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Ill Lords group started a bloodbath in one night.

They broke through to the imperial palace of Myriad Formation Kingdom and destroyed its great formations and hidden cards.

Next, its ancestors and legions became victims.

The palace collapsed in entirety and the ruling clan was killed off.

This signaled the end of Myriad Formation until the king sends a new ruler in place.

The destruction of Myriad Formation in just one night caused quite a stir in the system.

Alas, Ill Lords victory wasnt surprising either.

The old man understood the system too well since he came from this place.

The great formations were formidable but not enough to stop these five masters.

War Saint Dynasty also experienced a similar cleansing with the end of the Sacred Cabinet.

The members were massacred and their treasures were taken by the king.

Next, Ill Lords group took over the five legions.

The majority of the generals were killed, allowing the group to have perfect control.

Next, the Bingchi and Calm Lotus also received punishment and cleansing.

Fortunately for the Bingchi, Hanyu managed to save them or they would have turned to ashes just like Myriad Formation Kingdom.

Calm Lotus also suffered heavy punishments but it was able to protect their lifeblood thanks to Qin Jianyao. 

In just one night, these great powers and the five legions had to face the music.

So many were killed as Nine Secrets experienced a monumental change.

It was about to enter the era of the new king.

Other sects were scared out of their mind, from the bottom level to the upper echelon - afraid that the king would point his sword towards them as well.

Among the five great powers, only Godstep Sect and Waterfront Pavilion were lucky enough to escape any punishment.

Needless to say about the latter, everyone knew how the king dotes on Liu Chuqing.

Thats why Waterfront looked even more prestigious than before.

In the past, it wasnt comparable to Calm Lotus but now, its status rose above the other lineages.

As for Godstep, it chose to stay away from the political struggle.

It closed their doors and stayed away from the secular world so the disaster didnt spread to them.

This was thanks to the insightful vision of Wind God or they wouldnt have been so lucky.

Godstep was certainly the weakest of the five but being a lucky survivor also propelled its current status.

“How fortunate.” Wind God received news about the various massacres.

He got cold sweats after hearing about the destruction of Myriad Formation Kingdom.

If he didnt take Li Qiye to Godstep, perhaps his sect would be annihilated as well from mingling together with Myriad Formation Kingdom.

“What a shame.” He concluded while shaking his head at his disciples and Splendorous Saintess Lu Bing: “One mistake affecting your entire life.

His Majesty has soared above the nine heavens, so the queen also became illustrious.”

Wind God was full of regrets.

It was such a good opportunity when Li Qiye was staying at his sect.

If the saintess had tried to get along with him, she would have the same status as Liu Chuqing right now.

The saintess looked dejected with her head hanging low.

She looked down on Li Qiye back then, thinking that he was only a useless king.

But now, he was an untouchable existence that she could only look up at.

She also used to be on the same level as Liu Chuqing.

Both of them had a marriage agreement with Li Qiye but because of her pride, she wanted to break off the engagement.

Now, Chuqing was worshipped by all of Nine Secrets on top of having the nine highly-coveted words - the only one in all of Nine Secrets enjoying this glory.

She, on the other hand, remained a princess of Godstep, not comparable to the queen of the system.

She sighed in dejection.

Her short-sighted foolishness left her in this situation.

Nevertheless, their sect was still lucky because they managed to survive this disaster.

Wind God turned towards Zhang Jianchuan.

He might not be the most talented in the sect but he certainly had the most potential in the future.

The sects prosperity relied on him.


The system became serene again after the bloodbath.

Li Qiye didnt care for mundane matters and left everything to Liu Chuqing.

This was her first exposure to administrative duty so she lacked confidence.

Nevertheless, she eventually accepted the task after receiving encouragement from Li Qiye.

He purposely groomed her since Nine Secrets was only a temporary stop to him.

He would leave soon enough and would return this land.

Thus, he chose Liu Chuqing as the next successor.

After taking care of mundane matters, he focused on searching for the grand dao.

Chuqing was a gentle ruler compared to Li Qiyes brutality.

Nine Secrets System became peaceful and lively again.

The frightened sects moved on with their lives.

Everyone felt that the new queen was indeed virtuous and kind, worthy of her position.


Farther away in Imperial was a declining system named Stone Harmony.

A big event had just happened here.

It was once extremely powerful.

During its peak, it managed to reign the entire world.

The Mu and Li paled in comparison back then.

One could say that it had united Imperial Lineage, simply unstoppable.

Strange enough, the system started declining without facing any external threat.

More and more people started to migrate and left the desolate land behind.

After declining to a certain extent, a systems dao source would change as well.

When it deteriorated and became unable to support the land, the entire thing would collapse.

It would fall from Imperial Lineage down to Myriad Lineage.

Insane Court was an example.

It was an immortal system at its peak and eventually fell all the way down to Myriad Lineage.

So now, Stone Harmony was abandoned with no powerful sect to speak of.

Not to mention powerful entities similar to Calm Lotus or Bingchi, one couldnt even find a first-rate sect there.

In fact, Stone Harmony would still be a terrible system down in Myriad Lineage, on the verge of destruction.

The strange part was that after millions of years, this system continued to stay in Imperial Lineage.

There was no sign of it falling down to the lower realm.

People couldnt come up with an explanation for this unique phenomenon.

Later on, one progenitor observed the system.

This great being concluded that its dao source was still as vibrant as ever.

Thats why the reason why it could linger in Imperial.

This only further confused everyone.

If the dao source was still powerful, then why did the system decline so rapidly


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