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The fish that managed to escape the net slammed on the ground.

The aura oozing from it made the trees nearby grow at an insane rate.

The rocks started glowing as well.

Evil trees and fiendish rocks howled and took over.

The area became a gathering of hellish creatures.

“The calamity is here.” This became the consensus of the frightened inhabitants.

“Go!” Many emperors and top masters in the nine worlds and thirteen continents appeared.

They worked together to take away the regular people, saving them from being devoured by the calamity.

“Boom!” All three thousand worlds shook from the destructive impact.

This was only the beginning.

Another hole broke again above and another massive figure dropped down.

“Rumble!” The second creature aimed for the nine worlds but the heavenly tribulations above immediately sent bolts against it.

However, the bolts have been expended to deal with the first one.

The second barrage was far from being as strong.

They pierced through this monster but couldnt make it explode entirely.

The creature finally slammed into the nine worlds, breaking that section of the world barrier.

The lands started pressing against each other; the oceans churned with tsunami.

The apocalypse was coming.

“Buzz…” The dao runes existing in the nine worlds became resplendent.

Numerous figures appeared and began protecting their assigned sections.

“Move it!” They began transporting regular people into a safe haven as well.

The breaking of the nine worlds wasnt actually that bad.

It just meant a free drift of the continents.

However, the problem was the second monster that had landed.

“Boom!” In reality, this creature was already dead.

However, a murky aura oozed out of it and devoured everything nearby - all the affinities.

The nine worlds would be consumed by this murky miasma at this rate.

“Activate!” One majestic figure had an impressive aura of an Immortal Emperor.

He also had a dao fruit with the ability to teleport everything away.

Its target was the devouring miasma, sending it to the sky once more.

“Immortal Emperor Zhan!” The experts in the know shouted his title - the newest emperor brilliant enough to compare to any of his seniors.

“Whats going on above the firmaments” The masters started wondering.

“Boom!” Their thoughts were interrupted by another explosion.

A third creature fell down from above.

“Fuck! Our worlds are finished if this goes on!” One spectator shouted in horror.

The first two monsters have crushed the nine worlds.

If more gigantic creatures fell down, not a living being would be able to survive.

“Rumble!” The stars around the falling trajectory of the creature exploded.

No one would be able to stop it; they could only watch the destruction of their worlds.

“Its over.” Despair came next.

“Boom!” Suddenly, a hand reached out of a bottomless abyss in the nine worlds, moving straight for the falling creature.

This was one of the burial grounds - Heavenfall.

“Boom!” The impact should have been too much for anyone to handle yet the hand was able to shoulder this creature.

Dark miasma oozed out of the creature but the abyss retaliated with a divine beam.

“Break!” An ancient voice from the abyss bellowed.

More beams shot out to stop the corrosive darkness.

“Boom!” The spectators watched in awe before this ultimate contest.

A third party suddenly joined in - the heavenly tribulations from the ocean went down with full force.

The lightning bolts target was actually Heavenfall Abyss, completely engulfing the place.

“Ahhh!” The overlord of this burial ground was annihilated by the lightning tribulations.

“Curse you! Villainous heaven!” A miserable cry echoed for the world to hear.

Finally, the abyss exploded from this incredible force.

The walls collapsed and nothing was left beneath.

A burial ground was destroyed just like that.

“That wretch!” The other overlords gazed at the tribulations, realizing that the villainous heaven wanted to destroy these monstrous abominations along with them.

They became more cautious as a result.

This was the case in the thirteen continents as well.

The tribulations instilled dread into everyone, especially those hiding in deep dimensions.

“Those corpses are peerless, just one is enough to change the situation.” An overlord in a burial ground murmured.

These monstrous abominations were destructive to the land but for those strong enough to refine them The result would be incredible.

“Boom!” One more monster fell down from above, the fourth one.

“Rumble!” The broken nine worlds couldnt withstand another impact.

No overlords tried to stop it from hitting the ground this time.

They coveted the corpse but the tribulations were still waiting up there.

Heavenfall Abyss was the perfect example; the place stood no chance.

“Buzz.” After a bright flash, a mighty tree stopped the corpse with its branches.

“The primordial tree!” Someone shouted.

“Rumble!” The tribulations erupted again and sent down terrifying lightning bolts.

“Its coming down again!” No one dared to think about grabbing that corpse from the tree.

However, the tree exuded its primordial light and shouldered the myriad worlds.

Loud detonations ensued as it withstood the lightning barrage.

“So powerful.” The overlords became startled.

“Boom!” While the tribulations were attacking the tree, another shadow emerged above the sky - one more monster was falling down.

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