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The scriptures remained an unreachable legend in Three Immortals.

Alas, the real masters here have always coveted them, resulting in arduous searches.

After reaching a certain power level, they could break the shackles of the dao after obtaining a scripture.

Thats why numerous emperors and progenitors have searched for them.

Only a very select few have been successful.

The old man was absolutely sure that Li Qiye was holding a highly-prized heavenly scripture.

His eyes became serious with a terrible and aggressive flash.

It would be a lie to deny temptation when staring straight at a heavenly scripture.

Not to mention ordinary experts or an Eternal, even a progenitor would start palpitating.

However, the old man looked away and instantly calmed down.

He quickly dropped any idea about it.

He would have gone for it if it was anyone else, even a progenitor.

Unfortunately, he couldnt see through Li Qiye at all.

Intuition told him that if he were to try, his fate would be very miserable - probably turning into ashes.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye didnt bother batting an eye at the old man as if he didnt care about a potential robbery, acting nonchalant the whole time.

Vigilance wasnt necessary at all.

Jiahui couldnt understand the gravity of the situation earlier.

The dangerous and tense moment only lasted for a split second.

A great battle nearly happened just now with the result being the death of the old man because of greed. 

“Old man, to actually leave something like this behind Looks like you have predicted the future.” Li Qiye gently sighed while being slightly emotional.

This was one of the nine Heavenly Scriptures with the name Longevity Scripture in the present.

It didnt have this name back during Everlasting Forefathers epoch.

Its name used to be Samsara.

Now, it will have a new page and a new name after being in Li Qiyes possession.

This scripture has been passed down numerous eons.

Everlasting Xiao had it for a long time then it was lost after his eon.

Later on, he found it again and sealed it in this cave.

Today, Li Qiye took it out, thinking that the old man purposely left it here.

He was slightly touched that the old man would leave behind something for him.

He knew that the Longevity Scripture and Longevity Grass were a perfect pair.

Having both would be very significant.

Now, he had both the Death Coffin and Death Scripture.

Alas, the Longevity Grass location remained unknown.

The old man saw his expression and confirmed that this youth wasnt Everlasting Forefather.

However, they were closely related.

Thats the extent of his knowledge.

“Bring that crown next to you here.” Li Qiye put away the scripture and ordered the old man.

The old man stared at him briefly and followed his order, taking a crown by the corner and bringing it to him.

People would be shocked to see this because this old man had a heaven-defying background.

Even progenitors right now needed to address him as “Dao Brother” or “Fellow Daoist”.

But now, Li Qiye ordered him like a follower or a servant.

The more unbelievable part was how the old man listened, not caring about his own status or take pride in it.

Jiahui took a look at the crown and saw that it was a circular style, not an imperial crest with tassels.

Made from unknown materials, it emitted a holy and scholarly presence.

“Since you have carried me here, this will be your just reward.” Before she could calm down, Li Qiye placed it on her head and said.

Jiahui quietly accepted since she couldnt refuse a gift from him.

The old man glanced at the girl with a glint in his eyes.

She didnt know the actual significance of the crown and what it symbolizes, only thinking that it was a treasure.

In fact, not to mention Mountguard, this crown wielded great significance over the entire system.

Those wearing it would gain incredible prestige.

Not just anyone in the system was qualified to put it on.

Jiahui certainly wasnt with her current strength.

Only heaven-defying beings were eligible.

Of course, the old man could put it on too.

He just wasnt interested.

He didnt oppose this decision from Li Qiye so it was a tacit recognition of her status.

In his mind, someone like Li Qiye wouldnt casually give this crown to a random person.

It meant that she was worthy of this crown.

She didnt know that her destiny has been decided the moment she wore this crown.

She was no longer an ordinary disciple from Mountguard.

“Lets go.” Li Qiye closed his eyes and fell into slumber again.

Jiahui put him on her back then bowed to the old man before walking towards the entrance.

“Senior!” The old man couldnt hold back and decided to be humble.

Jiahui stopped, waiting for Li Qiye to respond.

“Senior, I have many unclear aspects with my grand dao, please guide me.” The old man took a deep breath and kneeled.

No one in Immortal Lineage could handle this grand gesture from him but he still assumed the role of a junior before Li Qiye.

“You have learned Everlasting Forefathers Samadhi Dao and reached the peak.

The issue is in your head, thats all.”  Li Qiye opened his eyes and glanced at him.

“Please guide me, Senior.” The old man bowed again.

“Very well, I will show you the path.” Li Qiye pointed at the old man.

“Pop!” A dao law shot into his forehead, resulting in a galactic-level explosion.

He started shaking violently.

He felt as if a divine bridge has been erected in his mind, allowing him to reach an entirely new realm and world.


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