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Li Qiye gazed at the kneeling elders and said insipidly: “Shortsighted, once again, not grasping whats right in front while searching for the unreachable.

Mounguards dao land is fully activated now and brimming with power.

The legacies of the sages and emperors have mantras and runes everywhere.

Go and listen to them, then youll get what you deserve.”

“Must I teach a bunch of old men step by step Do I have to find a suitable merit law for each of you Go search for your own grand dao.

Come back with actual questions if necessary, dont think about getting something for nothing.” Li Qiye was not impressed with the group.

The elders exchanged glances and thought about it.

They then nodded in agreement.

Chen Weizheng carefully mused about this and felt the same way.

This was indeed the best chance to train hard after everything in their sect has awakened.

“Thank you for your guidance, Ancestor.” Weizheng bowed first then the rest followed suit.

Though Li Qiye didnt teach them, he had indeed pointed them on the correct path.

They suddenly had a clear goal in mind.

“Chen Weizheng, stay.” Li Qiye said as the group was leaving.

Weizheng was surprised and obeyed.

The other elders became envious but still left in a respectful manner.

Weizheng became excited, not expecting to have the honor of having a solo audience with Li Qiye.

“Youre the master of Mountguard, possessing the highest cultivation and talents.” Li Qiye said.

“Im not worthy of your praise, Ancestor.” Weizheng bowed with his arms down straight.

“Dont be happy so soon.” Li Qiye said flatly: “This means that youre responsible for dao instruction and revitalization.”

The man was knocked back to reality and put on a bitter expression.

His heart wanted to do all of that but his abilities were limited.

“Today, I shall teach you the dao hoping that you will be able to uphold these responsibilities.” Li Qiye ended this with a finger flick.

“Buzz.” Several dao laws drilled into Weizhengs mind.

“Boom!” Several dao chapters opened inside and created numerous waves.

They wanted to fuse with his own grand dao.

Weizheng was ecstatic since these particular chapters were the strongest merit laws he had cultivated.

Other elders in the sect have trained with them too.

Happiness was soon replaced with embarrassment upon the realization of the numerous mistakes he had committed when learning them.

Li Qiyes guidance allowed him to have a speedy enlightenment while opening a completely new door.

He attained a whole new level of dao comprehension and his power soared to the next step as well.

Previous confusions and trouble with cultivation resulting in bottleneck got annihilated right away after reading these chapters.

This was better than meditating for one thousand years straight - an unbelievable harvest.

He became more certain that Li Qiye was their ancestor, someone from the ancient age with deep ties with the progenitor.

Otherwise, how could Li Qiye know their merit laws so perfectly

Alas, he didnt know that Li Qiye was the most knowledgeable in the world when it came to his forefathers grand dao.

He didnt need to look at the merit laws of Mountguard.

Just by looking at the foundation of the sect, he could derive every single merit law thanks to his own knowledge of the myriad dao.

“Thank you for teaching me, Ancestor, I will not let you down.” He kowtowed after calming down to the sleeping man.

He then respectfully performed a departure courtesy, not daring to make a sound lest he disturbs Li Qiye.


The sky and the earth turned upside down for Mountguard after Li Qiyes arrival.

The elders and disciples didnt become experts in just one night or anything, just the dense energy found from top to bottom here.

Everyone suddenly fell in love with training.

Normally, they put in 80% effort but now, they didnt hold anything back.

Declination left them demoralized in the past, resulting in training in a lackadaisical manner.

It has been a long time since they had a real expert or a genius capable of boosting their morale.

Normally, the strongest member of the sect stopped at the True God realm.

Few could actually go on to become Ascenders.

Just think about it, how could an actual good teacher come out from a sect like this How could anyone motivate the student body

Thats why many disciples here became satisfied with just becoming a True God.

This was the same for the elders too.

They thought that even if they tried for a lifetime, they wouldnt be able to go beyond this point.

Becoming Ascenders and Eternals remained a pipe dream.

This permeating pessimism made the atmosphere of Mountguard stagnate compared to a real power.

This all changed with Li Qiyes arrival.

Since they had such a powerful ancestor as their backing now, the elders, protectors, and hall leaders found hope for revitalization.

The stimulated foundation allowed easier cultivation.

The emergence of old relics and runes from the old sages gave everyone a good opportunity.

Thus, everyone in the sect tried harder, aware that nothing like this would ever happen again.

There was a sense of urgency and a need to rise up to the occasion.

Moreover, they knew that if they didnt put in the effort, they wouldnt be able to potentially earn Li Qiyes guidance either. 

The upper echelon, due to their age, trained far harder compared to the normal cultivators.

They didnt want to stagnate at their current level forever without Li Qiyes guidance.

On the other hand, the young generation wasnt doing a bad job.

Jiahui and Zhiting had a positive impact on their motivation.

In the past, numerous disciples were above them in terms of cultivation.

Jiahui was especially worse.

Alas, Jiahuis cultivation soared recently and surpassed her peers.

However, she didnt become complacent at all and maintained the same work ethic. 

Her peers werent willing to eat her dust forever so they started trying harder as well.


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