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Li Qiye eventually opened his eyes and recalled his tree back to his palaces, the same with the primordial energy.

He looked calm and composed at the moment without exerting any pressure.

Nonetheless, each breath made him feel like the master of the cosmo.

Everything was within his grasp.

His natural aura felt transcending as if he had ascended in spite of his ordinary looks and attires.

The first impression of him would be that he was no longer part of this world.

He was a being in the legends - an immortal.

“You look just like an immortal coming out of a painting, Sir.” Emperor Zheng couldnt help but praise.

“Just an immortal from a painting That shows it isnt real enough, just a fake immortal then.” Li Qiye smiled in response.

“No, no.

Your temperament and aura are that of an immortal.” The emperor shook his head.

“Definitely not.

If I were an immortal, you might not be sitting here right now.” Li Qiye disagreed amicably.

“Immortals are scary indeed.” The emperor contemplated for a bit before adding.

“Well, the issue here is actually there is no path out, not that immortals are scary.” Li Qiye said with a profound gaze: “If one could get out, then everything will be fair and mild, they might be a true immortal.

Otherwise, only pseudo and fake immortals can exist.”

“Sounds like I should be waiting with eager anticipation for the day you become a true immortal.” The emperor smiled.


Thats not my pursuit nor my path.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“Sir, youre simply unfathomable for ordinary men like us, too hard to figure out.” The emperor praised.

Li Qiye chuckled and stretched, feeling quite good.

He smiled: “This trip was worth it, a miracle every three million years, extremely profound.”

“Youre a god.” The emperor smiled wryly: “Just watching this current allowed you to understand more grand dao, fully grasping them.

On the other hand, my idiotic self didnt gain anything.”

“If youre an idiot, there are no smart men in this world.

Its just that your heart isnt in this.” Li Qiye glanced at him and said.

Li Qiye was right.

A member of the Ten Radiance and the creator of Lucidity Scripture - most importantly, he was only a True Emperor yet he wrote something comparable to the Nine Secrets.

His innate talents were as high as can be.

“If thats the case, then Im just a fish in the river, too lazy to even turn.” The emperor said.

“Its very easy to start.” Li Qiye encouraged him.

“Self-awareness is a virtue.

I know what my limit is.

It doesnt matter how hard I try to turn and struggle, I still cant compare to the Decemvirate.

Plus, with someone like you around, we wont be more than ants.” The emperor disagreed and laid out the right reasoning.

He had nearly reached his limit, not far from the actual apex.

Thus, there was no point in pursuing anything else.

Li Qiye didnt push the issue.

After all, everyone had their own choices to make.

Emperor Zheng knew what he was doing even if his choice was different from most.

No one could interfere or change his mind.

“Its fine, just appreciate what you have, thats enough.” Li Qiye eventually concluded.

The emperor nodded back.

In his mind, things in life were ephemeral.

He didnt need to want anything as long as he could be himself.

“Sir, youre about to start an epoch” The emperor became curious about Li Qiyes plan: “To be able to witness this with my own eyes I will have no regrets in life.”

“Three Immortals is a unique world with its own laws, I wont break it.” Li Qiye denied.

“True, any change might not be suitable for Three Immortals.” The emperor thought about it and agreed.

“The reason why it is still here is due to the effort of the wise sages and the three immortals.

My epoch is not about lasting forever, its about making a change, a turning point of sorts.

This is necessary before thinking about the final battle.” Li Qiye said.

“This might not only be a turning point for your world but all other worlds, including Three Immortals.

Your success might change everything.

Your benevolent and contribution will cross all worlds.

You will herald a new future for us all.” The emperor spoke with sincerity and respect.

“Thats certainly not my intention, Im not that great of a person and am only doing my own thing.” Li Qiye chuckled, clearly amused.

He then stared straight at the emperor and said: “Moreover, greatness might not be a good thing.

Putting someone too high on a pedestal might end with trouble.”

“Youre a symbol of virtue regardless of whether you admit it or not.” The emperor bowed towards Li Qiye: “The result might be unintended but the future will still change.”

“Its too early to say.” Li Qiye replied: “This is only the beginning, there is still a long way to go and more accumulation required to be used in order to reach the next step.”

“Im sure that day will come and hope to be able to see it.

May I ask when” The emperor asked.

“Very soon, just a little bit left before my grand dao is perfected.

Thats when I start.” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes.

“You wish to reach your limit at the expanse” The emperor realized.

“Is there a better place” Li Qiye smiled: “This place is vast and can withstand anything, the best type of battlefield with all kinds of danger.

Its the best place to obtain perfection, then it would be time to fight.”

“Yes, this is the perfect polishing stone for an immortal blade like you, Sir.” The emperor understood.

He also knew who Li Qiye wanted to use in order to sharpen his blade.

That day would be monstrous.

“Very nutritious too.” Li Qiye gazed deeper into the expanse with a smirk on his face.

The emperor shuddered.

Someone had become Li Qiyes target.

The guy must have been aiming for this person ever since he got here.

As for when It didnt matter.

His prey wouldnt be able to escape from being slaughtered anyway.

“Where are you heading to next” The emperor calmed down and asked.

“Just moving on.” Li Qiye smiled and didnt have a particular location in mind.

He was only following his whim.

Only those unfortunate enough would meet him on this random path.

“If you wish to train, I know a dangerous nest.

Many progenitors have tried to no avail.

Some even died from it.

But I think its a good place for you.” Emperor Zheng thought of something.

“Then lets go take a look.

I hope I can kill all I want there.” Li Qiyes lips curled into a smirk.

The emperor shuddered since he could already imagine the scene of carnage.

Someone was about to get very unlucky.

“I wont be tagging along though.

I heard there is a very rare flower, a blue-crossing flower, allowing one to dream about the other shore so I have to find it.” The emperor said.

He just did whatever he wanted in the expanse with no other goals.

“Go then.” Li Qiye didnt wish to have a companion either.

“I hope to see you another day, Sir.” The emperor bowed before leaving.

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