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The title of Fiercest once again echoed across Immortal Lineage after the battle.

Everyone knew him and how strong he was by this point.

They believed that he was the strongest and most brilliant progenitor in this generation.

Some took it a step further and thought that he would be the greatest progenitor in history.

Serenity returned to Immortal Lineage.

All geniuses immersed themselves in training.

A while ago, these top cultivators would like to go outside to show off their achievements.

Alas, watching that battle made them realize the gap between themselves and the apex.

Because of this, the prideful and arrogant ones no longer dared to act haughty or cause trouble.

Fiercest aside, even Luminous Master was far superior to them.

Thus, they began to cultivate without giving up, hoping to catch up to these two.

Unfortunately, this peaceful period didnt last long.

Something happened in Uncrossable Expanse again today.

Something flashed brightly on the ocean and moved with great speed across.

It pulsed from the rotation between submerging and emerging.

Each jump left behind bright spots on the ocean that would last for a long time - akin to heavenly scars.

Remember, heavenly scars were caused by a supreme power, virtually indelible.

Now, this jumping light had this destructive capability as well.

“Whats that” As the light moved closer to the shore, it was finally spotted by a master.

He reported this to the others.

The news spread quickly.

It didnt take long before the people in Sky Ruins, Sky Pass, and the rest of Immortal Lineage heard about it.

The spotlight returned to Uncrossable Expanse and the jumping light.

Too many things have been happening in this once-quiet expanse.

“Definitely not a good thing.” An ancestor felt something ominous happening.

The mighty emperors and Everlastings sensed the sky being surrounded with thick, black clouds.

A terrible darkness has begun engulfing Immortal Lineage.

The jumping light finally made it out of the ocean and landed on the sandy beach.

“Buzz.” The light emanated into a large circular formation with loud detonations.

Numerous stone pillars merged and assembled something akin to a large fortress - enough to accommodate a great army.

At the same time, the spots left behind on the ocean also lit up and formed their own formations, resulting in what looks like numerous connecting bridges.

“Whats going on” Even a fool by this point knew that something strange was happening.

“Spatial leap at the ultimate level.” An Everlasting noticed this and took a deep breath: “A terrible character wants to open a traveling path using coordinates there.

They want to return.”

There have been numerous legends regarding the expanse.

One constant remained - no one who went there had returned or sent any message back.

People speculated that returning was very difficult.

Why Because the space there was extremely chaotic and always changing.

Even a progenitor would find this prohibitive.

“Incredible, creating multiple coordinate points on that ocean, this is an enormous project that must have taken hundreds of thousands of years or even longer.

Because the coordinates there are always changing, making a path required consolidation after each step.

This meant spending immense resources and manpower! Now, someone had just opened so many at the same time to complete this spatial leap, but who” A supreme existence deep in Five Element Mountain wondered.

“Not even the members of the Decemvirate can do this.” Another invincible Everlasting got chills in an ancient abyss.

These reclusive supremes havent shown themselves for a long time.

They were virtually unstoppable but still felt dread after seeing the wondrous spatial leap.

The person capable of doing this far exceeded their imagination.

“Someones returning from the expanse!” This shocking news spread across Immortal Lineage.

The world erupted with clamors; so many inhabitants were shaken.

“A progenitor” An ancestor said.

“Maybe its our progenitor, that would be great!” One youth became excited and loudly said.

“Dont be so quick to celebrate.” The ancestor had a more pessimistic approach: “Even a progenitor returning might not be a good thing.

Who knows what had happened in the long period of time”

His group found this chilling statement reasonable.

Their progenitor had entered the expanse for so long.

Why return now Who knows what happened in the expanse to cause this

The floating ships a while ago showed something bad happening there.

Thus, the excited youths felt as if someone had just poured cold water over their head.

“I hope its not something evil.” One expert quietly prayed.

It didnt take long before most became dejected from the ominous development.

“Oooo-” A war horn sounded in Sky Pass and echoed across the entire sky moat.

It traveled far enough to reach the shore of the expanse and Sky Ruins.

“Cultivators outside of Sky Pass need to return now.

Sky Pass will close in one day and will not allow entry.

Be aware of the consequences by staying out.” Tai Yinxi declared.

The legion of Sky Pass mobilized with haste, entering a state of battle.

The soldiers returned to their post and various gates.

“Lets go back now.” The experts outside immediately retreated.

They knew that this wasnt a joke.

Something earth-shattering was about to happen.

They wouldnt be able to return to Immortal Lineage once the sky moat closed.

Thus, they moved with their fastest possible speed to return.

“Its really coming.” All the systems in Immortal Lineage knew the gravity of the situation since it has been years since the legion of Sky Pass entered a state of battle.

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