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Chapter 211 : Underworld River’s Secret (1)

At this time, Chi Yun wanted to beg for this little ancestor to stop arguing.

He wouldn’t be able to handle the War God Temple if they became angry!

The old man — with an unfathomable gaze — looked at Li Qiye for a long time before finally exclaiming in a harsh manner: “You kept on causing trouble everywhere.

If you cause trouble in the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground, my War God Temple will not protect you!”

Li Qiye was not interested and simply waved his sleeve as he said: “Don’t worry, I am not expecting your War God Temple to clean up my mess! We are only doing a simple transaction.

If you are annoyed with me, then go on your own road and wait for me at the ferry.

At that time, I will send your ancient coffin onto the boat!”

Such an arrogant attitude from Li Qiye really made Chi Yun nervous while standing next to him.

‘My little ancestor, this is a grand character from the War God Temple!’ Chi Yun felt very helpless.

Even he had to be careful about every little thing when speaking to the War God Temple’s elders, but Li Qiye simply didn’t think that it was something worth caring about.

This little ancestor completely made other people lose patience.

The old man stared at Li Qiye and finally spoke: “We will wait at the ferry for you.

Do not be late! Demon King Lun Ri and the Nine Saint Demon Gate are your assurances!”

The Underworld Boat’s burial was too important to the War God Temple this time.

They naturally didn’t want any complications!

“Good, we’ll do it this way.” Li Qiye was also not too interested in being together with this group of mysterious old men.

He looked at the old man sitting there and asked: “Can I see your ancestor in the coffin for a little bit”

“No.” The old man flatly refused Li Qiye’s request, then he shook his head and said: “The ancestor has halted his blood force for a long time and will not entertain guests!”

“Then so be it.

Your War God Temple is always rushing things.

Anyway, when I give your ancestor five hundred years of life, you just need to bring the items that I want to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.” In the end, Li Qiye was too lazy to continue talking.

He waved his hand then turned around to leave.

Chi Yun wryly smiled and apologized towards the old man, then he quickly sent Li Qiye out.

“This kid is a little strange.” After Li Qiye left, an ancient voice appeared in the secret chamber.

The old man quickly stood up and bowed to say: “I am worried that this brat isn’t trustworthy.

In my opinion, his way of doing things is too arrogant.

What if this brat picked a random boat Isn’t this detrimental to our ancestor”

“We’ll leave it to the heavens, what else can we do We have suffered great losses for several generations now; we might as well gamble this time.” The ancient voice appeared again: “Also, Demon King Lun Ri wouldn’t use himself and the Nine Saint Demon Gate as assurances for fun!”

In the end, this old man didn’t say anything else and simply sighed.

This might be their last option.

If they could bury someone on the right Underworld Boat themselves, then they wouldn’t be finding outsiders!

On these next following days, Li Qiye focused on cultivation to fortify his Warrior Canopy realm! He was preparing another solid foundation for new Fate Palaces in the future.

To cultivators, the more Fate Palaces one had meant that they will become more powerful in the future and could even walk on the road towards the Heaven’s Will! For the most part, the amount of Fate Palaces opened had a lot to do with a cultivator’s innate Fate level.

For example, under the same circumstances, a Saint Fate cultivator would open more Fate Palaces than a King Fate cultivator.

However, this was merely in principle.

Opening Fate Palaces was more than just relying on one’s innate Fate talent for there were other factors.

One would be whether the dao foundation was solid or not, whether the dao heart was steadfast or otherwise, and if the person possessed great intelligence and wisdom… All of these factors contribute to the palace opening.

In fact, since the start of time, countless Saint Fate cultivators at the moment when they were opening their Fate Palace caused their Fate Palaces to collapse because their dao foundation was not fortified.

There was even a chance to suffer qi deviation.

And there were also many prodigies.

Because of their unstable dao heart, they could not handle the long and painful suffering during the palace opening.

In the end, they couldn’t not give up.

This matter had happened numerous times since the beginning of time.

Li Qiye’s ambition naturally was not just three or five Fate Palaces.

His aspiration was much higher and thus, after entering the Warrior Canopy realm, he once again reinforced his foundation.

At this time, a misty haze surged from Li Qiye’s body — as if it was the world of the immortals — as it permeated the entire room.

This endless haze was sometimes a dragon and other times a phoenix.

Periodically, it was as vast as the sea, and occasionally, it became as imposing as the mountains…

Every now and then, the haze rushed forward.

And at this time inside Li Qiye’s Fate Palace, his True Fate was crazily absorbing the world’s essence.

He borrowed the Kun Peng’s Six Variants to form the dao foundation, one that wanted to devour all of the energy in this world and turn them into his own in order to cleanse his dao foundation along with strengthening his blood!

At this time, his Life Wheel unceasingly rotated as the Yin Yang Sea of Blood up above became even more powerful.

It looked as if it had created an independent world on top of Li Qiye’s head, one with its own sun and moon along with their endless rise and fall cycles.

What was even more shocking was that under the effect of the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law, these vortexes of blood energy also appeared on the sun and the moon as they resonated along with the ocean of blood to refine a huge amount of Longevity Blood that eventually returned to the True Fate!

Li Qiye did not select the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law without valid reasons.

It truly synergized with the Longevity Treasure, the Yin Yang Sea of Blood, and exerted an unparalleled effect!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” At this point, clear explosions sounded all around Li Qiye.

He opened his mouth to suck in all of the haze and turned it into the most refined and purest world’s essence.

When all of the world’s essence entered the True Fate, it suddenly became blindingly bright as an endless amount of blood energy spewed out.

In an instant, the Kun Peng that haunted the True Fate turned into a dao foundation — into an endless sea of blood.

All of a sudden, Li Qiye’s majestic and substantial dao foundation, just like the sea of blood, gushed out an endless pillar-like blood energy that soared to the endless firmament inside the Fate Palace.

It was as if it desired to illuminate the entire sky!

There was a change that started for Li Qiye’s Fate Palace.

The Master Palace had a white jade color flowing through it.

At this point, countless dao patterns in the palace spread out as if a complete Grand Dao of the heaven and earth was imprinted within.

This caused a change on the external appearance of the Fate Palace, rendering it to look like a divine palace.

The endless paved dao patterns were unfathomable; it was as if it was the culmination of the most profound mysteries in this world!

After the change to the Master Palace, the Tree of Life, the Cauldron of Life, the Spring of Life, and the Pillar of Life inside the palace also underwent great changes.

They became even more majestic and were filled with exuberant vitality.

After consuming all of the haze, Li Qiye slightly opened his eyes.

At this time, his eyes became even more profound as if there was a divine fire burning in the depths!

He was already a grand accomplishment first level Warrior Canopy at this time.

His foundation was fortified at the second level and he was completely prepared to enter the third level.

Warrior Canopy had three levels.

They are, from lowest to highest, in the following order: Devouring Haze, Blood Soaring the Firmament, and Resplendent Fate Palace.

In reality, with the advantages of having the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law and the Kun Peng’s Six Variants along with the support of the Yin Yang Sea of Blood, his cultivation would not just be at the Warrior Canopy realm; it could have broken through the three realms of Purified Rebirth, Heaven’s Primal, and even Fertility God to become a Named Hero.

After all, the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law was the rarest and most magical Longevity Law since the immemorial times.

It allowed for others to cultivate at extreme speeds.

Even a flawed version of the law would enable others to become a Royal Noble in just a miraculous five years!

Even with such an advantage, Li Qiye chose not to do so.

He did not rush but rather, he — step by step — trained himself devilishly.

Each refinement of his body and fate was to lay a solid foundation for himself in order to widen his potential in the future.

Second, this allowed for him to open even more Fate Palaces.

And third, it was to arduously temper himself in order for his Physique to change.

The truth was that there were many geniuses who did not focus on laying a powerful foundation in the small realms of Heaven’s Mandate and Warrior Canopy.

They became Named Heroes and Royal Nobles in just a few short years.

In their eyes, only by becoming Named Heroes or Royal Nobles would they be able to quickly reach the Enlightened Being and Ancient Saint realms.

Only then would they also become Heavenly Sovereigns, Heavenly Kings, and even the proclaimed invincible Virtuous Paragons!

The reality was that after grooming countless invincible generations, Li Qiye understood that these small realms greatly affected cultivators for the rest of their lives.

If one could have a strong foundation during these small realms and cultivated them to the extreme without flaws, then in the future, they would be able to open Fate Palaces beyond the utmost of imaginations.

In the future, when facing one’s fate adversity and life reduction, one could have an easier time surpassing them with a strong foundation within these small realms!

“Boom!” Just when Li Qiye was about to stop cultivating, suddenly, there was a heavy sound that resonated within his body.

At this time, his Inner Physique turned even brighter.

Each strand of universal law paved themselves into a supreme immortal seal in order to suppress this Godfiend of the heaven and earth!

Despite this, along with thunder, there was still a black energy surging inside his body.

Under the suppression of the Inner Physique, there seemed to be a Godfiend breaking out from the earth; it was as if Li Qiye’s Physique was sealing an evil devil that could break out at any time.

Li Qiye coldly scowled and used his supreme Physique Law to channel his Inner Physique in order to curb this thing that was trying to escape.

Li Qiye knew that this was not a devil or anything, it was the physique tribulation! Only by surpassing this physique tribulation would his Hell Suppressing Godly Physique reach minor completion.

Once at minor completion, it would become extremely terrifying.

This was one of the twelve Immortal Physiques from Li Qiye’s most powerful and perfect Physique Law of this world.

Its absolute power would definitely be able to defeat Royal Nobles and even Enlightened Beings!


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