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Strangely enough, the victim in this endeavor had a polar contrast reaction compared to the nervous audience.

Li Qiye looked nonchalant despite the darkness invading him.

“Not bad, it does have the flavor of a ferocious weapon.” Li Qiye actually smiled during the corrosive process and looked to be enjoying the whole thing, treating the darkness like a delicacy.

The crowd became frozen after seeing his enjoyment.

They stared at his shoulder and confirmed the injury along with the dark infection, seemingly perplexed about the whole thing.

The daoist himself was stunned as a feeling of uncertainty appeared.

“People are asking for a miracle, so allow me to show them.” Li Qiye smirked.

“Boom!” A blinding radiance erupted around him and illuminated the nine firmaments and ten earths.

Everything else was cast into the shade by this overwhelming light.

Darkness had no place to hide, not even in the deep crevices or the remote regions.

“Rumble!” Li Qiyes fate palaces started flying out, one by one.

“One, two, three…” In the beginning, no one really cared about the number since they believed that he would have twelve.

Perhaps all twelve would be lit up too.

Thats the only way to explain his power.

However, someone instantly noticed that the number was strange and started counting.

“Thirteen… thirteen palaces!” This person yelled out after recounting several times just to be sure.

“There are really thirteen palaces, were not counting wrong!” Another loudly chimed in.

“How, how can this be Thirteen palaces! Its impossible!” People questioned this after calming down.

“Its really a miracle…” One member murmured in astonishment.

A shocking miracle has occurred with the appearance of thirteen palaces.

Even a being as strong as Solar Daoist became slack-jawed all the same.

“What, whats going on…” The daoist had confidence in his knowledge accumulated throughout the years.

Alas, this was his first time seeing thirteen palaces.

The sight struck him hard and made him jolt as if he was seeing a ghost.

Anyone with a sliver of common sense knew that twelve palaces were the limit in Three Immortals. 

A cultivator only had up to three palaces at the True God level.

After opening the third one, it meant that they have become a first-level Ascender.

Furthermore, only True Emperors would be able to open all twelve palaces.

This didnt mean that emperors could control all twelve palaces and their powers either.

Using true dao water to light them up was a requirement for emperors to be effective.

As for Ascenders, each level meant being able to open one palace.

A ninth-level Ascender would have eleven palaces.

After opening the twelveth palace, one would become an Eternal.

Both Eternals and True Emperors would only have twelve palaces regardless of their future accomplishments on the dao.

Thus, even the strongest being should only have twelve palaces, including progenitors of the immortal level.

This was the conventional wisdom.

However, Li Qiyes thirteen palaces broke this rule and astounded the crowd.

“Thirteen…” Some still muttered to themselves.

“Boom!” The thirteen palaces formed everything with Li Qiye as the center of the universe and the origin of the grand dao.

All must prostrate before him.

An explosion blew the spear flying.

The invading darkness got burnt into nothingness.

Everything seemed insignificant before the thirteen palaces.

“Yes!” The crowd shouted after seeing this development.

“Its a miracle, only Fiercest can create a miracle like this!” People started praising Fiercest again.

This miracle of his instilled hope and radiance back to Imperial Lineage.

One old Eternal became emotional and said: “No wonder why he is so unfathomable and unbeatable.

A new precedent is set in Three Immortals.

He might be on the same level as the three mythical immortals and above all progenitors.”

“What a freak…” Both Lucidity King and Sun Lengying turned pale.

Not even in their dream would they expect something like this.

“Ive never made a mistake in my entire life until now.

This is our biggest failure.” Lucidity King stood there in a daze while looking at the thirteen palaces.

“I could have started something great again with the board given to me but I ruined it.” He was no longer happy with his schemes.

Using someone else to unite Nine Secrets and destroy the Mu System - this was a plan worthy of pride.

Lucidity King was very pleased with his craftiness.

However, these plans and achievements were meaningless before the thirteen palaces.

Why Because he was the first one to meet Li Qiye in Imperial Lineage and was smart enough to notice the peculiarities.

However, if he had acted wiser and simply chose to befriend Li Qiye instead of scheming, he would have gained a lifetime of benefits.

A person with thirteen palaces could rival any progenitor. 

In fact, he would be written down on the historical annals for befriending this peerless existence.

Future generations would praise him as a sage full of wisdom, the first to recognize Fiercests abilities.

Unfortunately, he had let go of this opportunity.

His achievements would stop at only being “Lucidity King”, a powerful Eternal foolish enough to offend Fiercest.

Lucidity King reflected on how he had wasted this ultimate card.

Worst of all, he unknowingly took pride in making this mistake too.

“Man proposes but heaven disposes.

A lifetime of scheming, all for naught.” He eventually let out a wistful sigh.


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