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Chapter 2944: Arrogance Auction House

Arrogance Enterprise was impressive indeed.

They sent an invitation to Li Qiye while he was staying at Jinning’s place.

The invitation card addressed him as, “Young Noble Li.” 

This was a great treasure made from jade with golden etching.

It emitted a majestic and righteous force of the grand dao - comforting and intimate.

The store certainly spent quite a bit on this work of art.

“Hmm Arrogance Enterprise knows their stuff, this is the highest level of respect, normally only progenitors get these letters.” The bull took a look.

He glanced at the delivery worker - a manager at the Eternal level.

Just imagine, an Eternal playing the role of an errand boy.

Arrogance clearly took this matter very seriously and thought extremely highly of Li Qiye.

They knew where Li Qiye was staying on top of his actual power level.

They gave him the highest possible grade that was meant for progenitors.

Nothing else was higher.

“I will go, don’t disturb us again.” Li Qiye only gave the letter a quick glance.

The manager simply bowed before leaving right away.

This was the style of Arrogance - effective and straight to the point.

They didn’t wish to disrespect or bother such an esteemed guest.

Li Qiye casually threw the letter to Jinning after the manager left.

“For…” She didn’t know what Li Qiye wanted to do with the letter.

“Take it, it’s not bad.

You can treat it as a defensive treasure.” He said.

She was stunned again.

This letter could be considered a treasure That’s quite generous of the store then.

Even their commander didn’t receive a similar level.

“Going to that auction won’t be a bad idea.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The majority of the items didn’t interest him.

There was only one exception.

“Haha, definitely, I like a few items there too.” The bull had seen the list from Arrogance so its eyes lit up.

“You’re paying yourself.” Li Qiye gave it a dismissive glance, aware that it had no shame.

“Sir, how can you say that I deserve some rewards for being your loyal servant.” The bull immediately cried.

“You haven’t gotten enough back in Sacred Mountain” Li Qiye said.

“No, absolutely not!” The bull swore: “Sir, you know that anything good there has been taken by that damned saint.

The dredges were then divided up by the sacred beasts.

A weak and old bull like me couldn’t get anything.” It looked very pitiful at this point.

“You’re weak because you lack self-control, always looking for the pretty cows every day.

Exercise moderation.” Li Qiye said.

Jinning blushed after hearing this since she was just an innocent maiden not used to vulgar talk.

“Sir, you’re being too coarse right now, am I someone, no, a bull like that No, I am the embodiment of righteousness and virtue!” The bull protested.

“Absolutely.” Li Qiye answered.

The bull couldn’t defeat Li Qiye in a verbal contest and decided to shut up.

A few days passed by and it was time for the auction.

Li Qiye, the black bull, and Bai Jinning came to the auction house early in the morning.

Li Qiye didn’t bother using the invitation letter.

Arrogance Enterprise didn’t bother him but they have certainly checked his background and inside information - not something he liked.

Of course, he didn’t bother punishing them either.

People have already filled the entrance, lining up in order to enter the auction house.

Of course, those with a letter could skip the line and enter at any moment.

This branch and the auction house occupied an entire section of Sky Pass.

Remember, Sky Pass was enormous.

That’s why it far surpassed other merchant stores.

The auction house itself looked like a gigantic ship, perhaps the largest one most people have ever seen.

It seemed ready to set sail while facing Uncrossable Expanse while Sky Pass served as a harbor.

Who knows if this was intentional or not

“Not bad at all.” Li Qiye nodded approvingly at the ship.

“I heard a progenitor commissioned Arrogance to build this ship meant to cross the expanse.

Later on, they built an imitation model to be used as their auction house.” Jinning said.

She grew up in the wildland and guarded Sky Pass so she knew the history of this place very well.

“It’s not that simple.” The bull added: “This matter is ancient with no surviving records.

Of course, I’m amazing enough to know about it.”

The bull looked at the ship and elaborated: “There are plenty of rumors about this, one trustworthy one states that it was commissioned by Fire Ancestor for an expedition into the expanse.

This Fire Ancestor has an amazing background, a disciple of Emperor Sui, one of the three immortals, or so they say.”

“Are the three immortals real” She didn’t really believe in this legend.

“Of course.” The bull arched his chest and proudly said: “Regular people are too blind to see and there is no record so they think the three immortals aren’t real, that the claims are unsubstantiated.

However, there is no smoke without fire, the legend must be based on something.”

“Whether they’re immortals or not is up for debate.” Li Qiye chuckled and said: “One thing is for sure, people can trace the history of Three Immortals and find three particular people - the strongest and oldest progenitors.”

“See, even Sir agrees.

This can’t be wrong.” The bull was very pleased to hear a confirmation from Li Qiye.

Though Jinning was a nobody, she still had access to some old tales - enough to know a little bit about each progenitor in Immortal Lineage.

“There’s something wrong about the timeline.” She wasn’t purposely doubting the bull but rather, just pointing out a potential inconsistency: “So the three immortals are extremely ancient.

Their disciples should be from the same era.

However, Arrogance Enterprise isn’t that old.

Their founder, Arrogance, is from the same generation as White Ash Progenitor.”

Her skepticism was logical.

The disciples of the three immortals should be very old as well.

“You misinterpreted this one thing.

Fire Ancestor is not that old, unlike his master.” The bull laughed.

“It’s a misconception.” Li Qiye added: “The master can be from an older era, not necessarily the disciple.

People would have this fallacy and eventually question the existence of the three immortals.”

“Do you know the era of Fire Ancestor” The bull said, happy to be the knowledgeable one.

“I’m not too sure.” She carefully pondered: “It can’t be that old, definitely not from the same era as the three immortals.

I suppose that he can’t be older than White Ash Progenitor or the founder of Arrogance.”


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