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The students from Repentance celebrated the chance to go to Sacred Mountain.

They normally wouldnt dare to think about it but a chance was actually here.

Though there was a selection process and only the most qualified students would be able to go, this didnt hinder the excitement.

At least there was a tiny chance now, unlike the past.

After selecting the right students, Dean Du Wenrui himself led the group to Sacred Mountain.

He was afraid that others wouldnt be able to handle this responsibility.

The chosen students have gathered early in the morning.

Wenrui himself controlled a ship to take them there.

Li Qiye was the last one to arrive with Repentance on his back.


His late arrival and nonchalant attitude astonished the crowd.

They were ecstatic to go to Sacred Mountain and left bed very early today.

On the other hand, this guy had no reaction at all.

It seemed that his brain was different from everyone else, simply slower to react.

“The fortune of a fool.” One envious student said while looking at the sword on his back.

Of course, no one had any objection either.

Holyfrost True Emperor herself couldnt take this sword away but it had accepted Li Qiye as its master.

One could only lament not having the same luck as him.

“Not a bad ship.” Li Qiye said after boarding and looking around.

“Just a little something left behind by the ancestors.” Wenrui smiled: “This is all that we got, cant compare to the four great academies at all.”

The other students didnt pay attention to this, not noting anything peculiar about the ship.

“Okay, were all here.

Lets go to Sacred Mountain!” Wenrui shouted before personally holding the wheel.

“Yes!” The students cheered loudly.

Some couldnt wait any longer and started staring ahead as if they could see the great mountain already.

“Whoosh!” The ship shot forward like an arrow with lightning-fast speed towards Sacred Mountain.

Numerous students who didnt sit tight began rolling.

Like Li Qiye said, this was a very good ship.

Of course, to earn this praise from him meant that it was an incredible treasure.

The rolling students took a while to stabilize and finally realized the value of this ship.

This was their first time riding something so fast.

Repentance City spanned ten million miles so they have never left their home before.

They never got a good idea of how large it actually was.

Now, while crossing through the sky on this ship, they found Repentance City far bigger than their imagination.

However, outside of the actual city, the other areas were desolate wildlands untouched by the light.

Du Wenrui controlled the ship without holding back, taking only a short time to leave this region.

After making it to the next area, a magnificent scene shocked the students.

The light was overwhelming and omnipresent, fully illuminating the clouds and every corner of the earth.

The light still flowed during nighttime in the form of numerous auroras - truly a sight to behold.

Now, comparing this new area with the border of Repentance, one would find that this city was indeed lightless.

The ever-present light gave a holy sensation like the soft moonlight.

Such things didnt exist back in their home, only darkness during the night.

This made them think that their home was forsaken and doomed.

“The sacred light…” This affinity washed over everyone.

Because the students have cultivated merit laws of the light before, they started to harmonize with this power like fish returning to the water.

The talented students started glowing and their grand dao resonated audibly too.

They felt the boundless power of the light, almost like an ocean.

Meanwhile, they became fish with absolute freedom.

These young ones naturally became excited after experiencing this for the first time. 

A few started calming down and looked back towards the direction of Repentance.

The disparity was absurdly clear.

Excitement turned into dejection.

One of them murmured: “When will the light reach Repentance City” His voice trailed off towards the end so he was the only one who heard it.

“Light in your heart, light everywhere, even in the darkness.” Li Qiye heard him.

The first to react was Zhou Qiushi.

He became emotional after hearing this.

In fact, he felt the same depression as the other students after realizing the state of his homeland.

But now, Li Qiyes words resembled the dawn of light illuminating his dao heart.

So what if the light couldnt reach Repentance It was already in his heart.

Qiushi meticulously digested the lesson from those simple words, fully immersing himself.

All in all, these students had different reactions while basking in the light - excitement, sadness, anticipation…

Meanwhile, Du Wenrui observed the group and was slightly moved too.

He felt the same way when he left Repentance City for the first time.

In fact, the lack of light back home truly affected Repentance Institution. 

This academy had produced some decent geniuses in the past.

However, many never returned after leaving Repentance City the first time.

Everyone knew that cultivation was much easier outside.

Being able to watch the light and basking in it were huge advantages.

One would have a brighter future and greater accomplishments.

These geniuses left and never returned, leaving Repentance City devoid of talents for generations.

Wenrui could tell that the majority of these students would also leave after their wings were big enough to do so.

Fewer than few would choose to return.

Nevertheless, he didnt blame them for doing so.

After all, people aim upward while water flows downward - this was just a part of life.

“So why did you return” Li Qiye asked Wenrui.

Du Wenrui was clearly capable of leaving.

In fact, given his current power, he could become the dean at any of the four great academies.

He actually hid his strength - an unfathomable master.

Alas, he chose to return to Repentance and assumed the role of a regular dean.

“Because thats my home.” Wenrui dispelled his thoughts and answered in a serious manner.

“Home, the one word that binds someone for a lifetime.” Li Qiye nodded.

“Where is your home” Wenrui asked.

Li Qiye gazed towards the horizon, seemingly deep in rumination.

After a while, he smiled and said: “Where I am is home.”

“So cool and unrestrained.” Wenrui smiled and shook his head: “So it doesnt matter how far you go, that place will be your home and earn your protection.” 

He then looked back towards Repentance.

During his time there, he never groomed anyone exceptional.

His purpose was to protect that land.

He didnt wish for anything more.

After all, not everyone can become a saint.

“Perhaps.” Li Qiye looked at him and said: “Academy of Light, it doesnt need anything more than a talent like you.”

“Geniuses come in waves here.

Our system grooms them for the benefits of Immortal Lineage.

I am but a firefly in comparison.” Wenrui humbly replied.

“Unfortunately, very few have the same mentality as you, living to protect.” Li Qiye smiled.

Wenrui could become a supreme existence that threatens all of Immortal Lineage.

Alas, he has already picked his role in life.


Repentance City, Repentance Sword, Repentance Institution, so many with the same name.

Ill use Repentance when the context is obvious to make it sound better.

After all, no one calls Excalibur “the Excalibur”.

Its just that generally, the title of weapons in Chinese have the object noun included at the end too - xxx sword, xxx saber, xxx lance


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