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A boundless void lay ahead.

Nothing else existed as far as the eye can see.

It felt as if everything had been sucked out of this place, even space itself.

In front of the void was a beautiful and magnificent radiance.

No one would be able to avert their gaze from this greatest work of art.

It looked like a gathering of the galaxies.

All the stars from three thousand worlds were here and slowly floated in a profound yet mysterious order.

It seemed as if it contained everything possible, even the most basic requirements for creation.

It gestated the sources of all along with a power beyond imagination.

Each starry ray possessed the power of all-things, the dao, and the spirit and heart…

One could see everything in the three thousand worlds while standing before this celestial accumulation.

They could then act as the rulers of this domain.

However, Li Qiye didnt care about this profound entity.

His focus was set on the void ahead.

There was nothing there - no time and space; no grand dao and mysteries.

It simply had nothing that made up reality.

“An impregnable wall.” Li Qiye commented.

“Its a sight to behold.

Weve seen it once during the very edge of that event, this is the second time.

Its really impossible to cross, weve tried it.” Emperor Nong who stood next to him nodded in agreement.

From one perspective, people would mistake it for being easy to cross.

There were no affinities holding them back.

However, this wasnt the case.

The absence of affinities rendered all movements impossible.

Techniques and dao were useless.

One would just be stuck there.

There were no rules of distance and time, only eternal stagnation.

This void was a dimensional bulwark.

In other words, this was it - the end.

No one would be able to move forward.

Therefore, calling it the end point of the expanse wasnt unreasonable.

Even the three immortals had no means to travel through it.

“Yes, there was one like this.” Li Qiye became slightly emotional.

He eventually shifted his gaze towards the stars instead.

Earlier, there was an old man meditating there.

Now, he had gotten up and walked over to the duo.

He wore a coat made of straws and was engulfed in flames.

These flames were refreshing and pleasant instead of being overbearingly hot.

They felt like the springwater amidst a hot summer day, enough to quench any thirst.

Nonetheless, they still had plenty of destructive potentials.

Just one spark could reduce a system to ashes or kill a powerful progenitor.

The old man bowed deeply at Li Qiye and said: “Brother Li, youre a sight for sore eyes.

We have been waiting.”

“He is Brother Sui.” Emperor Nong introduced with a smile.

The introduction was unnecessary since Li Qiye had seen the three immortals dao images after arriving in this world.

That was so long ago.

Now, they have finally met in person.

Either way, it didnt really matter to Li Qiye.

“A peerless fire dao, definitely deserving the immortal classification.

Simply incredible.” Li Qiye praised.

This wasnt conversational pleasantry.

The emperors fire dao was definitely the best in Three Immortals.

“I dont deserve your praise for my legacy has been tainted by a child with a weak dao heart.

My reputation is gone.” Emperor Sui shook his head, feeling embarrassed.

“A master starts ones journey but the rest is up to them.

There are plenty of unfilial descendants in history, this is common enough to not worry about it.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The topic of this conversation was Fire Ancestor - a direct disciple of Emperor Sui.

Just imagine, a cultivator lucky enough to receive personal guidance and arts from Emperor Sui.

His future was as bright as can be.

Sure enough, he eventually became a member of the Decemvirate.

Moreover, he gained great influence and authority due to the prestige of his master.

Who wouldnt want to follow a disciple from one of the three immortals to battle

Therefore, those who knew about this little secret were willing to follow him on his expedition to the expanse.

Unfortunately, he failed to accomplish his goal and faltered to the darkness.

“Youre right.” The emperor smiled and said: “I suppose everyone has one regret or two in life.” He sighed after saying this.

He still had emotions despite his current cultivation level.

In the end, he had to personally pursue Fire Ancestor and cleaned up this mess.

This wasnt easy for him in the slightest.

He adored his student due to the latters gifts.

Fire Ancestor possessed insane talents.

Thus, Emperor Sui taught him everything.

This choice turned out to be his biggest regret in life.

“Oh A friend from afar visiting, what a joyous occasion.

Lets not talk about unpleasant things when we should be celebrating.” Suddenly, their conversation was interrupted by jovial laughter.

Another person from above landed in front of Li Qiye.

He was taller than Emperor Nong and Emperor Sui.

He had a special rhythm and temperament to him as if he was made from the grand dao.

One wouldnt be able to sense his flesh and blood as if he wasnt in the same dimension.

“Youre back, Brother Xi.” The other two smiled to see him.

“We have been expecting you, Brother Li.” The old man also bowed towards Li Qiye and said: “A few million years ago, we were discussing how long it would take for you to come here.”

“Its not easy to find.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The three immortals in the legend have finally gathered.

Li Qiye knew that they were real unlike those back in Three Immortals.

To a certain extent, he came to this world in order to see them.

Thus, with this meeting, his trip could be considered a complete success.

“Youve done a superb job, far better than us.” Emperor Xi smiled and reflected: “Weve been trying to find that guy ever since he got here.

We did spot him several times but he was always one step ahead of us.

Seems like were really old now, our vision is gone, cant even find someone.”

He was referring to the unicorn that managed to elude them for so long.

Alas, Li Qiye managed to not only find but also kill him.

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