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“Boom!” Karma and the samsara were reduced to ashes.

However, the punch was stopped by an incredible shield appearing in front of Li Qiye.

Not even an immortal could break through.

“Eternal Bulwark! Hes the deserter back then! Kill him!” The existence coldly uttered.


“Boom!” He punched again after speaking.

This bulwark wasnt created by Li Qiye.

A supreme overlord from one of the six redemption grounds gave it to him.

“Youre the one whos going down!” Li Qiye laughed and activated his World Seal.

A second Li Qiye came out, exactly identical to the first.

This Li Qiye stepped out and looked unbeatable as well.

He held the Death Coffin and activated the grand dao, smashing it on the existences massive palm.

The explosions forced the huge being to stagger backward!

“Perish!” The three-eyed abomination came again along with one struck by the saber earlier.

“Rumble!” The colossal world started cracking by the destructive shockwaves emanating from this fight.

Meanwhile, many pairs of eyes were watching with greed.

The outcome didnt matter too much to them; they would feast on the losers all the same.

The impacts were strong enough that the other worlds felt it as well, from the nine worlds to the thirteen continents…

“Rumble!” Inside the nine worlds, people couldnt help but look up because it sounded like the sky was being torn apart.

However, there was no visible damage.

The fear resembled that of a child sleeping at night during a thunderstorm while two giants were fighting outside the window.

“A natural disaster” The inhabitants of the three thousand worlds were lost, suppressed by an unknown force.

They didnt have the courage to look up in the sky.

“Everythings changing, we need to run now!” On the other hand, the top masters have predicted this and entered a cautious state.

In the nine worlds, dao runes wove all around the land in a complex manner.

These were the momentums and auras created by the wise sages across the generations.

“The sky is breaking.” A person in a burial ground was capable of seeing deep into the azure: “Begin, this is the first development, it might be an opportunity.”

“It might be our era…” Back in the thirteen continent, eyes hiding in the darkness gazed upward and murmured.

“That person hasnt shown up but the old man is there…” In Three Immortals, an observer could see the actual fight and quietly said.

The sky in the various worlds could be pierced at any moment by a power beyond anyones imagination.

Emperors and progenitors were nothing in comparison, fearing for their own lives.

The inhabitants had no choice but to start praying for a savior or whichever gods and deities they believed in.

“Boom!” A loud blast resulted in cracking noises.

The landmasses of the nine worlds started shifting and everyone could sense this terrifying movement.

“Whats going on!” They naturally bellowed in fear.

“The world barrier is broken so the nine worlds are moving!” A top master turned pale from this realization.

“This is the end” The displacement of the nine worlds and the broken barrier terrified everyone.

“Its a good thing that this fight isnt happening here.” A supreme overlord shuddered.

The nine worlds would have been destroyed after several moves in that case.

People looked up and saw a terrible tribulation ocean gathering above.

Lightning bolts danced around like true dragons.

Each bolt could pierce through the earth.

“Damn it all, even the villainous heaven wants to join in” Those in the burial grounds or in the hidden dimensions became startled.

No one knew what the heaven wanted to do with these tribulations.

The ones in hiding were the most terrified.

The result of this tribulation descending would be unthinkable.

Some had no clue what was going on up above.

However, the ocean consisted of thousands of tribulations by this point - more than enough to end their world.

The overlords watched with a solemn expression.

The tribulations were the same as an executioners sword looming above their head.

The strongest overlords didnt dare to make a rash move right now.

They had no idea what the villainous heaven was intending to do.

They have been hiding for so long now; just one wrong move and all of the time would be wasted.

“Boom!” Another loud blast came from above the firmament.

Everyone felt as if the sky had been penetrated.

“Rumble!” Night descended on the nine worlds.

“What is that!” People saw a massive thing falling down from the nine firmaments - something resembling a massive creature.

Darkness also poured down like a flood around it.

It could be the creatures blood.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Lightning bolts from the tribulations immediately headed for the creature, resulting in a relentless onslaught.

Explosions detonated and pieces of flesh fell off.

All these tiny pieces were reduced to dust by the numerous bolts.

However, the creature was just too large.

Some pieces still escaped the net and slammed into the ground.

“Boom!” An entire plain got hit by one and became nothingness.

Forests and mountain ranges disappeared in a split second.

Worst of all, dark lava started melting the ground, turning the area into nothing but death.


to defect; to desert; to betray and flee.

The word has several meanings so its hard to know which to pick

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