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Chapter 2911: It’s Coming

Three-eyed Prodigy saw the entire thing and couldn’t stay calm.

A half-step like him possessed a world-destroying power.

However, he knew that the ray earlier could turn him into a bloody mist.

That offensive power was at the immortal progenitor level.

He has never seen such a powerful ray before so he became stricken with terror.

He once thought that he had control of his fate after becoming so strong now - capable of dealing with any potential disasters.

Today, he realized that if this ray were to hit his system, he wouldn’t have been able to do anything.

His system would have been turned to ashes along with him.

“What was that thing” The prodigy timidly said.

“What do you think it is” Li Qiye answered with a question.

The prodigy didn’t know what to say.

He stared at the source of the ray - Uncrossable Expanse.

“It’s from Uncrossable Expanse, I’ve never heard of anything coming out of there for millions of years.

People come in and never come out.” The youth said.

“Something bad will happen once something comes out.” Li Qiye said: “Definitely a calamity.

No place will be lucky enough to escape.”

“A natural disaster” The prodigy asked.

Three Immortals have enjoyed peace for a long time.

Of course, there have been wars at the progenitorial level but that’s it, no natural disasters or external enemies.

With relative peace came waves of talents and experts.

Today, this terrible ray came out of that ocean and broke the ongoing serenity.

The unknowns frightened everyone.

“It’s far more terrifying.

One can at least try to resist or escape a natural disaster.” Li Qiye said.

“!” The youth became stunned. 

“What do you think is happening when something is coming back from that ocean” Li Qiye asked.

The youth didn’t know how to answer.

For millions of years, progenitors have tried to cross the Uncrossable Expanse.

None has returned. 

That’s why everyone felt a strange sense of respect towards it.

They treated the ocean as a tribulation.

Only the real apex existences such as progenitors and Everlastings could go there.

What did it mean for something else to come out of it The youth couldn’t speculate this for it was beyond his bounds.

“A heavenly change…” He murmured.

He understood that it didn’t matter whether it was someone from their world or an unknown creature.

This signaled a fundamental change - this era would be different from all the previous.

“Yes.” Li Qiye’s eyes became profound while staring at Uncrossable Expanse.

“The heavenly change heralds a monster.” The youth recalled the old prophecy, carefully trying to understand it.

“So this monster might be coming from the ocean.

Jade-zenith Progenitor is amazing for calculating this back then.

Such a terrifying future rightfully brought down the tribulation.”

“It’s not good to pry into the heaven’s machination.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Yes.” The youth smiled wryly, remembering the terrible tribulation back then.

True Emperors and Everlastings were scared out of their mind.

Even progenitors started hiding.

Worst of all, that invading darkness nearly turned all of Immortal Lineage into an evil realm. 

“What will you do, Sir” The youth asked.

“I'm visiting the sky moat and Sky Pass then Sky Ruins and Uncrossable Expanse.” Li Qiye answered, stating his path.

This was perhaps the last thing he needed to do in Three Immortals.

If the expanse didn’t have an answer to his question, then no other place in Three Immortals did.

“You want to go into that expanse” The youth couldn’t believe it.

“That’s the only place with an answer for me, so I must.” Li Qiye answered.

“Uncrossable Expanse, the final destination for masters.” The youth repeated a line that has been circulating for years.

Just earning praises about one’s strength wasn’t enough.

The real masters needed to prove themselves by entering this ocean, no exception.

Lankavatara Buddha and Gao Yang, two brilliant beings, have entered this ocean before.

Fardao was rumored to be another one too.

Entering this place was a testament of strength.

If one didn’t have the courage to go there, then they didn’t have the power and courage to face the unknowns.

That’s why so many invincible Everlastings and peerless progenitors went there.

Alas, none ever returned which started the popular phrase.

Some even turned it around and said that those who didn’t dare to enter weren’t true masters.

At least they didn’t have the heart of one.

All in all, the waves of masters continued to enter this expanse despite not knowing what lies within.

The youth thought that Li Qiye was absolutely qualified to try.

The guy should be on the same level as the peerless Gao Yang.

“No one has ever returned from it.” He said.

“I have no plan of returning.

There’s no point in staying here anymore.” Li Qiye smiled.

The youth was completely shocked.

Suddenly, he could feel the emotions of his ancestors.

These invincible beings probably thought the same thing.

They had nothing left to do in Three Immortals so they needed to enter that expanse in order to prove their worth.

“I will accompany you to the sky moat, Sir.” He said, ready for the honor of being the person to send this man off on his journey.

“Very well.” Li Qiye glanced at him and agreed.

“Screech!” A screech could be heard from above.

They looked up and saw a five-colored hawk flying towards the sky moat as well.

The person on its back was Spiritheart True Emperor.

“Look, it’s your friend.” Li Qiye teased the youth.

The youth didn’t know what to say back and awkwardly stood there.

“Let’s go.” Li Qiye laughed.

The youth was suddenly lifted off the ground and started flying.

He was horrified once again regarding Li Qiye’s power.

A half-step like him was completely helpless before Li Qiye.

His body was no longer under his control.


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