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Chapter 2942: Flying Sword Marvel

In the last few days, Sky Pass became ten times more lively than normal.

Many big shots including emperors and Eternals started arriving.

There were two reasons - first, the banquet invitation from Tai Yinxi, the commander of Sky Pass.

Second, a grand auction event from Arrogance Enterprise that happens once every five years.

The enterprise has been advertising this event for a while now.

In virtually every city or trading posts of Three Immortals were branches of Arrogance Enterprise. 

Because of their proliferation, spreading the news of this auction was swift and effective.

Cultivators with enough money rushed to Sky Pass to participate.

The enterprise prepared sufficiently for this big auction from advertisements to the actual implementation.

Thus, the auction became a hot topic everywhere in Immortal Lineage.

The enterprise compiled a list of the auction items - their background, effects, and starting price.

This was a good way to add to the hype.

Potential buyers knew exactly what they wanted and how much money to gather.

As the actual day drew closer, the streets were filled with an ocean of people and carriages just like each previous auction.

These auctions were a big money-maker for Arrogance Enterprise.

Of course, they were the only ones with the ability to carry out such large-scale auctions with incredible treasures.

If one wanted to buy a progenitorial artifact, they would need to go to Arrogance.

If they couldn’t find it here, no other stores would have them anyway.

Most importantly, they had such a good reputation for millions of years now.

Their merchandise was authentic and priced fairly so customers flocked to them.

The branch in Sky Pass was a top dog with plenty of resources and manpower.

Therefore, half of the five-year auctions took place there.

Early today, one could see workers from Arrogance scattered across the main streets, ready to receive the esteemed guests for the auctions.

They all had invitation letters to prove their VIP status.

Their food and travel arrangements were fully included.

Of course, even the uninvited ones could join the auctions, provided that they could buy a ticket or prove sufficient funding.

It didn’t matter if they were an emperor or just regular cultivators.

Naturally, emperors and characters of similar level would enjoy a different level of treatment.

Every five years, many big shots would participate, unable to resist the temptation of Arrogance.

In fact, some progenitors have shown up as well.

Just imagine the resources and treasures of a progenitor.

They have seen everything there was to see yet they still came to take a look.

This was a testament to Arrogance’s true power.

Another interesting point was that one could actually outbid anyone here with wanton regard for social status.

A progenitor bidding didn’t stop others from joining in as long as they could pay.

The enterprise guaranteed everyone’s safety and that they could leave with their treasures.

The various workers would hide the winners’ whereabouts if required.

That’s why people could bid without worries about any potential complication, a true equalizer.

The combination of the banquet and the auction resulted in an influx of guests.

At this point, even Eternals weren’t considered big shots.

Only high-level emperors and Everlastings had enough influence. 

The arrival of ordinary emperors didn’t cause too big of a stir, only the stronger ones.

One particular person attracted the attention of the crowd - Flying Sword Marvel.

The entire place became filled with clanking noises and hymns from various swords.

Cultivators immediately saw their swords resonating and shaking with something.

“What’s going on” Some started gripping their hilt, afraid that their sword might fly away.

“Clank!” A loud hymn echoed across the area.

Metallic ringing seemingly tore out the sky.

“Look!” One keen-eyed expert saw a visual phenomenon over yonder and shouted.

Everyone followed this direction and saw a golden brilliance spreading on the horizon.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The hymns of the swords only intensified.

Countless divine swords suddenly emerged in the same area.

This ocean of steel looked like tidal waves assaulting Sky Pass.

They suddenly stopped right at the entrance to Arrogance.

The divine swords gathered and fused together into an immortal blade brimming with radiance.

It poured down like a heavenly waterfall.

“Buzz.” A dao portal emerged on the blade, dazzling with flowing light and blinding to the crowd.

A girl stood on the blade before they knew it.

She wore a violet court dress with a phoenix hairpin clipping her hair.

She clearly had a noble upbringing judging by her attires and proud temperament.

True fire oozed out from beneath her feet, seemingly bathing her.

A fairy born from fire - a sight to behold.

“Flying Sword Marvel!” Someone immediately recognized her.

“A bit bombastic, no” One expert was surprised.

After all, plenty of masters were here in Sky Pass.

A few were just as proud as her but they didn’t come in such a conspicuous manner.

The resonation and sword ocean startled everyone.

“Shh, be quiet.

Don’t you know that she’s Luminous Master’s sister-in-law So what if she’s arrogant It just makes sense.” A senior nearby warned this expert.

“Flying Sword Marvel, the younger sister of Creek King, not only beautiful but also talented.” Numerous men became intoxicated at the sight of this world-famous lady.

She was a member of the Fire Tribe and a disciple of Purification Creek.

Later on, she joined Sacred Bank located in the western Academy of Light.

Most importantly, the Creek King was peerless and the wife of Luminous Master. [1]

Thus, the marvel had some strong connections and backings.

Of course, she herself was exceptional, so young yet already a half-step Everlasting.


The gender pronoun for this is male because a girl can be a king in these novels.

I don’t know if I should switch her to Creek Queen.

This isn’t the first case of this issue and I kept it as King previously 


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