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Everyone wondered what Fan Guixing would do since they have seen Li Qiyes domineering attitude and power.

Guixing spoke with a serious tone: “Friend, it is time to stop here, no need to push it so far.”

“Who the hell do you think you are, telling me what to do” Li Qiye lazily said while still walking towards Zhikun.

Guixings expression shifted.

Ever since he came to Myriad with his master, everyone has been giving him face, including ancestors and Ascenders.

They still addressed him as “Dao Brother Fan” even though he had a lower cultivation level.

This was also the case in Imperial; the big shots there showed enough courtesy to him since the Mu was one of the three behemoths.

But now, a junior dared to speak to him like this - something akin to slapping him in the face.

“I am a contributing member of the Mu Clan for several thousand years now.” Fan Guixing uttered: “I once served the great ancestor of the Mu and was a study companion to the clan master.” [1]

Guixing made his prestigious status clear.

Despite only being a servant, he has been serving for several generations now.

His absolute loyalty earned him respect at the clan, allowing him to speak his opinion before the clan master.

“Who the hell are the Mu” Li Qiye was still as nonchalant as ever, holding his bamboo sword in a menacing manner.

Zhikun was running while looking back at Li Qiye, wanting nothing more than to get as far away from this monster as possible.

Guixing grimaced with eyes spewing out flashes of anger.

The rest of the crowd took a deep breath.

Some naturally found displeasure with Young Lord Mu, but no one would dare to say a line like this.

Provoking the Mu Clan could bring about a disaster to their sect.

“Junior, this comment alone is enough for us to exterminate your entire clan.” Guixing threatened.

“Oh Is that so If your clan isnt smart, Ill be the one to exterminate them all.” Li Qiye retorted without care.

“Is there no end to his madness!” Someone blurted out, completely speechless.

Not even a True Emperor would say this in public since the Mu was unfathomable.

“Ignorant brat, destroying our clan Youre done for, well surely end you.” Fan Guixing snorted.

“Ive heard this line so many times.

Those who say this about me are all dead now.” Li Qiye picked his ear and said.

Eventually, wanton arrogance became respectable due to the required audacity.

Some of the crowd certainly admired Li Qiye.

“Elder Fan.” As Zhikun came closer to Fan Guixing, he became ecstatic: “Save me!”

Fan Guixing decided to throw an item, pinning it in front of Li Qiye.

He needed to save this errand-boy in order to maintain his clans reputation.

It was a banner with the word Mu carved on it, written in an ancient and bold style.

It clearly came from someone special.

“The banner of the Mu!” The ancestors shuddered, aware of its significance.

It represented the authority of that clan.

Once seeing it, everyone would need to back down or they would risk antagonizing the clan - a truly serious matter.

Not just anyone could have one.

Guixings loyalty earned him this precious banner.

“Stop or you will truly become an enemy of our clan.” Guixing sternly reiterated.

Meanwhile, Zhikun saw the banner and was even closer to the elder.

He happily said: Thank you, Elder Fan, for saving-”

But before he could finish, words suddenly became stuck in his mouth.

Blood started oozing out of a hole in his neck.

It was a fatal sword thrust.

No one could save him due to the immense speed, not even Guixing.

Li Qiye blew away the blood on his sword again: “Forget it, flaying is too bothersome.

Ill just send you off right away.”

The shocked crowd didnt expect Zhikun to be killed right in front of Guixing.

Next, something even more unbelievable happened.

Li Qiye stomped on the banner and said: “This piece of crap banner has no uses here.”

“So domineering!” The experienced ancestors were stunned all the same.

Stomping on this banner was the same as stomping on the Mus authority - truly courting death.

This was a first time for Guixing.

In the past, even in Imperial Lineage, throwing out this banner would solve all of his problems.

This didnt work for this guy.

Now, Li Qiye was walking straight for him.

“What do you want!” Guixing felt fear now, realizing that he had kicked an iron panel.

This kid was not to be provoked.

So there was still someone in this world who wasnt afraid of the Mu.

Li Qiye smiled: “Well, I naturally got to kill you first since you want to exterminate my clan.”

“Dont be insane!” Guixing took a deep breath and said: “Be responsible for your actions or your sect and dao system will suffer too!”

“I just need to destroy your clan first then.” Li Qiye leisurely said.

“You!” Guixing thought that this guy was insane, not caring about the consequences.

Intimidation and threats were useless before a madman.

“Well, lets see how far you can run.” Li Qiye playfully swung his sword around.

The spectators looked at each other after seeing this.

Killing Guixing was far different from killing Zhikun.

“Isnt his sect going to stop him Opposing the Mu will end with a major disaster.” One spectator noted, completely astounded.

“Hes not messing around, hes really going to kill a servant from the Mu.” Another ancestor replied.

“Buzz.” Guixing started to flee.

Ripples appeared in the air as he disappeared for the horizon.

He gave up caring about appearances - this madman was too scary.


Rich children have study companions/servants that learn with them since they have a private tutor.

This was a tradition back in ancient China


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