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Li Qiye ignored the chants and gave them the side-eye.

He didnt care about others opinions and approval.

He shifted his attention towards the statue in front of the shrine.

The face of Everlasting Forefather remained shrouded.

Strangely enough, when sitting on the throne, one could look up and nearly be face to face with this statue.

This didnt make its feature any clearer though since it was hidden behind a supreme method.

Nevertheless, Li Qiye found the statues appearance to be all too familiar.

The crowd didnt dare to utter a single sound, not even breathing loudly lest they disturb him.

Seconds passed by and the staring contest continued.

Time seemed to be coming to a halt due to a lack of movement from everyone.

Whats there to look at, its just a statue.

They wondered. 

Some have seen it so many times in the past.

It was just an ordinary statue with no hidden mysteries.

Li Qiye started floating and flew towards the massive statue before the perplexed gazes.

“Boom!” The statue suddenly erupted with a blinding wave of light.

Participles pulsed outward, seemingly able to turn the mountain range into bits.

The particles spread across the system before jumping into the rest of Immortal Lineage.

This statue exuded its might.

All other auras paled in comparison like a tiny creek compared to an ocean.

The might of a progenitor! The statue managed to exude the majestic aura of a progenitor but not the same type as one would find from a treasure or weapon.

The aura here was pure and boundless as if the progenitor was here in person!

“Oh great progenitor!” Everyone in Immortal Demon got on their knees, both cultivators and mortals alike.

They felt as if their progenitor was standing before them right now.

“Our progenitor is back!” A kneeling Eternal looked up and saw the massive statue slowly lowering its head.

Its size was unimaginable with celestials rotating around its head.

All things were born from his grand dao as if he was the sole creator.

This statues face became clear - a transcending old man with a pair of eyes filled with wisdom, able to see everything at once.

“Great progenitor!” People finally realized that this was another manifestation of their progenitor.

All eyes were on him while tears streamed down their cheeks.

His light didnt only illuminate Immortal Demon but all the other locations.

This particular system had its own spatial dimension.

The light from the progenitor was resplendent and traveled through space.

The innate power protecting Immortal Demon could no longer contain this light.

Why Because this was the world he created.

It couldnt go against his wish.

“Which progenitor is this! How can such a strong being still be around!” Other progenitors in Immortal Lineage became startled.

They started gazing towards the source of the radiance and found the result surprising.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye was facing the awakened progenitor.

The two of them returned to the distant past, an age of legends.

Everyone else in Immortal Demon prostrated beneath the pure aura of their progenitor.

They were overwhelmed with emotions, speechless.

Being able to see their progenitor was the greatest honor.

After a long while, Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and shook his head: “Very similar, but still not right.” 

He floated down and sat back on the throne again.

The light from the progenitor slowly dispersed and the statue returned once more.

The sky seemed the same as always as if nothing had happened.

The statue was still made of stone and had the same pose.

Everything felt like a dream.

“Thats the achievement of numerous reincarnation cycles.” A progenitor concluded with a profound gaze: “The accumulation of life turning into such a realistic avatar.

Such an incredible dao.”

This entity wasnt actually a statue but it wasnt Everlasting Forefather either.

Nevertheless, it still possessed his power.

Li Qiye closed his eyes again, realizing that this wasnt his old friend.

His goal in coming here has been fulfilled.

A knot on his heart has been untied.

After all is said and done, the old man still left his marks in this world.

As for the rest of the people present, they thought that it was their progenitor just now, that he was still alive.

“We pay our respect to you, Great Ancestor!” The hall king regained her wits and kowtowed towards Li Qiye.

She was the first to offer her respect.

The other experts eventually realized the significance behind it all and also prostrated.

“Greetings, Great Ancestor!” They shouted respectfully in unison.

A while ago, though no one dared to stop him from sitting on that throne, some werent that convinced by him.

They were simply afraid of his power.

They didnt think he had the status nor was qualified to sit up there. 

But now, there was nothing but admiration left.

They have finally recognized his prestigious status.

The progenitor himself came to meet Li Qiye earlier.

No one has earned this honor for millions of years now.

Not a single disciple got an audience with the progenitor until Li Qiye.

This meeting was indicative of his skills and peerlessness. 

What was more glorious than earning the recognition of Everlasting Forefather Nothing.

He was the creator of the system.

Earning his recognition meant being recognized by this land.

Li Qiye might be able to control its dao source too.

Thus, Li Qiye had all the necessary qualifications - power, status, and approval.

He became the apex of existence in Immortal Demon in no time at all.

Everyone else had nothing but adulation for him.

Li Qiye glanced at the kneeling experts without showing any emotion.

In fact, this was completely insignificant to him.

“Rise, theres nothing else to see here, leave.” Li Qiye said.

The kneeling experts bowed their head towards him one more time before quietly dispersing.

The place was filled with people but their departure was completely silent in order to not disturb him.


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