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“Brat, where there is light, there is darkness.

Or perhaps the light is gestated from the darkness.

Take care of yourself now, never see you again.” The bull ran and yelled at the same time.

The young ones looked at each other in confusion, not knowing why it was in such a hurry to leave.

Du Wenrui shook his head after seeing this.

The origin of the bull has been a mystery all this time.

It was here in Beast Garden since people started recording the history of this place.

“Lets keep going.” He told the group and led the way.

The garden was massive with rolling mountain ranges and majestic rivers looking like coiling dragons.

The place was brimming with life, full of birds flying around and fish jumping playfully out of the water.

These animals were naturally different from the ones outside.

One could sense a flow of light power within them.

Though this force was still weak, its palpable purity made up for it. 

The group became curious.

One student asked: “Dean, how do we know which of them are sacred beasts”

“Youve misunderstood, thinking that sacred beasts must be really powerful, right No, the truth is that everything here can be considered sacred beasts, even the tiniest ants.

Sacred beast is just a denomination including all the creatures living in Beast Garden regardless of how much light power they have.” Du Wenrui shook his head and explained.

The group didnt expect this answer.

Before coming to the garden, they thought that sacred beasts were incredible creatures with great power.

“Of course, there are beasts strong enough here that even the emperors dont want to mess with.” Du Wenrui saw the disappointment on their face and said: “You might not be able to see them until we go farther in.”

“Lets go already!” They became excited.

Du Wenrui chuckled and elaborated: “Some divided the sacred beasts into different levels.

For example, those birds and fish are just normal sacred beasts.

The ones that cultivated should be considered the real things, such as that wild boar over there.” He pointed forward.

The group looked over and saw a wild boar.

It opened its mouth and spat out a sword embryo with a sharp glint. 

“Clank!” It made a sound like a sword leaving its sheath and destroyed the boulder ahead.

“A real sacred beast!” The group excitedly shouted.

The boar heard their cries and glanced at the group before running.

“Dean, can we tame that one” One student noticed that this boar wasnt especially strong.

“Try, test your power and fortune.” Du Wenrui smiled and encouraged them.

The students cheered and immediately chased after the boar.

It increased speed after seeing pursuers but the young ones didnt relent, wanting to catch it at all cost.

The boar was too weak to escape and was surrounded in no time at all.

Some students jumped on its back in order to immobilize it.

“Bam! Bam! Bam!” It swung its bottom upward and flung them down in one go.

It released its sword embryo again and shot out rays everywhere.

The students instantly took out their defensive treasures.

Zhou Qiushi was the strongest among them.

He blocked the attack with his shield and blocked the boars way.

It was forced to lay down on its stomach, unable to escape.

“Will you follow me” He shouted.

The boar snorted and struggled while ignoring Zhou Qiushi.

“Dean, I thought they would follow after you defeat them.” One student didnt understand.

“Well, that… that depends on the circumstances.” Du Wenrui smiled awkwardly.

“What are you talking about” Li Qiye shook his head: “Okay, they are attracted to the power of the light so taming them is very simple.

First, your light power has to be tempting enough.

Next, break the shackles between the beast and the light power here.

In other words, you just need to be strong enough to wake it up from its stupor here, no need to defeat it.”

The direct response from Li Qiye made it difficult for Du Wenrui to respond.

“So theres no other way” One student asked.

Not necessarily.” Du Wenrui elaborated: “Did you see the Sacred Directors lion It originated from here too, very powerful but still left with him.”

The students exchanged glances.

They have seen that beast and its power.

Eventually, they realized that they werent strong enough and released the boar.

It was pointless to forcefully take it away from the garden since it would always want to run back here.

Plus, it was too weak and had limited usefulness.

“Just keep trying since this is good training for actual combat even if you cant tame one.” Du Wenrui said.

The group agreed.

Just beating one improved their confidence, no need to tame one.

They happily rushed forward in order to find another beast.

Li Qiye and Du Wenrui followed in the back.


Student Li, do you have a plan in coming here” Du Wenrui asked.

“I thought you wanted me to come here, Dean.

Im just following all your orders here so how can I have a plan of my own” Li Qiye feigned innocence.

“Youre a supreme master, how can a villager such as myself order you” Wenrui shook his head, looking helpless.

He knew full well that Li Qiye had a reason for coming to Sacred Mountain.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have been able to force Li Qiye here.

It definitely wasnt because of the fruits nor the beasts since he gave the supreme fruits away without any hesitation.

“What kind of man is your progenitor in your opinion” Li Qiye suddenly asked.

“Hmm…” Wenrui didnt expect this question.

He let out an unnatural smile and said: “The progenitor is a historically great figure, his light illuminates and saves many beings…”

“But not your city.” Li Qiye interrupted.

 Du Wenruis flow was gone.

He paused for a moment before concluding: “Nobody is perfect, defects exist in all things.” 

“I see.” Li Qiye gazed towards the end of Sacred Mountain and said flatly: “I am here to take a look over there, the source of your light power.

Just a look, thats all.”

Du Wenrui became frightened for some reason even though Li Qiye said that he only wanted to take a look.

“Its not easy to get there.

Those who enter will not want to leave.

Those who actually manage to leave all die soon after, not wanting to talk about it.” Wenrui said softly.

“Im aware of the light power.

To put it delicately, it is salvation and enlightenment.

To be frank, it is brainwashing.

The power of the light serves as shackles.

It bewitches the dao heart.

When the latter isnt firm enough to stop Desolate Saint, only death awaits the intruders.”

Wenrui remained silent.

The illuminating light was certainly beneficial to the living beings but the thing behind it might not be as positive.

“Thats why I want to go take a look.

Im certainly not a good person, but neither is your progenitor.

Remember, this system has been accumulating power and resources for millions of years.

It is extremely nutritious!”


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