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Li Qiye crossed through space and time to a different domain within the skull.

This process required massive strength and precise calculations because just one mistake would result in a spatial collapse devouring him in the process.

This lasted for a while before his eyes lit up with elation.

“Buzz.” Space rippled again as if something has been taking out and time came to a halt.

“Pop!” He withdrew his hand with something in his grasp.

It was just a pile of soil, completely black in appearance like oil - seemingly very fertile.

This soft soil, when thrown to the ground, should scatter everywhere.

Strangely enough, it continued to stick together.

It seemed the grains were special and would always come back together even after a forceful separation.

Upon closer inspection, he found that the tiny grains were actually squirming about, seemingly alive.

An affinity of life exuded from the palm of his hand.

The soil contained majestic life force almost like a galaxy of stars.

Its fertility was even more shocking.

One would think that it was the most fertile pile of soil in existence - capable of gestating anything, even another world.

It could be construed as the origin of all - the stars above and living beings below.

Yes, this little pile was actually priceless.

“The geezer wanted me to do all the hard work.

Lets see if he can stay calm after knowing that I have everything.” Li Qiye smirked.

He carefully put away the soil before speaking with a serious expression: “Hmm, not quite done yet, still missing some things.

No rush though, who can actually stop me now”

There was a big yet inconspicuous change happening to the heavenly prison from the moment Li Qiye got a hold of the soil.

Only the ones paying attention would notice it.


The group still waited outside of Death Pit but as time passed, the lack of signs began to bother them.

“Whats going on Dont tell me something bad happened” Wild Bull who was closest to the pit looked around.

Alas, the murderous energy obscured his vision.

“Should we jump down to help” Golden Dragon also lost his patience and kept on extending his neck forward for a look.

“How are we going to help” The scholar fanned himself while speaking: “Its useless if someone as strong as the young noble still fails.

Youre only going to die.”

Golden Dragon smiled awkwardly and had to admit that the scholar was right.

They wouldnt be able to contribute anything outside of their lives.

Ill Lord remained the calmest in the group; his expression remained neutral while staring at the pit.

He just carefully observed the changes in the murderous energy and the prison.

“What sect do you think the young noble is from Who is his master” The torturous wait prompted Golden Dragon to start gossiping.

“Its insane if he actually has a master.” The lady gently shook his head: “I cant imagine someone capable of teaching a disciple to this level, not even a progenitor.”

“Haha, Ill Lord talked about it earlier.

Our world has three immortals, maybe one of them is his master.

I mean, no one else can be such a good teacher.” Wild Bull laughed and said.

“Stop spreading your foolishness.” Golden Dragon gave him the side-eye: “We dont even know if the three immortals exist.

Who has actually met them You heard of anyone”

Wild Bull scratched his head after hearing the retort: “Well, I dont know.”

The so-called immortals in the truest sense of the word only belonged in the legends.

Perhaps no one has seen a real immortal before.

Those who claimed to have done so were only lying or boasting without any concrete evidence.

The scholar chimed in: “I actually agree somewhat.

In my opinion, no one but the three immortals can groom a disciple to the level of the young noble, so young yet so unbeatable already - completely unprecedented in history, overshadowing the previous radiance of past.

Even those of Gao Yangs level cant compare to him.”

“If this is the case, then immortals really do exist.” Wild Bull said with astonishment.

These three were enjoying themselves but the attentive woman in the group spotted a change in the prison.

At the start, she felt a majestic life force heralding auspicious moisture to the prison.

However, this sensation only lasted for a second.

After it disappeared, the dried prison became even drier as if it had lost all life affinity.

Prior to this, the prison was considered a death zone but it still had some strands of life lingering around.

They have disappeared, turning the prison into a true location of death.

“What happened.” The lady took a deep breath: “It seems as if something has just been taking away.”

She caught the attention of the group.

“Yes, theres a taste missing.” The scholar smacked his lips.

They have been imprisoned for an entire generation and were quite familiar with the air in this place.

“Right, even less moisture than before.” Wild Bull did the same and felt parched.

“Down there” Golden Dragon immediately looked over at Ill Lord.

“He did it.” The quiet Ill Lord finally spoke with glimmers in his eyes: “He actually obtained that item.”

“The item of immortality I see…” Wild Bull had braced for this possibility but still became astounded.

“Even if it cant grant eternal life, itll be a great longevity artifact.” Ill Lord said with an austere expression: “It is the reason why weve been living for so long in this place.

This prison will be nothing but death without it.” 

The scholar shrugged: “So basically, we wont live for much longer if we cant leave this place because at our our age, we should have died long ago.

No one can last long here without the help of that item.”

The group glanced at each other after hearing this.

They realized they needed Li Qiye even more now.

“But really, its terrifying how he managed to do it without causing a big commotion.

That power is peerless.” Golden Dragon stated with reverence.

“Yes, even Ill Lord, the strongest among us, didnt last for long down there.” The scholar felt the same way.

Li Qiye has once again proven his abilities to the group.

It was more than enough to make them truly submit.

‘Thats why we need to work harder.

Being able to follow a master like him is an honor.” Ill Lord has completely given in, aware of the gap between him and Li Qiye.

“Alright, were done here.” A leisurely voice disrupted their conversation.

Li Qiye casually strolled out of the pit as if this dangerous place was nothing but his own garden.


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