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The primordial will draped down to protect Li Qiye.

He became an indelible mark in history - the embodiment of the beginning.

“We once had the primordial will as well… what a shame…” The faint voice said from somewhere in this world.

The three terrifying existences looked fixedly at Li Qiye and the primordial will.

They couldnt help licking their lips.

This will might be more tempting than his flesh.

“The primordial will shall return today.” The gigantic palm said before audibly salivating.

“The three of you cant do it.” Li Qiye slowly unsheathed his weapon - an ash-colored long saber.

It seemed to be made from the toughest material in history.

Its appearance wasnt quite impressive but the three existences eyes narrowed as they became serious.

“Such a familiar aura.” The three-eyed abomination sniffed.

“Of course, Im sure you cant forget the aura of the villainous heaven.” Li Qiye looked capable of killing immortals with the saber in his hand.

He spent unspeakable efforts in order to create this weapon.

The main material was the meteor taken from the Jilin Clan, forged with all types of flames and the power of the heavenly tribulations.

“No wonder why its so familiar.” The gigantic palm stared at the saber and said.

The thing they feared most in this world - the villainous heaven! This saber had a similar aura, no wonder why they found it so familiar.

“Its name is” The sickler wielder asked.


I was going to name it Doghead Blade because Ill be decapitating you all with it, but itll be too much of a waste.

After all, the saber wasnt solely created to deal with your bunch.” Li Qiye said.

“Heavenseize.” The trio repeated, not caring about the taunt after.

Li Qiye picked this name because as long as the high heaven was around, he would rob the power of its tribulations.

“Its been a long time since Ive tasted flesh.” The trio stopped worrying about the blade and became impatient.

In their eyes, he was already a meal waiting to be consumed.

They just needed to kill him first.

“His blood and flesh are ours.” The sickle wielder asserted, leaving no room for negotiation.

He wasnt talking to Li Qiye but to another of his peers far away.

His eyes stared towards a particular direction, waiting for a deal.

“If you three can kill him, Im sure no one else will try to compete for his flesh and blood.” The faint voice answered again.

The three became excited after hearing the guarantee.

They turned their sight towards Li Qiye again.

This meant that no one else would try to compete against them for his body - exactly what they wanted.

“Were feasting today, I cant believe how long it\'s been.

Our stomach will be filled today.” The gigantic palm gulped greedily.

“Right.” Gleams appeared in the other twos eyes, looking like two hungry wolves.

“Come, Ill kill you three first then the rest.” Li Qiye laughed.

“Boom!” An immortal light oozed out of his body and formed a golden frame.

He looked like a golden immortal in the mortal myths with an invincible aura.

The existences here furrowed their brows at this sight.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The three summoned their weapon.

The sickle wielders weapon was obvious - a sickle.

It had a white glow capable of cutting through time and the head of its enemies.

A strange weapon appeared next to the three-eyed abomination.

It resembled a boomerang circling around him, made from numerous flashing fragments assembled together.

Upon closer inspection, these fragments turned out to be stars.

This weapon was refined from numerous worlds and their stars but most importantly, all the living beings as well.

The creature with the gigantic palms weapon of choice was unsurprisingly a gauntlet made from unknown metals.

It could withstand the strongest force in the world.

There were five precious gems engraved on it; each contained a different power - yin yang, time, space… Just one gem alone contained enough power to kill billions in the blink of an eye.

“Die!” Li Qiye was the first to attack as his primordial will exuded a radiance that fuses with his own.

A horizontal slash aimed straight for the sickle wielder - a move as simple as can be.

However, it contained the most profound variations and saber dao in existence.

Even a saber god wouldnt be able to understand it after trying for a lifetime.

It could easily split open three thousand worlds in the blink of an eye.

The sickle wielder retaliated with a vertical swing.

It wasnt aiming at Li Qiye but rather everything in front of him.

Just one flash coming off the blade could kill a progenitor.

This cut separated Li Qiye from their dimension.

Though they seemed to be inches apart, they were actually in two different worlds.

The cut successfully separated all karmic ties connecting them, resulting in an unsurpassable gap.

Not to mention an ordinary expert, progenitors and True Emperors wouldnt be able to traverse this newly-created zone.

However, Li Qiyes saber didnt give a damn.

One could be born thirty million years in the past or thirty million years in the future, this slash would still decapitate them and heads will start rolling on the ground.

The zone was instantly destroyed.

Speed and distance werent limitations for his Heavenseize as it cut the sickle wielder, causing him to bellow in pain.

At the same moment, the three-eyed abominations boomerang struck Li Qiye.

Dodging or using defensive techniques were meaningless before this blow.

“Boom!” This force could destroy all of Three Immortals but was stopped by the primordial will.

His golden body caved in but wasnt penetrated.

The gigantic palm also made a move.

The five gems became resplendent, unleashing the power of five different affinities.

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