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The other ancestors calmly sat there after Splendorous made her demand without being taken aback This was all part of their plan.

The disciples outside the hall were staring at Li Qiye with different emotions - mainly negative towards Li Qiye.

They didnt know what was about to happen.

Only the members of the upper echelon were part of the planning.

Li Qiye looked at the saintess and smiled: “So ultimately, all of you wish to deny this marriage and have it annulled.”

“Thats right.” The saintess coldly said: “Marriage is the most significant event in life where the parties social status must be in harmony.

You are no longer the king of Nine Secrets, and War Saint is heading for destruction, no longer on the same level as Godstep Sect! Be smart and personally back off instead of doing something so senseless.”

Splendorous made it clear enough without holding anything back.

This was indeed the case - marriage was of the utmost importance.

Before everything became decided, she grasped the best opportunity in order to change her fate.

She would never marry this incapable king and be connected with him in the future.

She had unlimited potential, not only beautiful but also talented.

How could she agree to a husband like him She was a phoenix soaring on the horizon and couldnt be tied down to a man like this.

The nine firmaments were her goal!

“Social status must be in harmony You You arent qualified to bring that up before me.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head.

“You!” The saintess turned red and glared at him, anger churning deep inside.

“Youre just a homeless dog right now, stop boasting so shamelessly!” A disciple outside yelled with indignation.

Even White Crane Young Noble scoffed in response: “Cant even appreciate a favor.” 

“Ahem.” Heavenly Crane interrupted everyone and revealed a smile: “Your Majesty, the young ones are too impetuous, please forgive them.”

Li Qiye didnt respond, only staring at Heavenly Crane with a thick smirk.

The sect master said seriously: “Your Majesty, we are one of the five great powers in Nine Secrets, so we can keep our words and have no intention of changing our mind about the marriage…”

“Father!” The saintess was alarmed.

This was completely different from her request so she became afraid that her father might actually marry her off.

“Ahem.” Heavenly Crane coughed again and continued: “Your Majesty, our saintess should indeed marry you as long as everything fits…”

“Father! I rather die than marrying this useless king!” The saintess was astounded and cried out.

“Behave!” Heavenly Crane acted awe-inspiringly just like a sect master and raised his voice: “It is not your place to speak during an important event for the sect.”

The saintess angrily stomped her foot before stepping to the side.

She didnt dare to act impudently before the ancestors.

Meanwhile, White Crane Young Noble was surprised.

He didnt expect this development after hearing his master.

Heavenly Crane continued: “Your Majesty, because of our sects status, the marriage of our saintess is a grand event and cant be taken lightly.

Dont you agree”

“And” Li Qiye smiled, seemingly amused.

“Your Majesty, my daughter will marry you soon, so it is about time for you to present the bride token.

May I ask what you have in mind” Heavenly Crane smiled heartily. 

“What do you want” Li Qiye leisurely asked.

Heavenly Crane went on: “Your Majesty, as you already know, I only have one daughter and Godstep only has one saintess.

Her marriage should be grand, thats only appropriate for a man of your stature.

In my opinion, the bride token requires five True Emperor Treasures, at the very least.”

The saintess eyes became wide open.

This was the opposite of her expectation. 

White Crane Young Noble smirked, realizing his masters intent.

The ancestors remained calm, not surprised in the slightest.

Meanwhile, the disciples outside the hall took a deep breath.

This was definitely a big ask.

Their sect didnt have that many imperial treasures, and definitely couldnt afford to give them away for any reason, whether it be a dowry or bride token.

They calmed down then stared at Li Qiye with a gloating smile, full of disdain.

They believed that this fallen king would never be able to afford this much.

“And if I cant” Li Qiye smiled.

Heavenly Crane replied: “Your Majesty, if you cant afford this bride token, then there is nothing we can do.

After all, how can we marry away our golden daughter without enough consideration This is your inability to marry her, meaning that this marriage will be nullified, and the fault is on you, not us.

Please understand.”

The initially-unhappy saintess revealed an excited expression, finally understanding what her father was trying to do.

He came up with a perfect excuse to end the marriage without suffering criticism.

If Li Qiye couldnt handle this bride token, then the marriage would be over.

It was his own fault for being unable to fulfill his obligation, no longer an issue of their sect reneging.

“Cant even handle the bride token Stop dreaming about marrying our saintess then.” The ones outside started whispering among themselves.

Everyone was waiting for Li Qiye, including the ancestors and Heavenly Crane.

They all had a flash of greed in their eyes, albeit barely noticeable.

This was because Li Qiye used his sphere to injure White Crane yesterday.

This was an incredible treasure.

It wasnt surprising for him to possess something like this since he must have had access to War Saint Dynastys treasury - the largest one in Nine Secrets.

Thus, Heavenly Crane wanted to know how many treasures Li Qiye took with him.

Just thinking about this made him greedy.

If Li Qiye had enough on him, perhaps even an ancestral weapon, it would be a godsend opportunity for their sect.

They would never stop until they take it all from him.

During his reign, Lucidity King had taken numerous treasures from Imperial and filled the dynastys vault.

It contained highly-coveted items.

Perhaps Li Qiye had taken some or even all of them before leaving War Saint Dynasty.

“Five imperial treasures It\'s no big deal.” Li Qiye casually said.

Everyone was stunned, including Heavenly Crane.

He didnt expect for Li Qiye to agree so fast.

“Nonsense! Do you think imperial treasures are mere cabbages That someone can just take out five of them” White Crane sneered.

“Only five imperial treasures, not five ancestral treasures - its no problem.” Li Qiye smiled.


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