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Chapter 322: Sweeping Through

“Even if the academy wants to protect you, all the sects in the Eastern Hundred Cities will not allow for a villain like you to rampage unchecked! Today, I will eradicate the evil that is you in the academy’s stead!” The divine brilliance around Zu Huangwu intensified around his head; he seemed to be a child of the heaven, creating a suppressive sacred aura.

Meanwhile, the great battle ended and Little Autumn, along with Sikong Toutian, had killed the majority of the army despite the cries of anguish.

Not many Royal Nobles and Ancient Saints were able to escape.

“Bah, who do you think you are I will take care of you!” Little Autumn came back to help Li Qiye and angrily said.

“Let me.” Li Qiye slightly shook his head, then he looked at Zu Huangwu and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan before calmly saying: “Since you all want to take action under the guise of justice, then I want to see your great powers’ so-called justice.

Today, I will personally erase this sense of justice.

Both of you can come together, I shall tear you apart.

Ancient Kingdom One sect, two emperors They are nothing in my eyes!”

“Such a big tone!” Zu Huangwu’s expression changed from being angered by Li Qiye.

In the Eastern Hundred Cities, outside of Mei Suyao, who could oppose him!

“Brother Huangwu, if he wants to die a naive death, then we’ll lend him a hand.” Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan took a step forward and slowly said.

The Heavenly Prince had seen Li Qiye’s fiend-like actions before, so when Li Qiye wanted to take both of them on alone, he was happy to satisfy him.

“Come together, I will quickly take care of you.

Then, I can take care of bigger matters.” Li Qiye freely smiled and said.

“Truly insane.” Many people shook their heads after hearing Li Qiye’s declaration.

Amongst the older cultivators, including the neutral ones, they all gently shook their heads and said: “This is underestimating the enemy too much.

The youths these days are too hotheaded, Zu Huangwu isn’t someone that Ba Xia and Hu Yue could compare to!”

Even the Grand Era students who supported Li Qiye became alarmed.

They also felt that he was too confident by taking on the two by himself alone.

These were princes of Ancient Kingdoms, and both of them had the supreme arts of two emperors.

If it was one on one, then the students had faith in him, but one versus two made them very worried.

“Senior Li can definitely do it!” Some of them cheered for Li Qiye, but it was also to motivate themselves since their hearts were not assured.

“Hah, does he really think that he is unbeatable amongst the younger generation just by defeating Hu Yue and Ba Xia He actually dares to fight two Heavenly Princes by himself, I’m afraid he will not know how he is about to die!” The disciples of the great powers in the same camp as Zu Huangwu coldly sneered.

In their eyes, Li Qiye was suicidal for wanting to fight one versus two!

In a brief moment, the atmosphere was strained to the extreme.

A knowledge Ancient Saint softly sighed and lamented: “Being overly rigid is easy to break.

Li Qiye is definitely extraordinary, but he picked the wrong opponent.

Zu Huangwu brought along an Immortal Emperor’s Life Treasure!”

“Immortal Emperor’s Life Treasure!” Upon hearing this, those next to this Ancient Saint couldn’t help but become startled.

An Immortal Emperor’s Life Treasure was absolutely an item that could render others breathless.

“Suppress!” At this very second, Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan and Zu Huangwu both opened their Fate Palaces and revealed their True Fates.

Their dao foundations exuded frightening emperor’s powers as if an Immortal Emperor was about to appear from within.

After feeling their dao foundations, everyone became aghast: “An Immortal Emperor’s Fate Law!”

Using an Immortal Emperor’s Fate Law to create a dao foundation was a privilege reserved to Immortal Emperor lineages.

At this point, the Heavenly Prince and Zu Huangwu were completely different.

Although they both used an emperor law, their styles were very distinct.

Zu Huangwu’s body was covered in a blinding divine light.

It was as if he was the light itself; with his extreme speed, it was as if even time would decay in his palm.

On the other hand, Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan was wrapped in an azure radiance.

When he took action, an azure fog enveloped the world.

Inside this azure fog, a scene of a true dragon being born appeared.

It ferociously roared and shattered the heaven and earth.

A surging emperor’s breath appeared as if an Immortal Emperor was arriving while riding the beast, trampling on all things and forcing even the gods to submit in prostration.

The two exuded the style of young Immortal Emperors with their far-reaching auras, instilling fear and deference to all spectators.

Even Li Qiye’s supporters lost their colors.

An emperor’s power was something that could not be resisted because everyone in the world knew that Immortal Emperors were invincible throughout the ages!

“Only these two trivial Emperor Laws are insufficient!” Facing the pressure from two emperor laws, Li Qiye boldly laughed and said.

At this time, he unleashed his Thousand Hands as three thousand small worlds were created in each of his palms.

At this time, the Nine Worlds rose right behind Li Qiye.

Gathering the protection of all the living creatures in the Nine Worlds, it was as if the essence of the Nine Worlds’ heaven and earth was channelled into Li Qiye’s body, and he could use their power as he pleased.

“Boom!” After a deafening explosion, the sky shattered.

Li Qiye alone blocked the attack from Zu Huangwu and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan.

The remnant emperor’s power swept through and destroyed the surrounding area.

“Scram!” Li Qiye laughed and exclaimed.

He swatted down his Thousand Hands.

In just the blink of an eye, if was as if all three thousand small worlds were instantly annihilated, and then came the suppressive force of the Nine Worlds — majestic and boundless.

Zu Huangwu and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan both became startled.

In a flash, they both put on immortal armor and protected their bodies with many different laws in order to repel Li Qiye’s offense.

At this second, they looked like True Gods that were capable of stopping the sky.

“Bang!” After another loud explosion, a myriad of worlds was destroyed and the sky shattered.

In just a second, thousands of miles of the sky was broken into pieces like shattered glass, resulting in an extremely spectacular scene.

The prince and Zu Huangwu were struck by the annihilating strike from the three thousand small worlds, so they were shot flying away as they uncontrollably spun in the air.

However, it had to be said that they were quite powerful for they were able to withstand this attack.

“Impossible!” This occurrence shocked everyone, especially the disciples from the great powers.

They felt as if their chests were just ruthlessly smashed by a hammer.

Many Enlightened Beings and Ancient Saints from the last generation of the great powers couldn’t believe their eyes: “How could this be Li Qiye is clearly only a Royal Noble!”

A very old Demon Monarch gently sighed and said: “This is the monstrous characteristic of an Immortal Physique.

Once one reaches minor completion, a wave of one’s hand would have a divine power capable of destroying and heaven and earth.

Even though they could not activate the Inner Physique, the body itself would have been successfully tempered with a frightening divine trait.

If a Saint Physique was one hundred times, or one thousand times stronger than a common physique, then one could say that an Immortal Physique was one hundred times stronger than a Saint Physique, or maybe even more…”

“… He cultivates the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique — this is the heaviest one amongst the twelve.

His physique had been recast, and even without using its Inner Physique, one strike with pure strength alone has the power of ten million pounds.”

“Reaching minor completion at such a young age… This is still rare throughout history.

Even if he is only a Royal Noble, he could still easily shake Ancient Saints.”

The Demon Monarch lamented and was very envious of Li Qiye.

And not only him, many others were envious of Li Qiye as well.

Who on this earth didn’t want to cultivate an Immortal Physique Law Who didn’t want to have one However, they were rarer than Emperor Laws and even more difficult to cultivate!

Zu Huangwu and the Heavenly Prince couldn’t cultivate an Immortal Physique even though they came from Ancient Kingdoms.

Although there were rumors that these Ancient Kingdoms also had Immortal Physique Laws, there was no news of someone successfully cultivating them.

This meant that even though the Ancient Kingdom possessed these laws, they were incomplete.

After seeing Li Qiye obtaining the upper hand with his Thousand Hands, someone was curious and asked: “I know about the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique, but what is Li Qiye’s technique”

Such a technique was no weaker than Emperor Laws.

In fact, the Thousand Hands Against The Nine Worlds was not only on par with Emperor Laws, it was the defining technique of the Myriad Images True God.

Only Heaven’s Will Secret Laws could compare to it, and ordinary Emperor Laws simply could not be a match.

“Ordinary Emperor Laws won’t do.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head, then he leisurely said: “Let me see your Heaven’s Will Secret Laws.”

Zu Huangwu and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan looked at each other, then they finally released their Life Wheels.

“Boom!” After a thunderous explosion, waves of blood filled the sky as blood energies rained down.

At this moment, the two of them were awakened dragons.

Their blood energies were strong and domineering, majestically increasing to an infinite volume like waves striking the shore, alerting the stars in the sky.

Amongst the raging, bloody storm, even the stars started to fall down.

“It is nice to be young.” An old undying hiding in the darkness couldn’t help but exclaim with admiration.

It could be said that their blood energies were far from being as strong as a Heavenly Sovereign or a Heavenly King, but they were like the still-rising sun while already being comparable to the sun at the high noon.

One could only imagine how powerful their blood energies would be once they reached their middle-ages.

At this time, their Life Wheels appeared right behind their heads as if they were carrying two worlds.

Like an ocean, their blood energies raised their Life Wheels.

The inside contained Longevity Blood that was tempered by an immeasurable amount of energy that flowed like a river.

One drop Longevity Blood gave ten thousand years of life; this single drop of Longevity Blood seemed to be tempered by ten thousand drops of blood energy.

Other people saw an illusion of there were coiling dragons resting inside their Life Wheels.


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