew their identities were startled!

Although the role of Longevity Treasures was not as great as Life or True Weapons, they still had a power that could not be ignored.

Jingwei’s Azure Sun is a Longevity Treasure that was once used by the legendary Immortal Emperor Qing Xuan.

It was created from the life ring of a divine Jingwei, and it helped Immortal Emperor Qing Xuan sweep through the world during his youth.

Later on, after accomplishing his grand dao, Immortal Emperor Qing Xuan abandoned it.

The Evil Subduing Mountain also had a remarkable history.

Cultivators in this world knew that Longevity Treasures were usually refined from the life rings of the Life Wheel, but rumor has it that Immortal Emperor Fu Mo of the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom refined a mountain into a Life Wheel.

This treasure had always been inside the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom.

“This is the true power of Ancient Kingdoms!” An older cultivator couldn’t help but sigh with envy.

Immortal Emperor items were things that could only be obtained by a stroke of great fortune.

Even Heavenly Sovereigns and Heavenly Kings would have an arduous time in obtaining Immortal Emperor items.

These two, at such a young age, already had Immortal Emperor Longevity Treasures, so how could others not be jealous of them

“Ommmm–” With a buzzing sound, it was as if the Heaven’s Will was synchronized as the heaven and earth’s grand dao began to awaken; everyone felt the heavenly power.

At this very second, it was as if the heavenly grand dao was being channeled as an endless stream of power appeared inside a divine light that basked Zu Huangwu and the Heavenly Prince.

This divine light that surrounded the two appeared to be creating its own heaven and earth with circulating stars as many existences were being created.

The illusion of a whole new universe coming into being appeared inside the body of Zu Huangwu and the Heavenly Prince.

They took control of these worlds, and the heavens opened its path for them; the Heaven’s Will was within their grasps.

In this instance, their strength was a source of dread for others.

It was as if they were the new rulers and the judges of life and death, as if they were the ones with the Heaven’s Will.

At this time, to the right of Zu Huangwu was Immortal Emperor Fu Ma, and to the left of him was Immortal Emperor Yao Guang.

Fu Ma’s aura was as thick as iron while Yao Guang’s aura had an ephemeral softness.

One side was heavy while the other side was soft, but both left and right were harmonious without any conflict.

There was a giant dragon lying on top of Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan amidst the billowing azure fog.

It created a frightening saber light as if it was born just for the Heaven’s Will.

“One person with the arts of two emperors — truly incredible.” Even the most arrogant cultivators couldn’t help but lament after seeing the dual emperor arts from the Heavenly Prince and Zu Huangwu.

Many devilish geniuses from the Sacred Era Hall were present, and they were quite emotional after seeing the current state of these two.

Even the descendants from the Sleeping Dragon Cliff and Heaven Sweeping Mountain couldn’t hide their admiration.

One body, two emperor arts didn’t mean that one person was cultivating the Emperor Laws of two emperors, it meant that this person carried two different Heaven’s Will Secret Laws at the same time.

Heaven’s Wills varied depending on the era, so the Heaven’s Will dao of each Immortal Emperor was also distinct.

Therefore, two different Heaven’s Will Secret Laws should not harmonize inside one person.

However, since the immemorial ages, many heaven-defying geniuses were successful and cultivated two Heaven’s Will Secret Laws at the same time.

“One is using Qing Xuan to strengthen San Dao, one is Fu Ma and Yao Guang flying together… It is unclear which one is stronger.” A predecessor expert commented after looking at the Heavenly Prince and Zu Huangwu.

The Heavenly Prince used Immortal Emperor Qing Xuan’s Heaven’s Will Secret Law to grow Immortal Emperor San Dao’s saber.

Zu Huangwu, on the other hand, was using the laws of both Immortal Emperor Fu Ma and Immortal Emperor Yao Guang together evenly.

It was hard to tell which one was stronger.

“It is time to end this!” Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan drily said.

At this moment, a divine saber appeared above his Fate Palace; this saber integrated the azure essence into the saber’s light while exuding a chilling glow.

Zu Huangwu wielded two divine rods, one as heavy as iron while the other as soft as a whip.

The two rods came together like the combination of Yin and Yang.

Both of them directly used their True Treasures; one had a saber while the other had dual rods.

In order to unleash their strongest power, they must use their own True Treasures.

The only exception would be if they had Emperor weapons!

For any cultivator, to inherit a True Treasure from people who tread the dao before you would indeed give them a great power, especially low ranked cultivators who inherited Heavenly Sovereign, Heavenly King, or even Virtuous Paragon weapons.

However, what belonged to another will never be one’s own.

Inherited True Treasures could only exert twenty to thirty percent of their true power.

For someone like Zu Huangwu and the Heavenly Prince, they could attack Ancient Saints without borrowing anyone’s True Treasure.

However, only with their own True Treasures would they be able to unleash the strongest attack from their dual emperor arts, or these emperor weapons themselves.

“Kill!” Zu Huangwu roared like a qilin coming into being — tyrannical and ferocious, like a hungry tiger leaving the mountain.

Everyone’s hearts started to beat faster while their legs quivered; the attack of the dual rods collapsed both Yin and Yang.

The Heavenly Prince did not say a thing and directly slashed his saber.

An emotionless sharpness that was capable of cutting everything in this world, including the heads of gods.

If Zu Huangwu’s style was full of ferocity, then Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan’s was a severe and heartless style of killing.

The saber glint suddenly flashed, rendering all horrified as if this blade was aimed at them.

“Kill!” Li Qiye also cried a battle roar as his Inner Physique moved.

At this time, the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique in the sky was capable of crushing all things; all laws were suppressed beneath his feet.

His Thousand Hands raised up three thousand small worlds that were surrounding and protecting the Nine Worlds.

The boundless energies from all existences poured into Li Qiye’s body.

“Bang– bang– bang!” The three of them collided recklessly in just a split moment.

All spectators lost their minds; this was finally a battle between geniuses.

All other geniuses started to breathe faster; they thought that if it was them in this battle, they wouldn’t be able to handle any of the three.

“Poof!” This terrifying battle consisted of domineering rods and an emotionless saber while Li Qiye used his body to block them, so he was at a great disadvantage.

No matter how tough his godly physique was, the divine saber still managed to slash a wound that was deep to the bone.

Although Zu Huangwu’s dual rods were not as sharp as the divine blades, they still managed to stop the Thousand Hands in the most tyrannical manner.

“Bang!” Li Qiye was knocked flying away after using his body as a shield against two divine weapons.

The Heavenly Prince and Zu Huangwu did not let Li Qiye go and immediately soared after him, using an invincible momentum to strike him once more.

“Boom!” Li Qiye was struck again, and he slammed straight into the ground.

The earth cracked and was stained with blood.

“Not good!” Seeing this scene, the group of Chi Xiaodie became horrified and screamed.

“Just a trivial matter, don’t worry.” Little Autumn shook his head and said: “Young Noble has not yet used his killing moves.”

The Grand Era students also turned pale and shouted after seeing Li Qiye fall.

Meanwhile, the disciples of the great powers happily applauded: “Haha, he alone dared to challenge two heavenly princes Foolish thing, this is his fate!”

“Rumble!” With debris and sand scattered away, Li Qiye soared up high before he landed on the ground.

His blood-stained body consisted of some bone-deep wounds, but he was still full of vitality and had spirited eyes.

“It is indeed an Immortal Physique.

He’s actually capable of sustaining such blows.

Even though the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique is not as impervious as the Indestructible Diamond Physique, it is still very tough.” Someone exclaimed after seeing how Li Qiye didn’t suffer any grave injury after such a beating.

Zu Huangwu and the Heavenly Prince looked at Li Qiye in shock.

Even their Heaven’s Will Secret Laws couldn’t kill Li Qiye — his physique was too terrifying.

Immortal Physiques were indeed physiques coveted by even Immortal Emperors.

Legend has it that a Virtuous Paragon with a grand completion Immortal Physique could challenge Immortal Emperors.

Today, it seemed that this was not a completely baseless rumor; it could very well be the truth.

Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many people wanting to cultivate it since the start of time.

“It is a shame that my cultivation is still so shallow.

This body cannot completely stop Heaven’s Will Secret Laws.” Li Qiye smiled and slowly said: “Who will let me borrow a sword and a saber”

“Senior Li, take them!” One Grand Era disciple immediately threw a sword and saber at Li Qiye; both of them were quite exceptional weapons.

Li Qiye accepted the weapons.

His right hand wielded the saber while his left held the sword.

Then, Li Qiye mobilized his Thousand hands as well.

“I also have a Heaven’s Will Secret Law.” He grinned and said.


A divine light descended down from the heavens, and this blinding radiance landed on Li Qiye’s body as it exuded an endless amount of flames.

At this time, the stars became circles of light that surrounded Li Qiye as the boundless, torrential power of the heaven and earth crazily entered his body.


Jingwei is a bird in Chinese mythology.

The more accurate translation would be Jingwei holding the Azure Sun in its mouth.

I couldn’t find one term that would be “hold in mouth” without having the meaning of eating or chewing, so I just left that one word out. 


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