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The far location in the valley was shrouded in fog all year long, thick enough to never dissipate.

In fact, upon closer inspection, one would find that this so-called fog was actually worldly energy.

This contained the purest energy in the entire system.

Just one inhale could make someone comfortable, feeling as if they were floating - on the verge of ascending.

Most importantly, it also carried a hint of medicine.

This fragrance seemed to be omnipresent, a part of this energy.

Because of this, breathing this air also served as a physical purification, an opening of all the veins and meridians.

They came from the divine trees and vegetation in the valley, as incredible as can be.

Each one was precious enough to shock someone to death.

Along the crevices were red-root gromwell swaying to the gentle wind and issued pleasant, metallic noises. 

Next to the creek was its friend, a bamboo tree that looked like jade.

When the dew dripped down from its leaves to the creek, it would turn into a beautiful jade.

These little round pieces were taken away by the current.

Beneath a cliff was a reishi mushroom made out of stone with a golden bird as its companion.

The mushroom had pulsing dao runes while the bird exuded its aura; the two supported each other, gradually turning these dao runes into an immortal diagram.


Divinesteel Gromwell, Chill-jade Bamboo, Heavendao Phoenix Lingzhi… These materials were exceedingly rare.

Just a random one would fetch an incalculable price in Imperial, let alone Myriad.

They were different from those growing outside in Longevity Valley.

The latter was cultivated in specific farm mounds and gardens.

The majority here was growing out in the wild, outside of a special few.

They have lived for several million years.

Shockingly enough, some even exceeded one hundred million years.

Needless to say, this was the valleys greatest resource.

They relied on their pill dao to earn the name of Longevity.

How would they be able to make imperial and progenitorial longevity pills without the materials found here Thats the only way to replenish the lifespan of these great existences.

Moreover, this place couldnt be cultivated in one or two days.

It took generations of accumulation with a long-term plan.

Li Qiye enjoyed treating the place as a garden and leisurely strolled through the place with Longevity Sage.

The atmosphere was serene and beautiful, only the gurgling creeks could be heard or petals scattering down. 

He took his time looking at each alchemy material as if they were gorgeous flowers.

His nonchalant attitude actually moved the sage.

Anyone would be shocked to see this place, True Emperors included.

This valley here was beyond the grasp of a dao system.

The items here tempted these emperors.

This wasnt the case for Li Qiye.

These precious materials and divine plants meant nothing more than pleasant decoration to him.

From this, she could imagine his own resources, something far beyond a True Emperors cache.

The two finally made it to the most important area of Longevity Area, also the most heavily guarded.

Taking another half step was difficult without permission.

The prestigious ancestors werent allowed entry, let alone outsiders.

The members that could go here could be counted with ones fingers.

Li Qiye erred on the line between a member and an outsider yet he could still come in.

The valley indeed had made an exception.

The area was formed naturally.

The ravines and streams, even the sky and the stars; all natural and pristine from the inception.

“It is said that our progenitor hasnt touched a single thing here.

He only embedded this area to the valley without changing or excavating it.” The sage said.

“This is an amazing treasure ground, no need to change it.

Even in the hands of a progenitor, trying to improve it is akin to drawing legs on a snake.” Li Qiye said flatly.

The two stood before an old tree, rather pitiful in size - only three inches tall.

Its age was too old to be determined.

On a second look, the tree looked to be incomplete as if it had fallen down from a different tree, then started to take root by itself.

The few leaves were actually green, not withering from the long period of existence.

It was difficult to find clues about its origin since it looked just like a common tree, albeit tiny in size.

Of course, if one was meticulous enough or possessed a keen insight, they would find that the tree had a majestic life force.

The trunk contained a similar amount to the life force of an entire world, virtually endless.

Furthermore, as one kept going, they could see that due to the age of the tree, it had also contained the temporal affinity.

“Here is the Longevity Root that you want.” The sage said: “Or we can call it the Longevity Tree.

It doesn\'t really have a name.

Perhaps this is our sects foundation, existing since the inception.”

“I know, its what Im searching for.” Li Qiye chuckled.

This wasnt the Longevity Grass, one of the nine heavenly treasures.

It had no relation to the other item.

“It is yours if you can take it away.” The sage said: “Were not trying to make this difficult, but it is a fact that no one has been able to do it.

When our progenitor met it for the first time, it was already growing in this land.

He himself couldnt take it away so he had no choice but to implant the entire valley here.”

“I understand.

A progenitor still cant take it away without its permission.

The power encompassed within is beyond your imagination, beyond everyone elses imagination.

However, it is not impossible if I will it so.” Li Qiye reached out and touched the tree.

A rustle from the swaying leaves was heard the moment contact was made.

The tree seemed to be slightly shaking.

The sage was shocked with her eyes wide open.

No one has ever excited the tree like this, not True Emperors or a progenitor.

But she thought about it again - theres no impossible when it comes to this guy.

Even miracles seemed common when he was around.

“Time to fix you up.” Li Qiye smiled and took out an old tree, one that was far bigger compared to this one.

It was the Longevity Tree found in Insane Court.

Once he took it out, the tree started to shine with excitement; its green leaves rustled as if a breeze had just blown by.

He then placed it on the ground.

When the two trees touched, they began to fuse together.

It was clear that both trees were incomplete.

Li Qiyes was the main body and the other one had fallen off of it.


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