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Wails of torment assaulted the area.

Shimaos continuous twitching horrified the spectators but Deng Rensen didnt care.

Eventually, Shimao stopped twitching and his eyes went blank.

“Throw him in there too and wash away the darkness inside.” Deng Rensen then turned towards Li Qiye and gave an order to the students behind him.

These students moved towards Li Qiye, looking like hungry wolves.

They blamed Li Qiye for what had happened to Shimao just now.

His darkness was the cause of all of this.

“Friends, lets not be hasty.” Qiushi hurriedly blocked their path.

“Wait to the side or Ill throw you in there too.” Rensen waved his sleeve and sent Qiushi flying.

The power gap was considerable.

Qiushi had no chance at all.

The native students expression soured but they were even weaker than Qiushi.

“Senior Deng, our junior brother has no evil intention…” Qiushi shouted after seeing the group coming for Li Qiye.

Rensen ignored him and the students continued onward.

“What, what are you doing!” Li Qiye became afraid and turned to flee.

“You have sin on you so go take a bath now.” One student sneered.

The rest blocked all of his escape paths.

Li Qiye had no way to go right now since behind him was the pond.

Just one misstep and he would fall down.

“Dont be reck-reckless….

Im a good person, theres no sin here to be washed…” Li Qiye looked lost since he had nowhere to go.

“Hah, people who call themselves good are almost always bad.

Youre jumping in yourself or do we have to make you” Another student smiled deviously.

“I, I wont jump, wheres the dean I want to talk to the dean!” Li Qiye shouted.

“Stop wasting time and push him in already.” One unhappy student reached for Li Qiye.

“Get over there.” This group gloated on his misery and tried to push him in the pond.

Seeing him suffer in there would make them feel quite good.

However, Li Qiye suddenly tipped over down the pond.

At this split second, an unknown force pulled them in and they lost control of their body.

All toppled into the pond just like Li Qiye.

“Splash!” Water splashed everywhere as Li Qiye and a dozen or so students fell into the pond.

The crowd was stunned for a while before realizing the gravity of the situation.

Some of the native students felt good too, thinking that the other group had pushed it too far and deserved whats coming.

Ever since these guys got here, they have been arrogant and aggressive.

This resulted in minor conflicts all over the place.

“Ah! Ah! Ahh!” The students in the pond started screaming and trembling.

The sacred water engulfed them and crazily purified their evil thoughts.

They couldnt withstand the purification and suffered great pain.

Some tried to climb out of the pond but the power of the light stopped them from doing so.

“Too complacent.” Deng Rensen scowled after seeing this.

He reached forward in order to get these students out of the pond.

“Shit!” However, an unknown power seized his hand the moment he got close. 

It was already too late for him to react so he was pulled into the pond as well.

The same purification process engulfed him.

The native students were caught off guard this time.

They had no idea why this master would fall into the pond as well.

“Up!” Rensen mustered strength with a shout in order to leap out of the pond.

“Splash!” Alas, the sacred water pulled him back while infiltrating him to search for evil.

Rensen groaned in pain, clearly suffering from the powerful force trying to enter his dao heart.

He channeled his vitality and energy in order to stop the holy power.

“Im fine, nothings happening to me!” At the same time, an excited voice came from the pond.

Everyone saw Li Qiye doing perfectly fine while swinging his hands around.

“Look, Junior Brother Li is okay.” The natives stared at him in astonishment.

Li Qiye was unaffected in the pond and could even swim around for fun.

“What…” The crowd became speechless after seeing the ineffective water.

“There are two explanations.

One, hes a saint or hes already an idiot.” An older student said: “I heard a mentally-disabled person fell in there before without being affected.”

Everyone exchanged glances.

Li Qiye was clearly not a saint, so he must be handicapped in some way.

In reality, the light power in the pond was limited and couldnt touch Li Qiyes dao heart at all, let alone removing his evil thoughts.

The rest of the victims were too weak to escape this power.

“Senior, fellow students, let me help you!” Li Qiye looked worried and started pushing Deng Rensen to get him out.

Alas, his cultivation seemed non-existent to the rest of the crowd and couldnt move Rensen away from the restraints.

Li Qiye kept pushing and the old man didnt move an inch.

“Ah!” Rensen couldnt hold on any longer after an explosion in his dao heart.

The power of light forcefully erased his evil thoughts along with his memories and intelligence too.

Rensen squirmed and bellowed miserably as a result.

“Dont worry, Senior, Ill save you!” The panicking Li Qiye picked up the sword on top of the statues knees and shouted: “Let them go!”

“He, he picked up the Sword of Repentance!” Those outside the pond shouted.

“Sword of Repentance…” Deng Rensen himself became stunned.

Li Qiye started swinging the sword chaotically at the water.

“What are you doing!” Rensen shouted.

“Senior, Im gonna cut the water to save you, watch me!” Li Qiye heroically cried out and swung the sword without any precision like a complete amateur.

“Watch it!” Rensen shouted again since the sword was coming straight at him.

Alas, it was too late.

“Pluff!” The blade struck him.

“Ah!” He bellowed again but blood didnt come out like expected.

“Buzz.” The sword exuded a holy light the moment it touched him.

This holy light drilled into his body.

Next, bright strands and wisps spread out from his body.

It wasnt him exuding holy light.

These little things were drilling from within in order to disintegrate his body, turning it into the light.

“Nooooo!” He shrieked while sensing the collapse of his body.


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