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Chapter 210 : Wu Clan’s Descendant (2)

Although the Ancient Kingdom’s ancestor was still alive, his situation was not optimistic.

A secret piece of news stated that the Ancient Kingdom had secretly brought him into the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground to let him embark on an Underworld Boat as soon as possible!

On the second day, another matter stirred the entire city.

Dao Child Shengtian and a group of protectors, along with sectional leaders, of the Heavenly God Sect were decapitated.

Their heads were hung outside of Ancient Sky City’s gate.

Many people drew a deep breath after seeing these skulls hanging outside.

To cultivators, matters of life and death were common.

Which cultivator hadn’t seen and grew up through countless bloody battles

However, this type of demonstration and declaration of war via head hanging was not common.

This was a clear attack against the Heavenly God Sect!

“This little demon named Li is domineering enough!” Seeing the hanging heads, even Enlightened Beings and Ancients Saints could only lamentingly sigh.

They couldn’t remain unconvinced any longer at the young demon who dared to hang the skull of the Heavenly God Sect’s descendant at the gate.

At this time, many people who were antagonistic towards Li Qiye could only be impressed.

This little demon was too bold and arrogant.

He even dared to go to war against the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, so declaring war against the Heavenly God Sect was not such a big deal.

Looking at Dao Child Shengtian’s skull that was hanging at the gate, many princes and descendants from the big powers felt chills emanating from their backs.

Dao Child Shengtian was a renowned genius in the Grand Middle Territory and very few from the younger generation could rival him, yet this was his fate today! If this trend continued, then it might be them next.

Even the group of Young King Nantian and Saint Child Bao Zhu were speechless for a long time.

Young King Nantian, who had threatened to slay Li Qiye, had a cold and submerged expression right now!

As for Li Qiye, the one who started this whole matter, he was inside the Ancient Street at this time.

Today, he also only brought along Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao to the Ancient Street.

Last time when he brought these two beauties along, countless young prodigies and geniuses did not like Li Qiye, and they even wanted to provoke him.

But today, these young prodigies all felt cold in their hearts when they saw Li Qiye.

Who still dared to provoke this little evil demon that dared to attack even the Ancient Kingdom This person truly was a maniac.

Anyone who messed with such a maniac would suffer a great misfortune.

So today, as they strolled through the Ancient Street, no one dared to point their fingers at them!

They went to the medicinal stall of Old Alchemist Su Xiu.

The old alchemist was still selling his medicines on the ancient street, and Wu Binglan — as the Wu’s descendant — was also in front of the store, preparing dan grass and spirit medicines for sale.

“Ah, three esteemed guests are back to see my small shop again Please come in, please come in.” Seeing a big spender like Li Qiye, the old alchemist’s eyes became bright and immediately channeled all of his enthusiasm to greet Li Qiye.

“No, I am here to find your disciple.” Li Qiye looked at Old Alchemist Su Xiu and shook his head.

“Haha, Young Noble Li, you can just talk to this old man about anything instead.” When his disciple was mentioned, Old Alchemist Su Xiu immediately became wary.

At this moment, Li Qiye was famous in Ancient Sky City with a fierce reputation.

Old Alchemist Su Xiu also didn’t want to mess with this little devil!

At this time, his disciple, Wu Binglan, also raised her head with her pressing spirit energy filled gaze as if it encompassed all of the spirit energy in this world.

Even Li Qiye was moved when he saw these eyes.

Li Qiye ignored the old alchemist and spoke while looking at Wu Binglan: “Is your Wu Clan’s ancestral hall still there”

The old man shivered at Li Qiye’s question.

Although the Su Xiu Clan and the Wu Clan used to be enemies, they became in-laws later on.

At the moment, both clans were in decline, especially the Wu Clan that had completely collapsed.

However, as a senior, Old Alchemist Su Xiu still took care of the Wu Clan.

The Su Xiu Clan knew more about the Wu Clan than outsiders, so how could he not be alarmed when Li Qiye brought up the Wu Clan’s ancestral hall

Wu Binglan stared at Li Qiye for a while before she finally nodded her head gently.

“After you go back, open your ancestral hall and remove your Progenitor’s position.

Then, place this there instead.” Li Qiye handed the Emperor’s tiled seat over to Wu Binglan.

“Tun Ri’s emperor seat!” After seeing this item, Old Alchemist Su Xiu immediately quivered.

He immediately covered his mouth and looked around to find that there was no one around.

Only then did he feel relieved.

Despite this, his eyes couldn’t help but widen while looking at Tun Ri’s emperor seat.

He was feeling very shocked.

As for Wu Binglan, she was even more amazed.

She couldn’t believe her eyes as she was staring at the emperor’s seat before her.

As a member of the Wu Clan, she had heard about the emperor’s seat before, but it had become a legend.

For millions of years, no one from the Wu Clan had seen this emperor’s seat.

“This, this can’t be!” After regaining his soul, Old Alchemist Su Xiu gaspingly exclaimed.

Wu Binglan didn’t dare to believe this.

She looked at Li Qiye for a long time, then she quietly spoke: “This, isn’t this yours”

Li Qiye had already bought the heirloom tile of their Wu Clan so at this moment when Li Qiye was not only returning the tile to her, but also the emperor’s seat… This was an Immortal Emperor’s Possession! No matter who it was, they would not dare to believe such a thing!

“I formed a good karmic relationship with your Progenitor.

I promised your ancestor to return a good fortune back to his descendants.

Now, this emperor’s tiled seat will return to your Wu Clan.” Li Qiye gave the emperor’s seat back to Wu Binglan.

Wu Binglan, in this moment, was stunned right where she was standing and couldn’t reply.

This matter was both unimaginable and incredible.

“You, you went to the Earth Immortal’s dragon den from the legends! You, you met the War God!” Old Alchemist Su Xiu jolted as his eyes — each as big as a green bean — glared! He had heard about the Wu Clan’s Progenitor being buried in the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground.

After hearing Li Qiye’s words, how could he not be shaken To be able to return alive after entering a dragon den, this was such an astonishing matter.

To meet an Earth Immortal and return unscathed, this was a miracle!

Li Qiye didn’t answer his question; instead, he leisurely spoke: “Since I formed a good relationship with the Wu Clan, you need to take good care of her.

Otherwise, you better be careful of me destroying your Su Xiu Clan in one go!”

“My foster father is a good man.

He was almost exiled from the Su Xiu Clan for saving us.” Wu Binglan spoke in a low voice on the side.

As for Old Alchemist Su Xiu, he wryly smiled: “The girl’s father and I used to be sworn brothers.

Before her father died, I promised to take care of them.

You don’t need to remind me about this matter, I will do it.”

Finally, Li Qiye left along with Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao without saying anything.

After he left, the Old Alchemist told Wu Binglan: “We need to return, this matter cannot wait.

Maybe we can even cure your strange disease!”

Wu Binglan helped pack up in silence.

She had lost all hope before.

In order to cure her, her foster father had spent all of his wealth and even used too many spirit medicines along with immortal grass from the clan.

This was why he was almost kicked out!

After Li Qiye returned from the Ancient Street, Chi Yun immediately looked for him and whispered in a serious manner: “The War God Temple’s people came with the coffin.

They want to meet Young Noble.”

“Did Demon King Lun Ri come” Li Qiye didn’t think much of the news.

He had forgotten that it was almost time for the Underworld River and Underworld Boats to appear.

“Demon King Lun Ri went to the War God Temple as assurance.” Chi Yun bitterly smiled once and replied.

After hearing this news, Li Qiye dismissively said: “So many years has passed, yet the old men from the War God Temple are still adhering to old ideals.

With regards to opening the sect to new ideas in high spirits, the War God Temple completely loses to the Heavenly Dao Academy.

If these old men continue like this, sooner or later, the Heavenly Dao Academy will completely surpass them.”

Chi Yun was so startled by Li Qiye words, he quickly begged and said: “My little ancestor, please say fewer words.

What if they change their minds and we can’t do this deal anymore.”

Although he was a Supreme Elder of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, he still didn’t dare to criticize the War God Temple!

“It is only a deal.” Li Qiye didn’t care and continued on: “I can’t even count how many people want me to pick an Underworld Boat for them, let alone just the War God Temple.”

Chi Yun had to close his mouth.

He couldn’t say anything else because, if he did, who knew what other things this little ancestor would do.

He couldn’t help but to bitterly smile.

Anyone would have a headache meeting such a little ancestor.

Finally, Chi Yun brought Li Qiye into a secret chamber.

Inside the chamber was a seated old man.

With a cloak covering his entire head, he was dressed in all black so people could not see his true appearance!

“Young Noble Li, this is Venerable Jiang.” After entering the chamber, Chi Yun introduced Li Qiye.

And this man revealed an unfathomable gaze, staring at Li Qiye, while Li Qiye simply gave a glimpse towards this mysterious old man.

“I have heard of your tales.

This time, we are only here for the Underworld Boat, not to cause commotions or complications.

I hope you understand this!” The old man opened with a heavy tone.

Li Qiye looked at him with one eye and said: “I am simply doing business with you, not selling myself to your War God Temple.

I am free and will do whatever I want.

Even if I bathe this world in blood and kill all of my enemies, this is still my matter and is none of your War God Temple’s concern.

The only thing that you should worry about is whether I am selecting the right boat or not.

Anything else — these will be my own matters!” Li Qiye saying such words immediately caused cold sweat to run all over Chi Yun, who was standing next to him.


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